Extract colour channel as grayscale

Hey, I am trying to extract the green channel from my footage and make it grayscale.

When I solo the green channel using Show Channel in the viewer it is perfect, but I cannot export this as it is preview only. So I used Channel Mixer to solo the green channel and checked the monochrome option BUT I end up with a black screen.

Next I tried soloing the green channel and then applying a grayscale Tint. However this gives a different result to the preview. The tint effect darkens the image slightly and makes the whites turn gray.

I have tried many different solutions but I cannot get the perfect result.

Any suggestions?

Thanks 🙂

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Freelance VFX Artist

Hello Everyone,
I am a digital compositor and matchmove artist looking for work. Some of my specialties include:

-Green / blue screen keying
-Roto / rotopaint
-Matchmoving and object tracking
-Compositing and integration
-Color correction and grading
-Matte painting
-Photo manipulation and enhancement

For demo reel and resume please visit http://www.allenchris.com/

Feel free to contact me at chrisallen_83@yahoo.com or chris@allenchris.com

Best approach to restore this old video footage? Furnace?

Can any tool using the 3rd party Furnace plugins clean up this shot or Nuke strong enough without having to buy those plugins?

What would be the best approach to clean up this shot, all the lines and distortion you see are moving all around the image when played. Im just trying for this shot to look better, not perfect, I realize there will be some quality loss from the original, but what approach would give me the best results.

Can Furnace help out? The original shot is 1920×1080, 5 seconds long.


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dpx and nuke linear workflow

I have some 10 bit dpx files that i am working with in nuke. They were converted from .r3d files. What is the proper colospace setup for these files. By default the read node is set to cineon and the workspace is set to sRGB. The only thing that looks normal is if i set the read node to linear and the workspace to none. Is this incorrect? Is this a linear workflow?

CG Artists for Fantasy/Drama project

I’m currently seeking CG artists to help on a short I’m producing and directing. The film is a 10 minute fantasy/drama short called "The Cloud Designer". It’s about a man’s creative talent taking over his personal life, particularly his love, and his passion for the creative.

There are two VFX scenes, one of which is rather VFX intensive. I have acquired someone to take care of match moving and composition. I now need CG artists (particularly 3D modellers) to come on board and help build a luscious, perfect, dream world which we’ll be compositing behind a live action actor. Modelling and trees, some flowers, grass and clouds is called for.

The other scene is some rain and light effects that need adding. More details are in the script and I’m willing to answer any questions on here.

Unfortunately, the positions would be unpaid as I am making this film on zero budget and have had to rely on voluntary work and begging and borrowing everything to make it! I will, of course, rightly credit everyone involved and the scenes can be used for show reels and other self promotion.

Please get in touch if you’re interested by e-mail me direct: mrbenderrick@gmail.com

Behavior Guard for PC Tools

Here is a recent animated video we completed for PC Tools.

Xavier Barrade

I love the way Xavier does illustrations of books.

animation commentary are welcome!

Julien Vallée: OFFF Sponsor Titles

More titles from OFFF 2010, this time from the multi-talented Montreal based Art Director/Graphic Designer Julien VallĂ©e; 2010 OFFF Sponsor Titles … “Each year, one of the invited speaker is asked to create a film that feature the major sponsors of the event. They are completely free to interpret the logos in the form they […]

Compositor 3d project Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden based post-production and VFX studio are looking for a freelance compositor for one or more upcoming commercial productions in sept-oct(6-8 weeks).

You will work with small team leading the 3D compositing aspects.

– Visual sense of digital composites
– Solid understanding of 3D concepts and workflows.
– Enjoy working in a highly collaborative environment.