Netflix renews ‘Locke and Key’ for a second season

Netflix has greenlit a second season of its comic book adaptation series, Locke and Key.

The news of this renewal comes after Locke and Key debuted in February and the sequel season was confirmed on social media. The new season will find the Locke siblings taking on the roles as the new ‘keepers’ of the Keys.

Commenting on season two, Netflix Original Series VP Brian Wright said to Deadline, “Based on the incredible graphic novel from Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, Locke and Key captivated audiences around the world at every twist and turn. We are so proud to have been part of this show and can’t wait to see all that Carlton Cuse, Meredith Averill, and the entire creative team have in store for season two.”

Locke and Key is a coming-of-age supernatural drama, that revolves around the Locke siblings after their father is murdered under mysterious circumstances. The three siblings and their mother move into their ancestral home, Keyhouse, which they discover is full of magical keys that may be connected to their father’s death. As the Locke children explore the different keys and their unique powers, a mysterious demon awakens — and will stop at nothing to steal them.

“We are thrilled to be continuing the journey of Locke and Key alongside all of our amazing collaborators. We are grateful to Netflix for all their support, especially at this difficult time, and look forward to bringing you the exciting next chapter of our story.” added executive producers and co-showrunners Cuse and Averill.

The star cast of the first season of Locke and Key included Darby Stanchfield, Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones, Jackson Robert Scott, Laysla De Oliveira, Aaron Ashmore, Petrice Jones, and Griffin Gluck.

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Disney makes magic happen with a virtual parade

Disney is spreading magic directly to people’s home as the theme parks remain close due to the coronavirus pandemic. Disney Parks shared a virtual viewing of their new ‘Magic Happens’ parade on YouTube in order to bring a little joy, a little fun and, yes, a little magic into the homes of fans that can’t currently visit Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

“So sit back, relax and watch from the comfort of your couch as some of the most awe-inspiring moments from classic Disney stories unfold before your eyes and ears—all set to an unforgettable score co-composed by singer-songwriter Todrick Hall,” the post reads.

Magic Happens is a daytime spectacular celebrating the magic at the heart of Disney stories, with Mickey Mouse leading the parade down Main Street, USA. It features nine newly-designed floats, which were created as pieces of moving art. The design tells a story along the parade route and evokes a sense of magic.

The parade includes floats inspired by Frozen 2, Moana, Coco, and Sleeping Beauty, as well as Cinderella, The Sword in the Stone and The Princess and the Frog.

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Bob Iger will give up his entire salary amid coronavirus pandemic

Walt Disney executive chairman Bob Iger will forgo his entire multi-million dollar salary and other top executives will take pay cuts amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to the LA Times, senior executives, including Iger, would slash their salaries to “shoulder the burden” during the company’s response to the virus.

‘There has been a disruption in creation and availability of content we rely on for our various distribution paths, including most significantly the cancellation of certain sports events and the shutting down of production of most film and television content,’ the company wrote.

Disney chief executive Bob Chapek will reportedly take a 50 per cent salary cut. Chapek replaced Iger as CEO in February after the latter stepped down to focus on other Disney endeavors. Iger’s total compensation during Disney’s most recent fiscal year was $47.5 million. He had a base salary of $3 million.

Most Disney operations have come to a halt amid the covid-19 crisis as the film, tourism, and theme park industries take hits. Strict social distancing orders and shutdowns have caused closures at several Disney locations in the US and other countries. Disney said that it will continue to pay its hourly park workers through at least April 18.


One positive in Disney’s back pocket is the streaming service Disney+, which apart from some program postponements – like Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – it is relatively unaffected.

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PGS ships ‘ALVINNN!!! & the Chipmunks’ to China

Bagdasarian Productions ALVINNN!!! & the Chipmunks produced in collaboration with Technicolor Animation Productions, is heading to China with Senyu, marking the first time the show will appear in the territory. PGS Entertainment, the international distributor (excluding France), secured the deal.

Originally created in 1958, The Chipmunks are one of the largest family franchises in the world, with a multi-generational, international following. Janice Karman and her husband Ross Bagdasarian are the owners of the franchise and producers of the ’80s hit TV series, as well as of four blockbuster Chipmunk movies.

