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Senior Compositor-Technicolor Beijing

Technicolor Beijing, Asia’s premiere VFX studio has opportunities in our Visual Effects department for qualified, motivated artists who are willing to relocate to Beijing and join us in this amazing adventure.

Senior Compositor –

Reporting to the Lead Compositor position is responsible for seamlessly integrating
elements from various sources including live-action plates and CG sources, into a final
photo realistic shot. Works within a very collaborative team environment that encourages
open communication and knowledge sharing.

– Communicate and collaborate with the Lead Compositor and other members of the VFX team.
– Blue/green screen matte extraction.
– Integrate CG and live action elements seamlessly with background plate.
– Enhancing, extending and duplicating elements in a photo-realistic manner.
– Foresee, troubleshoot and communicate potential problems.
– Seek out new techniques and processes which help to increase efficiency and enhance
the overall look of a shot.
– Some tracking and rotoscoping duties as required.

Required Skills / Experience:
– Intermediate: 3-5 years experience, preferably on feature films.
– Senior: 5+ years experience, preferably on feature films.
– An eye for composition, lighting and colour with respect to photo-realistic integration.
– Ability to work in a collaborative Team environment.
– Strong problem solving skills.
– Highly detail oriented.
– Demonstrated ability working with Shake, Nuke and/or Combustion.
– Strong communication skills, with the ability to take and apply direction.
– Effective individual time management skills with respect to sensitive deadlines.

Desired Skills:

– Mandarin and English speaking definitely and asset, but not required.
– Fine Arts and or photography background a plus.
– Willing to relocate.
– Runs with scissors. (Senior positions require running with Shears!)

Please email your cover letter, mentioning the position you are applying for, along with your
current CV, Demo Reel Breakdown (Required) and Portfolio (if appropriate) to both of the
email address below.

Subject line MUST be: Compositor – <Your Name>
eg: "Compositor – John Smith"

** PDF files preferred, Word Documents or Text files accepted **

In an effort to expedite the delivery of demo reels, we are also accepting quicktimes
and URL links. Please ensure web links point directly to your reel or it is easily accessible.
We can also provide a location to upload your reel if required.

Demo Reels in DVD (NTSC or PAL) format can also be snail-mailed to:

Human Resources Manager
Technicolor (Beijing) Visual Technology Co. Ltd.
Building B, No.40, North-Middle 3rd Ring Road, Haidian District
Beijing, 100088, P.R.China

Please, No phone calls!!

Roto Confusion

Hello All,

I am a new to nuke and I want to know on my comp I made a garbage mask to roto out the boom mike but why am i cutting into my alpha, need help quickly any suggestions would be most helpful.

attached screenshots

thanking all in advance

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Boujou and C4D in the end not compatible?

Hello all,
I learned that some of you don’t find Cinema 4D inquirers apropriate for this VFX forum, but I guess people here are using it anyway so I really hope that I can get help to finally sorting out this issue. I haven’t had any luck in other forums and it seem that it’s not only me suffering from this.

The problem is that the matchmove doesn’t line up with my footage inside of C4D. I’m learning Boujou 5 and C4D R11 on a Mac btw.

This is what I do:
After that I’m content with my solve and Scene Geometry adjustments in Boujou I export it as a .c4d.
My export/import settings match my footage in terms of fps, fields etc.

Here, in Export camera, I’m not sure what to set "Scale Scene By", for C4D? I’ve done many tests, starting by leaving it to default.

Opening it in C4D, the 3D point cloud is inside the camera (as many others described this problem before).
I’ve tried the recommendation of grouping all the track points, that comes within the camera, into a Null, and placing it outside the Top Null tree. Then I change the new Nulls coordinates to 0. This enhance the situation – now I can view the point cloud through the exported camera – but it doesn’t line up with my matchmoved video I have as reference on a Background object.
And I’m not talking about a little frame slip here!
Not only the scale but the angle is in miss match.


Vertical Crane shot with pictures possible?

