VFXWorld on Transformers 2

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Back light Effect on the Footage

How to give a back light effect to a character if there is no physical light there actually to illuminate him.

Obra Squara

“To celebrate the release of the new album we decided to get on a bus and take a ten day journey cross-country to play some new music, meet some new people, and, along the way, see what we’ve been missing.”
Then they built this site around the experience. Great photography and excellent contextual typographic treatments.

Point Cloud from PFTrack

Could anyone help me with the following conundrum?

In the attached Nuke script I have a 3D scene etc.. with two point clouds. When you link the point cloud labelled (PointCloud) to the Scene node you can view and select the many yellow features in both the 2D and 3D view.

However when I attached the Point Cloud labelled (Camera01Features) to the Scene node, I am unable to view any of the features!?

I simply can’t see what the difference is with the two Point Cloud nodes.

The Point Cloud named (PointCloud) came with a FXPHD .nk file. While the Point Cloud named (Camera01Features) is one I’ve exported from PFTrack.

Could it be an error with the way I am exporting the .nk file from PFTrack.

Any guidance with this would be a great help!



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First Reel, Recent Grad

Hey everyone!

Just wondering if I could get some feedback on my reel.

that would help me alot!

you can view it at my site: http://robtasker.com/DemoReel.html


Thiago Maia : Recycle Invaders

London based Thiago Maia recently uploaded his latest short film Recylce Invaders, for Julien Vallée’s Challenge Your World project with Motionographer. Great job!

MOJO : new work

Singapore based motion design studio MOJO updated with new work and a new reel. Specializing in direction, design, animation and branding for the film and TV industries, helmed by Creative Directors Josef Lee and Cindy Liu, MOJO offers creative motion design solutions for film titles, on-air promotions, show packages and sales presentations.

tile texture on nuke

Hey Guys
i need to know how can i make a tilable texture in nuke, i basically have a pattern and i need to repeat it along surface, i tried to use the mirror node but it does`t work it just mirror my original texture, is any body have a solution to do this inside nuke ?!!

get the effact of separate paints..

Hello all,
may be someone have expierence in this way, I want to make an animation with this effect. May be I need to use some plugs? At the moment I have some tests with pEm, but not so good as reference.

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previewing stereoscopic comps – stereo monitors

Hi guys,

Do you have any experience comping stereoscopic stuff?
What are the most common previewing techniques?
Are there anything else, but red/green glasses on the market? I mean polar glasses with special monitors etc.