Currently, the new ALVINNN!!! series, created by Karman, is being aired on more than 70 Nickelodeon channels internationally, as well as over 110 leading free-to-air platforms. Season five has recently gone into production with all first-run partners on-board, including Nickelodeon (for international channels including the U.S., excluding Brazil), Super RTL in Germany, Gloob in Brazil, and Telequebec (French) and Family Channel (English) in Canada.

Presented in CGI-animation, ALVINNN!!! & the Chipmunks reflects the trials and tribulations of a single parent, David Seville, trying to raise six hyperactive Chipmunks. Like most parents, Dave’s patience will be pushed to the limit, forcing him to end many sentences with the iconic, ALVINNN!!! The series takes viewers on a roller-coaster ride of music, laughter, and stories geared to entertain the Chipmunks’ generations of fans. Each episode features a new, original Chipmunks song.

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Netflix to launch a first-of-its-kind original anime short, ‘Sol Levante’ on 2 April

Netflix is going to premiere a first-of-its-kind original anime short, Sol Levante on 2 April.

Designed in experimental 4K and HDR, and lifted by immersive audio, Sol Levante has been a project for two years in the making by a wide range of dedicated craftspeople both inside and outside Netflix. To celebrate its release, the streaming powerhouse looks back at this groundbreaking title’s journey from idea to reality. 

Netflix used technology to expand the art of anime. Said a spokesperson, “At Netflix, we’ve always loved anime and we work hard to provide the top artists with the best technology to help them tell their stories in new and innovative ways.”

Since, High definition range (HDR) TVs and smartphones have become increasingly popular with consumers, Netflix has been exploring ways to create anime in 4K – giving artists a much wider colour palette to create even more compelling visual experiences for audiences all around the world.

However, they quickly learned that increasing the resolution of anime would involve creators either drawing on bigger pieces of paper than the standard B5, or scanning their art at much higher resolutions. Given that neither option was workable, they switched to drawing digitally on a tablet. Unfortunately, most anime artists in Japan lacked the training or equipment to go digital. 

Akira Saitoh

Luckily, Netflix found a capable and enthusiastic partner in Production I.G., a Japanese production company known for projects like Ghost in the Shell and the anime scenes in Kill Bill. Production I.G. has a small but incredibly talented crew led by director Akira Saitoh, all of whom were excited to bring 4K and HDR anime to life and were unafraid to start from scratch.

In the two years Netflix has been working on Sol Levante, they had to work with numerous stakeholders and subcontractors, all with varying ages of technology, much of which could not handle the brightness and color range that’s possible on HDR. During pre-production, director Saitoh had to carefully balance shots with simple lines as well as finer detail. And while drawing characters, animator Hisashi Ezura had to adjust the pen pressure to create the exact thickness needed for their outlines. Even small adjustments to skin tone could easily change the character’s overall appearance. 

“The greatest challenge was rendering final shots to allow for panning with compositions that contained images much bigger than 4K. It was so hard that we had to delay the entire project for months. But given our determination to bring 4K anime to life, the team powered on,” added a spokesperson. 

Given the technological advancements of the visuals for Sol Levante, the team from Netflix and Production I.G. decided to add immersive audio to enhance the viewing experience of these state-of-the-art visuals. “We tapped a well-respected US-based sound team to complete this job with sound mixer Will Files and sound designer Matt Yocum using Dolby Atmos to bring director Saitoh’s artistic vision to fruition. Will brought contrast to the sound mix and wove in composer Emily Rice’s original orchestral score, which had been recorded on a 3D microphone,” mentioned a member.

In order to help everyone in the anime industry better understand the challenges involved with 4K HDR and immersive audio, Netflix has “open-sourced” the materials they used in Sol Levante. This will enable animators and creatives to understand these new technologies better, partner more effectively with manufacturers and to work with anime studios to incorporate this technology into their productions.

As they finished, Saitoh observed, “[Having] access to 4K and HDR is like getting wings and an engine to see a new horizon where a new era rises. We keep challenging ourselves and innovate for the future”.

 The project was named Sol Levante – which means the sun rising from the east in Italian – as a metaphor for Japan, because the team hopes this will be the beginning of a new dawn for anime craftspeople, enabling them to expand their craft in original new ways. 

Netflix hopes this anime short will delight audiences with its unique combination of art and science.

