SpecialGuest/Vinicius Costa: Zune HD


1st Ave Machine’s colorful alter ego, SpecialGuest, presents a new spot for Zune HD. This spot is Vinicius Costa’s commercial directorial debut with SpecialGuest, following his fantastic short film earlier this year.

From Vinicius: “For this spot I decided to represent high definition in a different way using light, contrast and colors.” No doubt! As with his other work, there’s endless playful, loving details lighting up the environment around them – hopping notes on the turntable, the mixing board faders amidst the vinyl records, the sonic mountains, the dimensionality of the other worlds through the Zune window, to name a few.

Director: Vinicius Costa
Creative Director: Aaron Duffy
Technical Directors: Dan Gregoras & Sam O’Hare
Lead Compositor: Weito Chow
3D Modeler: Joe Nguyen
Production Company: 1st Ave Machine
Executive Producer: Serge Patzak
Head of Production: Hae-Sook Song
Head of Creative Development: Claire Mitchell
Agency: Central Planning
Producer: Michael Lovelady
Associate Producer: Todd Carlson
Zune Creative Director: Ramiro Torres

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Funny short about client/artist relationships.


VFXWorld covers Surrogates

Surrogates: Definitely Not More Human Than Human, at VFXWorld.

Nuke Case Study – Passion Pictures Harness Nuke for Commercials

Passion Pictures Harness Nuke for Commercials (downloads PDF)

A new case study is up on the foundry’s site on using Nuke for the new Audi Q5 adverts.



Nuke – Testimonials

Passion Pictures Harness Nuke for Commercials

© 2009 Audi, image courtesy of Passion Pictures

"The 3D space is a really impressive feature of Nuke. It feels like the 3D compositing has been built from the ground up, rather than being a tack-on. Although we have not imported massive amounts of geometry, we know we can, and it works.” says Neil Riley, VFX Supervisor at Passion Pictures. Discover why Passion Pictures chose Nuke in this case study.

"We are excited by the new possibilities Nuke opens up for us. The integration into our pipeline has been seamless."
Scott Coulter, VFX Producer, Nu Image Inc.


Making of Halo 3 ODST’s ‘The Life’

Making of Halo 3 ODST’s ‘The Life’ live-action short showcases Legacy Effects’ practical work.

Meatballs shader writer interview

CGSociety interviews Danny Damian – shader writer on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

5.2 on snow leopard. any issues?

Did any of you upgrade to snow leopard?

I want to upgrade but i am scared after hearing all the problems people are having with maya.

Layered Comp Prob “What am I doing wrong”?

Hello Everyone Im pretty new to using nuke (8 months) having been using motion (cough)Then very little Shake.Problem is Im having a hard time understanding the concept behind showing multi layered composites correctly in nuke or the way the cards are displayed I have included the nuke workflow hopping someone can show me the correct way to do this.:confused:

I have labeled them FG1-FG5 Ive been trying to get them to show in that order so far Ive only gotten FG1,FG2,and FG5 Where am i going wrong at?

Also i have done a quicky frame of what i would like to accomplish in nuke, With motion Its the last pic its just a quicky:)

Here is the Script
http://www.mediafire.com/?f4guhrntzzd :confused:

Music Video using the Flame interface


Pretty random. Wonder how much it would have cost if were renting out the flame to do it. :p

Via fxguide.