Hi there guys, I am doing a matte painting/camera projection vfx shot that I am thinking of involving a vertical crane shot down to street level from the rooftop. I am able to get about 7 pictures from the multi-story carpark opposite that I snap the shot at every level. Is there way to stitch this together? I tried using photoshop stitching tool and the canon’s photostitch and it doesnt seem to work and its all distorted. Probably because I am using a 17mm for my shots and the perspective is all shrewed? And is there any great stitching programs you guys recommend? I am thinking of trying to do 3 horizontal shots at 50mm at every level and then stitch them all up together. Any tips for advice so that I can go down again to shoot this to be able to get a good stitched image?

Previs Artists / 3D Generalists

Nvizage is currently seeking UK based Previs Artists Creature Animators
and Generalists to join our Previsualization teams for projects
based in London and other locations.

Contract periods will be in the region of 8 weeks – 2 months, possibly longer
depending on circumstance, starting April 2010.

Applicants should have 2-4+ years production experience. Feature film
experience is preferred.

All applicants must have knowledge in the following software packages:

– Maya

Experience with using the following a plus:

– Photoshop
– Premiere
– Afterfx

Job Description:

1) Modeling, Texturing and Rigging assets.

2) Animating existing assets based on plate timings.

3) Shot creation and scene layout.

Please send your CV to specifying Previs Artist
applying for within the subject line.

On-line showreels and links to websites are welcome. Please also include
a shot breakdown showing specifically what your role entailed per shot / sequence.

30 Trailer Effects in 30 Seconds

Nawaz Alamgir, giovane designer londinese e grande appassionato di cinema, si è divertito cercando di ricreare i tipici titoli impattanti dei trailer. 30 Trailer Effects in 30 Seconds è un’esperimento che riprende i vari generi cinematografici, creato utilizzando After Effects, 3D Studio Max e Cinema 4D.
Sarebbe interessante continuare l’esperimento, magari con un video di durata maggiore, ampliando i generi e ricercando altri stili oltre […]

Zigtech by Logan

The Zigtech spot we posted earlier this week is by Logan, and they’ve sent along credits and a link to a high-res version of the spot. Take a look!

Client: Reebok
Agency: DDB Berlin
Chief Creative Director: Amir Kassaei
Creative: Leila El-Kayem
Senior Producer: Christine Kastens
Chief Account Manager: Stephen Kimpel

Prodco: Logan & Sterntag Film GmbH
Director: Alexei Tylevich
Executive Producer: Kevin Shapiro
Producer (Sterntag) : Nadja Bontscheff
Post Producer: Christopher Lenz
Line Producer: Caleb Omens
DP: Florian Stadler
Editor: Volkert Besseling
Art Director: Kevin Stein
Lead Designer: Kenneth Robin
Design: Carlos Florez, Ian Kim, Juicy Wang
Lead Compositor: Kevin Stein
Lead Flame Artist: Brandon Sanders
3D Modeling: Josh Cortopassi, Julien Forest
3D Animators: Sei Sato, Johnny Lum
Roto: Brian Williams, Dan Everson, Ivy Depies

Posted on Motionographer

VFX402 – Through The Looking Glass to Underland

VFX402 – Through The Looking Glass to Underland
Submissions Start: April 1st 2010
Submissions End: May 1st 2010

Through The Looking Glass to Underland

There is a place, like no place on earth. A land full of wonder, mystery and danger. Some say to survive it you need to be as mad as a hatter ….. Others say all you need is to gain ownership of Underlands ruling crown …..

Your best friend Alice Kingsley has disappeared during a garden party being held in the honour of her engagement to Hamish Ascot. A message has reached you via the White Rabbit that Alice has been spirited away to the magical underground world of Wonderland, or Underland as it is also known.

The White Rabbit has informed you that to assist Alice’s return to the real world you will need to follow her to Wonderland and help her to steal back the White Queens ruling crown from the Red Queen . Luckily a portal exists to the mysterious Underland through a large ornate looking glass, which leans against a wall in the dusty attic of Alice’s childhood home.

VFXTalk challenge you to create the character of Alice’s childhood friend, using the supplied footage, and take her through the looking glass in search of the White Queens ruling crown.

You can introduce 2D or 3D elements, modify the video footage we supply and use your matte painting skills if you so wish. The only necessities are that you must show a world in reverse beyond the mirror; and you must ensure that your character enters the mirror and returns through it with the ruling crown.

Source Material


Download you source footage here, you can use both clips or just one as you see fit!