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‘Valorant’ beta will not be available in South East Asia for now

Riot Games have recently announced the date for the closed beta for the game Valorant. Set to open on the 7 April, players all around the globe will get the chance to try out this highly-anticipated Riot’s tactical FPS game. Players are eager to take a shot at the game, however, SEA regions have to wait as the beta will not be available for them.

“We’re ready for the first wave of players to test Valorant‘s competitive gameplay and take our first step toward building a global community.For now, space is limited to players in Europe, Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia and CIS countries. The plan is to roll out to more regions, if possible, pending the volatile logistics of launching a beta effectively during a global pandemic,” reads the official post.

The full version of Valorant will release this summer. For years, Riot Games has focused on League of Legends. Now it is expanding to new genres with the recent digital card game Runeterra, this free-to-play shooter, and an upcoming fighting game.

Valorant is a character-based, team-based shooter, similar to Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. However, Valorant will have more a tactical approach, akin to something like Valve’s Counter-Strike.Riot’s Valorant is a new contender in the crowded FPS market.

We are aware of the trend in the past where new game releases utilised influencers from YouTube and Twitch to do the marketing for them. Here’s what the biggest names in the streaming, content creation and esports had to say about the game:

We hope Riot bring the testing to more regions, but current events may make that difficult.

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Indian cosplayers and their quarantine days

The horrifying coronavirus pandemic has managed to bring to halt almost every event, major or minor. With personal gatherings like weddings, engagements, house parties taking a backseat, citizens are left with no choice but to stay at home. Every individual is utilising this time to generate new hobbies, create art, virtually meet the old gang or surf social media endlessly.

Many are working from home and hence occupied. But, there are certain professions which cannot manage to work from home as it is not feasible. The cosplay community is one amongst those.

Left to right: Sameer Bundela, Medha Srivastava, Gaurav Thakur and Shine Saha

As we all know, cosplay is a display art. It requires an audience, a stage and a performance. Events are very important for cosplayers since that is mostly their source of income from cosplay. While talking to AnimationXpress, few cosplayers expressed their grief over the sudden lockdown and how it is affecting their career. “Two of my major events got postponed including the trophy ceremony after winning Fan Favorite in Comic Con 2020,” said Medha Srivastava. These cosplayers are also facing a major shortage of materials as every market is shut and online ordering is risky.

Sameer Bundela, who is stuck in the US, was there for a cosplay competition when India closed its borders for international flights. “I am stuck here for the past three weeks. There are ideas and preparation time, but acquiring raw materials is a task. I have extra material in my workshop in India, but not here.”

There are some events for which people had prepared for months but now all that effort has gone to waste. Also, many professional cosplayers rely on these events to support themselves, and hence sources of income have been affected.

Engine Blade, Noctis from Final Fantasy

Shine Saha mentioned, “Due to the pandemic, hiring of cosplayers and enquiries for props or costumes has been affected adversely. But there are hints of a few events happening online in the near future. If at all they happen,  they’ll be the only active avenues for cosplaying.”

Though there are some drawbacks, these artists are not wasting their time and talent. With social media usage graphs hitting the skies during this quarantine time, many cosplayers are utilising the opportunity to reach out to their fans through posts, live chats and tutorials.

Srivastava mentioned, “Because of social distancing and complete lockdown, there have been some serious losses. But at the same time a lot of us are utilising this time to complete our incomplete costumes or projects with whatever resources we have at home. Some international cosplayers are even utilising this time to make masks for people in need which is a great deed. ”

Gaurav Thakur who is an art director for visuals was prepared for the adversity due to past experiences and tries working on a single costume at a time. “I have my stuff with me. It’s more than seven years now, I am stitching my own cosplay and presenting. I always try to recycle first and then look for resources if need be,” added he.

Saha is busy creating the sword  (Engine Blade, Noctis from Final Fantasy) shown above which has undergone a lot of experimentation. “That prop is awaiting a paint job, which will again be done once the paints are available,” Saha said.

Bundela added, “I am trying to be as productive as I can. I have been interviewing and talking to a lot of cosplayers here in America, to gain more knowledge and insight on how to improve my work.” He is working on templates for a new cosplay from a game called Doom Eternal.

