Freelance Nuke compositor

Hi, my name is Paul,
I am a Nuke compositor based in Sydney, Australia. I have 3+ years experience as a compositor and VFX artist. I’ve worked on Hollywood features, TV shows and commercials

I’m looking for remote freelance opportunities.

Proficient in Nuke, Shake, Mocha, Maya, Photoshop.



UDK 3 – iOS Mobile Game Production

In this training Sjoerd “Hourences” De Jong continues his series and goes through the entire production of creating an iOS game us…

Dneg’s Gringotts’ dragon and digi Hogwarts

Dneg’s Gringotts’ dragon and digi Hogwarts


Visual effects supervisor David Vickery discusses Double Negative’s work for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, including work on the digital Hogwarts and the Gringotts bank environment and dragon, in this fxguide article. fxguide also speaks to Dneg executive producer Dominic Sidoli, a veteran of several Potter films, about this last VFX outing.

6.3 Particles and some clearer documentation

While I’ve been doing visual effects for 16years I’ve only been using Nuke for just under 2.

The new particles have me perplexed. There seem to be some Huge leaps of faith in missing documentation on how things work and don’t work.

For example. I’m currently trying to do a particle element of material flecking off. As the particles drift away, I want them to fade. I thought this was as easy as adding a "Particle Curve" node and setting the gradient on the Alpha channel. And… at first this does work. However. Using a simple image for the particle renders the Rotation parameter of the "Particle Emitter" useless (no docs on that).

Quite randomly I put a "Card" node in between my image and the ‘particle’ input of the "Particle Emitter" and suddenly the rotation setting is working…. but now the fade from the "Particle Curve" doesn’t…. ?!?!? The particles stay fully solid from birth to death as if the "Particle Curve" node doesn’t exist.

I had always thought Nuke’s workflow was as straight forward as Shake or Fusion… "add a node, get an effect" But the particle system seems to require some other things to happen for nodes to even do what they’re supposed to do.

If anyone can point me in the direction of where this sort of stuff is documented (because the normal docs and tooltips don’t cover it) that would be great. Even better if you can explain how to make an particle (image sprite) flip and and spin and actually fade out over it’s lifespan… that would be splendid.

Banana Madness – Newbie Shortfilm

This is my first shortfilm and my first film with effects made in After Effects, I’ve only made some tests before, so please take that in mind if you want to give me criticism 🙂

Anyway, we don’t have any toyguns so we thought it would be funny if we used bananas instead, so I bought about 20 bananas and we began filming. The filming took about 30 minutes and the editing/effects took about 5-6 hours. I’m pretty proud with the result since it’s my first film x)

NX6.3: Ultimatte, Garbage Matte issue?

Pulling my hair out slightly – adding a RotoPaint bezier to the Holdout Matte input of Ultimate works fine, but connecting the same RotoPaint bezier to the Garbage Matte input does … nothing?

Steve Wright’s Ultimatte tutorials show him just hooking up the RotoPaint node to the GM input & bingo, the Garbage Matte works. Doing the same thing here and wondering I’m missing something.

Thanks in advance,


Rotate Tool Snapping in Real Flow


I am a new user in Real Flow.

In Maya " j " Key is for Move , Rotate , Scale Tool Snapping

but I cant not find Shortcut for Move , Rotate , Scale Tool Snapping in Real Flow.

specially I need Rotate Tool Snapping .

Are you can help me ?

Thank you.

Auto Save Problem

Hi ,

I am a new user in Nuke .

How to "Nuke auto save" saves files in sequence?


What is script for running auto save sequence system in this image?

Sorry for this beginner question.

Thank You.

Need a Car Simulation Plugin For 3ds Max 2012

I need a Car Simulation Plugin For "3ds Max 2012" Is there any ?? Plz help me !

Car Simulation Plugin For 3ds Max 2012

I need a good vehicle simulation tool for "3ds max 2012" ! Is there any ?? Please help me !