F.B.I Style Phone

Hey guys today i finished my F.B.I phone in After Effects it took like 2 days when i get my new camera i will track it to my iphone, i hope you like it. P.S. The two arrows on the side i know one is going over the battery i will fix that later.


Demo Reel Introduction

Hey guys,

Just a quick easy critique. I’m making a Demo Reel over the next few months, and it is mostly going to be rotoscoping (as that is how I want to start my career and move up from there). I know that Demo Reels should typically be a “show your work… quickly” thing, so I’m wondering if this intro is too long?

It’s nothing too fancy. Simple and to the point. I’m somewhat of a minimalist so… any comments are appreciated. Reel is going to contain 4 Roto pieces I am working on, but just took a break and made this last night real quick.

Let me know what you think!


ocean vfx in realtime

Hi 🙂
I’d like to show the vfx of ocean in game.I was made in UDK. I made it without
c & c wekcome.



VFX/broadcast design showreel

A selection of work completed at Mainframe over the past year or so, except for a couple of tests/freelance bits.

Sorry for no breakdown, I basically did most of the 3D/tracking etc. and a few bits of the comping in AE but that was mostly done in Nuke by other artists.

Hope you enjoy.


VFS VFX Demoreel by Pietro Coco

Hi everyone, I recently graduated from Vancouver Film School, and that’s the project I’ve done during the last 6 months of program. Hope you guys enjoy!

3D/Comp Reel 2010

I was involved in the process of modeling and texturing 3d environments, as well as lighting, rendering and compositing various shots for final delivery.

Animation (creature) – Demoreel 2011

hey , I graduated from ArtFX, and most of the shost have been taken in my student short film. Enjoy and feel free to comment

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2011 Compositing Reel

Hey VFX Talk users here is my graduation Reel containing all my personal work. enjoy.


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Gourav Khatri – VFX/Compositing Reel

Hey everyone,
I’m a recent graduate from Vancouver Film School and below is vfx/compositing reel. Please contact me for any job related inquiries.


MW3 Live Action Gameplay Trailer (fan made)

Hi, some guys from england asked me to edit this vid for them, tell me what you think (OF THE EDITING!) – I didn’t film it, the filming was kinda bad..