3d mutlipass compositing

Hi All,

1.I am looking for 3d multipass render footage including mattes for practise. I am learning multipass compositing. However i havent been able to come across

much footage for practise.

2. Also, I have queries about the ID mattes or the matte with RGB color. The queries are
a. why do we need them?
b. how do we use them while compositing?
c. how are they generated?

If you have any link to the footage or footage of your own kindly help me. It is purely for practise purpose.
Any link to tutorial or knowledge resource about ID mattes are also welcomed.

Thanks & Regards
Jetin Anand

What are the chances of landing an industry position using Blender (experience)?

What do you think the chances of landing a job in the industry are by learning the ins and outs of blender and producing a quality demo reel using said software? Would it be better to drop the program and start reading on maya until you could afford it or continue using the blender software? I just wanted to ask those that are involved with the industry so that I can decide whether to learn blender (along with houdini) or just start tutorials on maya until I can afford it when I become a student. Thanks in advance!


Race to Witch Mountain fx

div xmlns=http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtmla href=http://vfxworld.com/?atype=articlesid=3948Furious FX Races to Witch Mountain/a, at VFXWorld./div

Live Interview with NBC show “Chuck” Visual Effects Supervisor

In addition to "Chuck", Dan Curry has worked as a Visual Effects Producer on all Star Trek series (except the original) and as a Title designer on many features… He will be the guest live on Filmnut tomorrow night (April 1st) and you can instant message in questions during the show. You can watch it on:

http://www.thestream.tv (8pm pacific time and 11pm eastern)

If you miss the show live I will post a link to it here the next day.

Jeff Schubert

DPX file name Timecode Problems.

Hello everyone. I am doing comps where there is media as DPX_NAME.10029.dpx through DPX_NAME.14029.dpx and stuff that is DPX_NAME.TIMECODE.DPX.

Nuke wants to only put those clips on the timeline at the DPX sequences timecode? How can I push these clips so even though their fame number or timecode is a certain sequence say 15000-150100. They are at my timelines frame 1-100?? If I change the "frame range" on the read node, to say 1 – 100 it says the frames aren’t there, because it thinks the clip wants to start on frame 15000.

How do I do this?? In SHAKE we had an in and out range, even if the frame number or timecode didn’t correlate to that..


DAZ 3D releases the Girl 4!

I wanted to let everyone know that DAZ 3D recently announced the availability of the newest version of their popular 3D figure, the Girl 4! Originally created by Kim Goossens in Lightwave, the Girl 4 boasts unprecedented versatility, complete with customizable body shaping, increased texture map resolution and greatly improved joint rigging. This new version was based off the original girl and created from DAZ 3D’s celebrated fourth-generation Unimesh. She is fully compatible with a number of DAZ models, opening more options and creative possibilites. Check her out here!

The full press release of this announcement can be found on the DAZ 3D website.

Preventing Nuke from automatically creating new scripts

I’m sure this is easily resolved. I want to prevent Nuke from automatically creating a new
empty script on startup.

Thanks for any tips.

RF Magazine

Hey everyone,

Earlier today I was informed about a realflow magazine, it is supposed to be pro tips and tricks with no advertising. They are about the same cost of a textbook and from what I can tell there are only 2 so far.

Has anyone here heard anything or bought one that could give us any insight into the worth of the magazine?

New FXPHD.com term announced. =)

Dunno if you guys seen it yet. But a few mins the courseListing went live. =)


Looks like a sweet term! =)



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