Thakur has been working on a Captain America Infinity War Costume since the start of 2020. “I didn’t get time on a daily basis to spend on costumes and so some costumes took me six to seven months. But now, alongwith Captain America suite, I am successfully making the Wakanda Shield.”

Srivastava is trying out new makeup transformations including Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Wonder Woman and Rapunzel. “The whole idea of transforming into a different personality with just the power of makeup has always excited me. I am trying to transform into characters everyday which might fit into the resources I have at the moment like wigs, lenses , costumes to name a few.”

Srivastava as Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and Rihanna

Being from Mumbai and understanding the lack of space when every family member is at home, she is avoiding making elaborate costumes. And she thinks that right now apart from work, we all need to be aware about the cleanliness in our surroundings. And we can’t agree more.

Srivastava as Rapunzel and Wonder Woman

So people, how are you utilising this quarantine period? These talent heads have inspired us enough. Let’s make the best out of this time we have in our (washed) hands right now. But don’t forget, whatever you do, however creative you get, stay indoors and stay safe!

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Labourers during COVID-19 lockdown : the plight, seen through artworks by animators and comic artists

The entire world is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of people affected by it continues to increase, continuing this macabre journey. India too is no exception with 1440 confirmed cases till today. The entire country is presently undergoing a 21-day lockdown to contain the spread of the virus, as declared by PM Narendra Modi on 24 March. 

While the lockdown was of utmost necessity to control the outbreak, what we needed was an immediate lockdown but not an unplanned one. A lockdown that aimed to mitigate the spread of the virus, has now left huge numbers of people in distressed conditions for whom even social distancing is a luxury.

Migrant labourers, who work in different cities for work, are the worst affected lot who  suddenly found themselves unable to earn money or feed their families, as most of them are paid on a daily basis. Thus, they are left with no choice but to leave the city and return home, literally carrying all their belongings accompanied by their families including children and old parents. But, due to lack of transportation, they had to walk hundreds of miles in large groups, few of them succumbing to death on the way.

Lately, Uttar Pradesh has shocked the country and sparked controversy after migrant workers returning home were doused in disinfectant used to sanitize buses. Images and a video went viral showing three people in protective gear, spraying the liquid directly on a group of Indian workers as they sat on the ground in the northern city of Bareilly. The chemical used was Sodium Hypochlorite or bleach which all of us know might turn out quite harmful.

This heartbreaking incident has received rave criticisms from different communities including animators, illustrators and comic artists. People across the country have stated it as the misuse of power to abuse and torture poor homeless people who are scared, helpless and hungry.

Here are some protest arts by animators, illustrators and comic artists depicting the plight of the labourers on social media:

Kalp Sanghvi – Animator at Ghost Animation :

“I feel this is an endless cycle. We all need to learn from this pandemic. If we do then we can lead a better life. If not then this is just the beginning. Earth will heal, humans will perish,” said he.

Mahfuz Alam (MAli’s) – Illustrator and Comic Artist :

Noted he, “Everyone is now talking about staying at home, how to pass time with reading books, creative exercise, cooking and spending quality time with family , but not everyone has that privilege, those people who work for daily wage and live a hand to mouth existence hundreds of miles away from their village. It looks like another crisis happened just like our time of independence and after 80 years still at the same place where a large section of our country does not even have access to basic necessities.”

Upamanyu Bhattacharyya – Animator at Ghost Animation :

He captioned his work – “#Nocountryfordailyworkers. Devastating images of tens of thousands of citizens trying to get home after the lockdown has left them with no jobs, no transport and no support. Now, more than ever before, demand better circumstances for our people.”

Satrajit ChoudhuryComic Artist : 

“This human tragedy of millions of hapless people having to walk 100s of miles is a sight which has scarred my mind for life. Imagery of such nature was so far confined to the saddest chapters of human history – world wars, partitions, great depression and so on. We are witnessing the brutal history again, and honestly, without any assurance of when it will end,” Choudhury mentioned.

Saswata and Susruta Mukherjee (Bobby and Bob) – Illustrators :

“It is pretty evident that a lot of unplanned actions by the government affects the poor in the worst way. Be it demonetization or this lockdown. Having said that we do believe that lockdown is the most important factor in stopping the spread of this virus. But when you give four hours to prepare a country of 1.3 billion people for a lockdown without stating a single information about the essential services or the necessary arrangements for migrant workers, you basically defeat the entire purpose by throwing the country into chaos. Surprisingly there are people who don’t seem to find flaws in the government at all. Even if there are migrant workers walking hundreds of kilometres or dying on the road , these people want to look at the “positive side”. A majority of the population wouldn’t question the government as long as they have the privilege to stay at the safety of their home. Our artworks came as a reaction to that,” said the illustrator and filmmaker twins.

