The movement of France 5.

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Created by Les Télécréateurs for French public service channel France 5, these idents are damn near perfect in their simplicity.

The concept is as simple as it is strong; a multitude of things that move in the same direction, one following the other, like a chain reaction between completely different worlds. Its underlying meaning is stated loud and clear: knowledge derives from making new links.

Understated and engaging, you can see more from the channels branding here.

Royale: New Reel

Royale just dropped a very cool new reel for 2013. enjoy…

Adrian Johnson





Tendril for Rdio

Blacklist directors Tendril create a new trippy ID for Rdio as a part of Rdio’s New Music Weekly campaign.

Conor Finnegan: Fear of Flying

Conor Finnegan’s delightful coming of age short dives into the troubled psyche of a bird with a problem of existential proportions: he’s afraid to fly. To make matters worse, he’s in love with a girl who’s headed south for the winter. What to do, what to do.

In addition to an engaging storyline and endearing voice work, the animation technique is notable. Nearly all of the characters, sets and props were practically built. Conor and his team essentially puppeted the characters with rods. The rods were removed in post, and animated limbs were then comped on top of the footage. The result is naturalistic movement, complete with all the charming quirks you get from human-controlled motion.

Sound and music by Echolab.

Making Of

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Suleyman Yazki

Very nice work from Graphic Design Master’s student Suleyman Yazki who will be writing his Thesis on the visual character of breakdance pedagogy in prison.

Wanda Productions x 2

Two new projects from Wanda Productions. First up is a short film from Wanda London for; Directed by Paris-based Director/Photographer Jonathan de Villiers, All Saints have used the recent record temperatures in London as the backdrop for their seductive and subversive new release, Sun City. A provocative tale of displacement and individuality, shot over two long days in the capital.

Next up is from Wanda Paris; Ghostpoet – Cold Win, the second single from his new album ‘Some Say I So I Say Light’, which was shot at dawn on the roads of Iceland and in a house designed by the architect Alvar Aalto.

Hellohikimori: New Site

Grand new site from Paris based Hellohikimori, with lots of new work to see.

Atome / ArtFX

Here’s a very nice work made by some students from the ArtFX school in Montpellier (Fr).


Directors : Adrien CAPPAI, Chloé MILLE, Valentin TUIL
Image : Adrien CAPPAI, Chloé MILLE, Valentin TUIL
other students : Chloé MESNAGES, Vaimiti GUESDON
Special effects : Adrien CAPPAI, Chloé MILLE
Film Editor : Valentin TUIL
Songs : Pierre NOVI
Sound editor : Romain SALAS

Wonderland, A Short Form Doc on Creative Commerce

“For me, the commercial space is very much about letting go of all of your vision, I guess, and giving people what they want. And not really, like, being precious about it.

Because it’s not cool. Like, whatever you’re doing, it’s not cool. No matter how cool it is, it’s still a commercial, right?”
— David Lewandowski, Wonderland

“Wonderland” looks at the often uncomfortable intersection of art and commerce manifested by commercial production. If you work anywhere near the commercial space, watch this. It’s honest and conflicted and — because of that — powerful.


Filmmaker: Terry Rayment
Filmmaker: Hunter Richards
Assistant Editor: Scott Hanson
Additional Photography: Mike Berlucchi

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