Sehsucht: The Ultimate Visual Stimulant

Sehsucht Creative addict Hans-Christoph Schultheiss turns a rejected animation project into a slippery self-promotion campaign not only to boast Sehsucht‘s mad render skills but to answer the ever present question that spurs us every second: What is visual addiction?

Based on an ancient recipe discovered by mystical aztec tribes that utilized the toxin of a rare species of colorful frogs we feed our minds with an highly addictive substance to create visuals beyond imagination. Through digital dreams we make the frog dance.

Making of (epileptic warning):

War Thunder Heroes Trailer

A very nice trailer for the game “War Thunder Heroes“, directed by Ian Jones at RealtimeUK.

Oyedrops: Komiprisen 2013

5 days of nonstop 3D wranlgling by Øyedrops creating this impressive graphic package for the yearly comedy prize show on norwegian broadcasting channel NRK.

Assembly: NZI “The Devil’s Chair”

New Zealand-based Assembly strikes again, showing their incredible range for agency Draft FCB and insurance company NZI.

Whether you focus on the craftsmanship of each shot or the comic timing of each vignette, the spot holds up to repeat viewing. The lighting alone had me scrubbing back and forth like mad.

For more about Assembly, read our in-depth interview with the crew.

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Harry Frank needs your help

Harry Frank has given so much to the AE and motion design community. Here’s your chance to give a little something back.

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Axis: Fable Legends

Introducing the latest game trailer for Microsoft’s Fable Legends, created by Axis Animation in Scotland. I highly recommend checking out the Axis portfolio and enjoying some more of their amazing trailers and shorts.

Client: Lionhead Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Production Company: Axis Animation
Executive Producer: Richard Scott
Director: Ben Hibon
Producer: Paula Lacerda
Music/Sound Design: Savalas

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Creative Character Design

(ABOVE) Techno Image and Meindbender Team up to create this brilliant piece of moving art. UFCECÊ is a Gillette commercial reminiscent of the old Lipton Brisk spots from the past. Great character work taken to a new level by this amazing creative duo.

(ABOVE) “Gracht” is a very impressive graduation film by Utrecht School of Arts students Joost de Jong, Nick Groeneveld, Jeroen Hoolmans and Michaël Koning. Music & sound design from From the glossy porcelain shading to the stop-motion style of CG, they’ve managed to create a very unique and creative piece.

I’ve noticed a lot of really innovative character work coming from small shops or even student pieces like the one above. I hope that this trend eventually moves upward to the big movie studios. These are just a few recent examples of some very unique character design & animation work.

One recent stand out on the big screen is Paranorman. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend.

Supinfocom: “Contre Temps”

A group of talented Supinfocom Arles graduates have released their 2012 thesis film, “Contre temps.” Chock full of gorgeous shots, the film is set in a surreally beautiful world besieged by a cycle of flooding that threatens the lives of a father and daughter on a daily basis.

The story feels like a sketch of something much grander, something I’d love to see developed further. It’s worth watching for its lush art direction alone, though.

Official site

Tip of the hat to Ash Thorp.

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Polyester Studio

Jeremy & Bob, of Polyester Studio cut their latest reel montage.

SPOV: Showreel 2013

Great new reel for 2013 from London based design and motion graphics house SPOV.