Abhishek Dey (Amoebak) – Animator and Illustrator :

“Everyday new images are surfacing of hundreds of migrant labourers stuck in transit with many having no means to protect themselves from the virus, not a mask, no sanitizer. The lockdown seems like a state for the privileged. If, as the government has claimed, it knew of the virus months ago, it should’ve accordingly taken measures and arranged for facilities that would allow easy passage/shelter to the migrant labourers who are currently facing the brunt of this unplanned lockdown. But planning in advance isn’t what our government is known for. Instead, at this time of high crisis the government is making sure that the preparations for Ram Navami are in place and if not the labourers, at least the idol of Ram Lalla is allowed smooth transit, as groups of labourers remain stranded on highways and roads, left to die. And the ones who do see the face of their homeland, are disinfected with bleach.

Images of this mass exodus have exposed the class difference between the workforce of construction site labourers, waste collectors, cooks, and house painters who keep Indian cities running and the city-dwellers they work for,” commented this young and talented animator.

We still have a long fight ahead, not only against COVID-19 but against insensitivity towards the poor working class, against food shortage that many are fearing will come soon. As noted journalist Faye D’souza said that already crops are rotting, as there’s no one to cut them, no transportation to take them to the bazaars despite Government assurance, given labourers are stuck in different parts of the country. 

(Feature image courtsey : Anupama Bose)

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All we know about SS Rajamouli’s VFX-heavy project ‘RRR’ so far

Having emerged over the years as the crowning glory of India’s storytelling landscape, Maverick Director SS Rajamouli has churned out several blockbusters in his career, including Student No 1, Simhadri, Yamadonga, Maghadheera, Maryada Ramana and Eega / Naan Ee, but in the apotheosis of his craft, it was Baahubali that really made him a force to reckon with.

Recent Poster

By varying degrees, VFX has invariably played a massive role in movies that have become noted visual spectacles. Now more than ever, filmmakers have conceded that their imagination can’t fly well on celluloid sans that indispensable dose of the craft of visual effects. VFX gets storytelling engines roaring and how. RRR is a case in point as Rajamouli set out to make a less VFX-heavy movie in a bid to depart from tradition. Yet, as the production began and imagination ripened, he came to an understanding that VFX is indeed the fuel to bring his stories to fruition.

VFX stalwart Srinivas Mohan, “There are big big companies that are tying up with us only because we are doing something new”

India’s top VFX projects including Bahubali have been headed by Srinivas Mohan who has made a mark in the industry with his ingenious work in cinema. The most awaited Tollywood projects RRR is set to be headed by Srinivas who will reprise his role as the VFX head for this action-entertainer.

Image Tower

In a conversation with AnimationXpress, he enthusiastically talked about the importance of pre-visualisation, gammage, lidar scanning, lightstage technology that he picked up from SIGGRAPH festival et al. His drive for technology seemed inspiring but in all that he revealed, he also added that for RRR, “there are big big companies that are tying up with us only because we are doing something new.”

Speculations are rife that this is going to be a biggie and Rajamouli has roped in the best of the best to deploy the technology and craft to buttress his story and enlarge the canvas. Incidentally, the IndiaJoy festival we met him at also marked the biggest announcements by government in favour of VFX and Animation; of which Hyderabad’s “Image Tower” was the highlight.

RRR; A fictitious story about two legendary revolutionaries and their journey away from home before they started fighting for their country in 1920’s.

India is not only home to one of the biggest film industries in the world but the biggest talent-pool of VFX artists and the world has trained its eyes on it by setting up VFX outposts in the subcontinent. Srinivas’s previous VFX marvel was serviced heavily by Oscar-winning DNEG studio that was instrumental in weaving Srinivas’s comprehensive mobile-phone bird for the movie 2.0.

International VFX professionals continue to lend their talents in Indian domestic projects. Recently Framestore (another top International Oscar-winning VFX studio) opened an outpost in Mumbai and is reportedly roped in for the upcoming Tollywood movie RRR for post-production VFX work.

