Alessandro Nobile | Vágar

Yuval Haker | Record Player – AJR x Daisy the Great

Giantstep Secures Heart, Brains & Nerve For Midwest Representation

Giantstep is a creative technology company that partners with brand, agency, and entertainment clients around the globe. Pushing the boundaries of digital media, the team leverages design, visual effects, animation, programming, virtual production, and more to reimagine consumer experiences between the virtual and physical worlds. Giantstep has offices in Los Angeles and Seoul.

Resight | Blood of Heroes – Cinematic Trailer

Diegofunken | The Time is Now

Device studios launch BOL to push the boundaries of production

BOL is a full-service animation and illustration production house made up of a hand-picked roster of international directors and illustrators. Their unique strengths and diverse voices cover a broad spectrum of narratives, styles, and techniques, to develop short-form commissioned and original content across all screens and media.

King + Country’s The Good Lord Bird picks up The 2021 Creative Arts Emmy® Win for Outstanding Main Title Design.

K+C’s Main Title highlights the most pivotal scenes of the story, serving as a prologue that conveys the overall tone of the series. Quirkiness and absurdity amidst a dire setting, the titles are loaded with deep symbolism and as the series plot moves forward, the meaning behind every vignette comes to life and ties back to the whole story-arch.

James Gunn Recruits Sarofsky for “The Suicide Squad” Main Titles and Signature Design Flares

For the creatives and producers from one-stop cross-media production company Sarofsky, it was their third James Gunn superhero action adventure, following “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.” Once again, the assignment presented atypical challenges for Sarofsky’s expertise in typography, motion design, blockbuster VFX, and storytelling on a colossal scale.

Intern to Art Director

“You’ll see that my progress didn’t come from just picking myself up by the bootstraps. It came with good timing, a little bit of luck, and a studio with great leaders who wanted to listen and let me grow.”

Believe | Tide 75th Anniversary