adding surfaces to singleshadingswitch using MEL

i am trying to add selected objects to the single shading switch,

well i first run the project i get this error

procedure AEswitchAddButtonCB not found
, but later if i once manually open single shading switch i click on Add Surfaces i have this procedure in memory,

my ultimate objective is to load the items in shape column of singleshadingSwitch using this method


AEswitchAddButtonCB ($sssName) input inShape inSingle;

but i also tried using this method


listConnections -source true -destination false "vdfvsss.input[1]";
listConnections -source true -destination false "vdfvsss.input[1].inShape";

doesnt work…

can anyone help how cani add items to single shading swithc using mel…

LA Tax Accountant Recommendations

I’m looking for recommendations for a good tax accountant who knows a lot about the VFX industry and can advise me on deductions and general tax info about freelancing. Needs to be in LA, preferably anywhere between Santa Monica and Hollywood.

I’ve always worked staff but now my taxes have gotten pretty complicated. So I’m looking for someone to help prepare last year’s and advise me for the future.

Building a Computer…

I’m planning to build a computer, got any advice on what I should get for the following? I’d appreciate it if you can tell me the "minimum" and the "ideal" stuff that I should get.

Video Card
Hard-disk Space
Monitor Size

Also, should I model the computer to more of a "gaming machine?"

Iloura’s Australia making-of

Iloura has an Australia making-of clip on its website.

what am i doing wrong here


int $k = 0;
//Start from 0 to total obj in list
while( $k < size($objSel) ) {
//Set inSingle of inShape based on counter
setAttr ($sssName+".i[$k].it `rand 1`");
print "\n";
print $objSel[$k];
print "\n";
//`rand 1` above generates a random number on the fly
//Better increment the counter or you'll be stuck in a loop

is giving error // Error: Invalid attribute index: gfnsss.i[$k].it `rand 1` // why ?

for junior TD job what type of reel should one make

to go for junior TD level job what type of reel should one make?
and also what are set of jobs does a TD do from junior level to senior ?

Banding Problems in post


Fairly, simple question to you.

I’m compositing some 3d elements with a gradient background, and adding DOF.

The problems is, before adding DOF, I set the "ramp scatter" in the background to a good amount (to prevent banding) but after I add depth of field, just because it "blurs" and "softens" all the areas at the background (focusing a foreground object) banding starts to happen again.

How can I prevent/minimise banding in these kind of situations ? For the time being, I dont want to leave this as it is now.

Buck, Cypheraudio : STEPP

Buck was commissioned by Cactus to direct a campaign for Colorado’s State Tobacco Education & Prevention Partnership (STEPP). T.O based CypherAudio did the sound design, music and mix.
Watch Ravens | Dragons.

Addikt : FITC created this opening trailer for FITC Amsterdam which wrapped up this weekend. (via FEED).

3D Character Animator

A Midwest, US, studio is seeking a 3D Character Animator for an upcoming project.
Candidates must be proficient in modeling, texturing, lighting, and animating characters. Experience in camera tracking and compositing is preferred. Project runs approximately March 1st to April 30th. Must be available for on-site work during portions of the project.

closes: 4 Mar 2009