When the Framestore CEO Sir William Sargent spoke to us, he didn’t reveal much about plans to service domestic projects but stated that “when you look at the partnerships our clients are currently inking with Indian producers that could well change in the future.”

Not reducible to their geographies, stories are now striking a global connect with filmmakers who are setting out with an intent to amuse everyone. In the long list of actors, Rajamouli has also chosen the Bollywood stars like Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn who recently produced another VFX extravaganza for India; Tanaji the Unsung Warrior.

Interestingly, Devgn owns a promising VFX studio NYVFXWAALA who recently set up its branch in Hyderabad given the fertile policies facilitated by the government which were announced at IndiaJoy festival. One can’t help but speculate that the studio might also be involved in the project in some or the other way given the quantum of work and the unparalleled skill of the the award-winning technicians.

To be helmed by DVV Danayya under his banner DVV Entertainments, about Rs 300 crore has been rolled out for the project of which; a major part will be utilised for VFX. On the lead stars’ roles in the film, Ram Charan will be playing a cop and Jr NTR will be playing a gangster.

Here’s the list of VFX crew that will are speculated to be involved in the project :-

Alan ‘Badger’ Brayshaw VFX Production Lead: MAKUTA VFX
Pete Draper visual effects supervisor: Makuta
Daniel French visual effects supervisor: Surpreeze
Yana Georgieva visual effects data wrangler: MPC
John Griffith previs director: CNCPT
Tina Hedegaard data wrangler: Surpreeze
Sunil Kamath visual effects supervisor
Srinivas Mohan VFX Head / visual effects supervisor
Silas Puls miniature effects supervisor
Suhit Saha visual effects producer

Recently Rajamouli decided to release the teaser of the movie which gave us an elementary view of the scale.

For a long time, film enthusiasts and aficionados were wondering what RRR meant but it turns out that the visionary director was trying to secure the rights of the title Raghupati Raghav Rajaram. Having failed to acquire it the RRR acronym was given a different spin altogether.

The RRR now stands for Rise Roar Revolt. In Telugu, it is Roudram Ranam Rudhiram and in Tamil it is Irattam Ranam Relattiram. All the discombobulating multi-lingual interpretations to the RRR acronym could be potentially be an issue.

Rajamouli’s film titles have always been simple, mostly one-worded like Eega, Magadheera, Baahubali. This is the first time he has selected multiple titles in different languages for the same film.

In conclusion, we’d like to say that this three letter acronym RRR chosen for the title might be puzzling but one three letter acronym Rajamouli has comprehended in the process of filmmaking very well is VFX.

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Fnatic to raise funds for COVID-19 affected through a ‘PUBG Mobile’ tournament

Fnatic and Loco teamed up announced Gaming For Good, a charity PUBG Mobile tournament to raise funds for those affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Fnatic has partnered with OnePlus, Homegrown, AFK Gaming, Villager Esports and BookMyShow. The tournament will be broadcast live exclusively on Loco, Pocket Aces’ streaming platform.

The tournament will be livestreamed on Loco from the 3 April to the 5 April. Games will kick off on each day at 2:45 PM IST. A total of 18 games will be played, spread between the 3 days.

The prize pool for the tournament is Rs 2 lakh which will be split among the top three positions along with an award for the ‘best fragger’ and the ‘best fan’. The winning teams will donate their prize money to any one of two pre-decided non profits. These include Zomato Feeding India which is a fund to support families of the daily wage workers in India in the absence of employment opportunities, and 4DOG’SAKE India who is looking after stray dog welfare in the Delhi/NCR region during the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown.

The event will be streamed live exclusively on Loco along with a delayed stream on YouTube. The matches will start at 2:45 PM daily.

“Fnatic has always been a team that’s built by the fans. I believe that with the thousands of gamers across India coming together, we could truly showcase the power of the Indian esports community and contribute in a way that benefits the people who are most in need. #GamingforGood stands for every gamer and his or her orange and black heart,” said Fnatic India boss, Nish Raut.

All community members and viewers tuning in to the livestream will be able to donate to the cause, with the goal of raise as much money as possible via gamers and esports fans directly. Also contributions can be made in any amounts via Paytm donations.

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