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C4DAPT is bringing the who’s who of the European Cinema 4D scene to Berlin, Germany from December 6-7, 2014. Users who want to learn about cutting-edge techniques for working with Cinema 4D while getting to know outstanding 3D artists shouldn’t let this opportunity slip away.

This 2-day seminar is dedicated to the highest stage of technical production with Cinema 4D and will include lectures on procedural animation, particle generation, high-end physically based rendering, XPresso and scripting with Python, programming for Cinema 4D and more. there will bef expert lecturers: Raphael Rau, Simon Holmedal, Yader, Manual Casasola-Merkle and simon Fiedler are just a few of the highly talented artists who will be attending the C4DAPT2 in Berlin. The event will take place at the Orangelab in Berlin.

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Eject-A-Bed Field Trial #3

Eject-A-Bed Field Trial #3

Vampire's Kiss – Misfiling & the ABC's

Nicolas Cage’s character in Vampire’s Kiss explains to his therapist why it would be stupid to misfile something.

Couch Gag from "Clown In The Dumps" | THE SIMPSONS | ANIMATION on FOX

Academy Award-nominated animator/filmmaker Don Hertzfeldt (http://www.bitterfilms.com) answers the question of what it would look like if THE SIMPSONS went far, far into the future!

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Now the longest-running scripted show in television history, THE SIMPSONS reside in the town of Springfield. HOMER (Dan Castellaneta) works as a safety inspector at the local nuclear power plant; MARGE (Julie Kavner) tries to keep the peace in her family; BART (Nancy Cartwright) is the mischievous 10-year-old hellion; eight-year-old LISA (Yeardley Smith) is the intelligent, saxophone-playing, vegetarian member of the family; and baby MAGGIE conveys emotions via pacifier sucks.

Couch Gag from “Clown In The Dumps” | THE SIMPSONS | ANIMATION on FOX

Rabbit Test (1978)

Rabbit Test, written and directed by Joan Rivers
Starring Billy Crystal in his film debut

Cat Really Loves Being Vacuumed 2014

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Clever dog tricked me into playing a game of fetch

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The Smith Mansion

Sitting on Buffalo Bill Highway right outside Yellowstone National Park, The Smith Mansion is a must-stop destination. Our traveling videographer had the opportunity that few others get to experience, and went inside and explore this unstable mansion. To find out more about this amazing abandoned house, check out our blog:

Music by Ferrikk: https://soundcloud.com/ferrikk


The Ohio State University Marching Band September 27 halftime show: The Wizard of Oz

Ohio State’s marching band performs during the Sept. 27 Buckeyes game versus Cincinnati. Theme: The Wizard of Oz.

Wizard of Oz Show:
Drill Design: Christopher Hoch
Music Arrangements: Ken McCoy
Percussion Arrangements: Mark Reynolds
Director: Russel Mikkelson

Eyes of Hitchcock

Created by :: kogonada Music: “Anything can happen, and usually does… On the Orient Express” by Rob Cawley License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/