Tony Hawk Lands 900 At 48!

17 years to the day after making the first 900, Tony Hawk pushes himself to the breaking point and battles through this personal goal. Tony says this might be his last 900 ever. His determination and drive are just as admirable as making the trick. Congratulations.

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White Nights

The movie “White Nights” was released in 1985. Its main character played by Mikhail Baryshnikov is performing a solo dance at Vladimir Vysotsky ‘s song ‘Koni Priveredlivye”. Inspired by the scene from that movie, a dancer Andrey Anisimov (b-boy Droni) transformed that solo dance in to a break dance esthetics. This video is dedicated to the limitless talents of two outstanding people: Mikhail Baryshnikov and Vladimir Vysotsky. dp: Alexey Krupnik dancer: Andrey Anisimov Moscow, 2016

Carrier of Dreams

Ever since he was young, wish kid Peter has dreamed of being a naval aviator. An avid student and athlete, this sixteen-year-old’s ambitions came to a halt after a debilitating seizure episode and subsequent cancer diagnosis that left him facing a long and difficult treatment plan. With the support of his family, Peter bravely faced chemotherapy, radiation and prolonged hospital stays. Through it all, Peter never let go of passion and reverence for the military. When Peter learned that he would receive a wish from Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic, he and his family knew exactly what would lift his spirits and bring him the hope to continue battling. Peter wished to go out on an active aircraft carrier. This is his story. Special thank you to the US Navy*, the service men and women at Norfolk Naval Station and the crew of the USS Harry S. Truman for assisting in granting Peter’s wish and for selflessly going above-and-beyond to help bring Peter’s dream back to life.

Darknet : enquête sur l'hypermarché virtuel de la drogue

Cocaïne, cannabis, champignons hallucinogènes, marijuana… Toutes ces drogues sont accessibles très facilement sur internet. Valeurs actuelles en a fait l’expérience.

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Kid has stare down with College World Series camera, becomes Internet sensation

While watching the College World Series, one little boy stole the show when he decided to have a staring contest with the camera.

At the beginning of the clip, the boy noticed he was on camera and immediately turns to stare at the camera.

For about a minute or two, the boy makes faces at the camera and even starts dancing

Zero Escape 3 – announcement from Anime Expo

Zero Escape 3 was finally announced at the Aksys Games panel at Anime Expo today. You can now check out the full announcement made during the event.

Apologies that the audio is a bit out of sync at the end. Aksys’ stream was slightly buggy on my end!

Taking a Bath in a Giant 1,500 Gallon Coca-Cola Swimming Pool!

This was epic! After weeks of buying thousands of Coke bottles and many more hours of opening and pouring, the magnificent Coca-Cola pool was created.

Of course, I had to add some technology destruction. 😉

PS: Yes, some Pepsi was used in the making of this video. Roughly 7% of total pool capacity.


Battlefield 1 Full Conquest Match – 1080p 60fps

A complete match of Conquest on the St. Quentin Scar map running gorgeously on a GTX 1080.

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[ByRobot DroneFighters] PETRONE Intro(40s )

[ByRobot Drone Fighters] PETRONE 40s