(view the source for now to get a idea, we will upload the clips shortly)….=1&pid=99&lid=….=1&pid=34&lid=

Note this footage is copyright Ribbit Films and you only have permission to use it in the VFX 402 Challenge


You will be judged on the integration of all elements, from appropriate shadow casting, grain, reflections, and originality. The necessary skills you will need to learn to succeed the Series 4 challenges are: Matte Painting, Modelling, Lighting, Compositing, Onset Photography, Planning Ahead, Originality. Particle and volumetric FX generation, Animation, Projection and 3D Texturing and HDRI are all optional.


Everything must be created from scratch, save textures or photographs, of course. The complete shot should be 720 frames long at 24fps (minimum of 15 seconds long) at low HD, res 852×480. No prior work will be accepted. If we find that you are using existing libraries of cities or building models, you will be disqualified.


You get extra points from a active WIP! Begin your WIP thread by painting up this image to show us what you’d like to accomplish. From there, hit the visual effects supervisors mark by bringing that concept to life. It is not necessary to create other shots that lead up to this one, and you won’t get higher marks for it. Focus your time on creating this 30 second shot the best that you can! You can find the WIP forums here:…orum-f109.html


Moderators will judge all entries and will choose a shortlist of ten, these entries will be judged from the Work In Progress threads and the final result. The final ten submissions will then be voted on by the community in order to select the top 3 winners. We do not want to see a final shot turn up out of nowhere and have no clue as to how it was created. Since you are starting this from scratch, having a WIP thread showing your progress will be vital in swaying the judges to vote you into the top 10. Users will then vote on the top 3.

If you have any questions regarding this challenge please post them into this thread. Please start your WIP threads in the VFXChallenge WIP Forum, as always. Because of the complexity of this challenge, team entries will be permitted, provided that all members of the team are members of VFXTalk however teams can be no larger than 2-3 members!

As always, all the help you will ever need can be found in the relevant Software Forums for your software of choice or the WIP Forum. We are trying to encourage an environment for peer/team learning! The more we help each other, the further we can push each other, and the better our VFX skills will become!

The prize’s for this month:

1st Place: The 1st Place winner of each monthly VFX challenge will be taking home a hot Intel based Mac Mini! This fantastic prize has been sponsored by the cool people at online independent film site Sputnik7. They will also receive a Taskwise Small Business account, use this innovative software to easily create and share projects and information between a team of up to 10 people.

2nd Place: The runner up will receive a subscription to the eyeon SWAT program and a free copy of SWAT Edition of Fusion! eyeon’s new SWAT Membership program offers SWAT members the opportunity to learn Fusion in several different ways from introductory to advanced online training resources and webinars, extensive facility training, 3-day to 6-week courses, SWAT authorized curriculums, including universities and colleges and One-on-one seminars. Members also have access to great SWAT Edition pricing and upgrade models!

Third place: Third place winner is sponsored by CMIvfx, the leading provider of technological training for visual effects artists! You will take home your choice of one CMIvfx training video, take advantage of greate online visual effects training to hone your skills! You can also buy training videos from their site this month at a added discount using the VFX401 promo code!


Judges Prize: The challenges now featre a judges prize that will be awarded to the entry that has the most advanced and seamless usage of visual effects. The judges prize is sponsored by Ribbit Films and consists of a Ribbit Films video compilation worth thousands of dollars!

The Grand Prize:

Series Grand Prize: The coveted grand prize, awarded to the winner of the series, is sponsored by Sputnik7, Eyeon and The Foundry! It consists of an Apple Mac Pro workstation loaded with the latest complete versions of both Eyeon Fusion 6 plus Generation and a copy of Nuke from The Foundry!

The Sponsors

The VFXChallenges are supported by our very generous sponsors; without their help we would not be able to offer such fantastic prizes. These companies have been incredibly supportive of and we are extremely grateful to them for their continued involvement in the VFXChallenge Series.


The Foundry

Ribbit Films



We welcome all your input for the VFXChallenges…please let us know of any cool ideas, footage, elements that you would like to have featured in a future VFXChallenge by letting us know HERE

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Storyboard Artist


We are looking for highly talented storyboard artists with abilities in After Effects to work off-site being commissioned per project.

It is essential the competence to create detailed storyboards in short time.

Please send examples of work and contact info ONLY to