Shot in the Cape Flats of Cape Town, South Africa over the course of three days. director: jake oleson director of photography: matthew ballard producer: wilhelm furst production manager: godfrey matsika editor: jake oleson sound design: bobb barito colorist: josh bohosky post: the mill music: andy stott, toys, jonny greenwood shot on 16mm film special thanks: kodak, liam johnson,, peter soto, media film service, jacqueline stone, darwees bam, marwha bam, mimoena scholz, sebastien, michael marantz, charles frank, and ien chi

A Dream Dressed in Black

I often wonder what the world would look like if the ancient cultures of the past had survived repeated attempts to have their faiths banished from popular practise through colonisation. Did the ancient Mexican culture die during the conquest by the Spaniards in the 16th century, and are the remaining indigenous populations simply fossils, condemned five hundred years ago to disappear because they have no place in the present? 
 The liberty of the past, the golden age before colonial domination, is not a dead past lost forever, but the basis of hope. In the cycle of time that age will come again. Director: Daniel Sadgrove Cinematographer: Kenji Katori Steadicam: Juan Matias Ramos 1st AC: Aura Gonzalez Salazar Steadicam Asst: Tania Barajas Camera DIT: Cristian Sanchez
 Line Producer: Jesus Franco, Brenda Zamudio 1st PA: Lucy Suarez 2nd PA: Arturo Tamayo Makeup: Eve Magnn Runner: Maria Fernanda Flores Cast Trinidad Villaseñor, Edith Hernandez Ramos, Cristian ‘Chile’ Lopez, Ignacio Del Rio Ocegueda, Jose Mejia, Effy Betancourt, Gustavo Guerrero Lopez, Arturo Tamayo, Yadira Linda Mariscal Gracian, Miguel Angel Gaitan Alvarado, Daniel Osmar Guerrero López, Aldrich Guilleromo Ayron Marcial, Alan Eduardo Gomez Chavez, Marco del Rio Ayon Marcial, Angel Ayohualli Gaitan M. & Jose Alejandro Juarez A. Editor: Grason Caldwell ℅ Parallax Post Color: Kath Raisch ℅ Company 3 Music: Lorn ℅ Wednesday Sound Sound: Kinsey Green VO (Nahuatl): Ana Gabriela Reus VO (English): Ólafur Darri Ólafsson Special thanks Lucy Suarez, Cristian ‘Chile’ Lopez, Benjamin Suarez, Ihxel Pérez, Storm Richardson, Nick Fuller, Debbie De Le Ceuva Jewellry , Nathalie Mignot, Pacha Mama Boutique, Casa de Linda, Gabriel Jones, Wendy Jones, Casa Vecino, Lucy Mejia, Jose Mejia, La Esperanza Restaurant, The Lift Mexico, Spencer Harris, Esteban Ponce, Angela Herrera, EFD International, Christopher Hewitt, Luke Lynch, Paul Rogers & Hugo. Recommended Reading
 México Profundo: Reclaiming A Civilization by Guillermo Bonfil Batalla Aztec by Gary Jennings Exodus Lost by S.C. Compton Filmed in and near Sayulita, Mexico.

Pause 2018 Motion Response – Lift in the moment by Carbon

It’s confronting to step into the unknown.  Reassurance or validation is sought from anywhere we can find it; at least for that bit confidence to move forward. Building on experiences, exploring new environments, adapting to the unfamiliar, all becomes part and parcel of progress. But what if it all gets too much? Finding yourself and fitting in, compromise and keeping up? Sometimes you just need to pull yourself out of it, appreciate the people around you, and enjoy every moment. Because life should be more uplifting.  Creative Direction:  Tereza Tan Storytelling: Zack Chua Character Design:  Dou Cheng 2D Animation:  Jacky Lo, Dou Cheng 3D Animation:  Edward Chiu Sound Design: Mount Audio

Secret for the mad – Dodie (Official Music Video)

An animated adventure with kites. Official music video for Dodie 2018. See more from Dodie: Directed and animated by Hannah Jacobs Additional Animation by Flora Caulton and Katy Wang Produced by Sammy Paul

Mammuts – Giganten aus dem Eis (Doku)

Grand Finale – Audio Finalizer

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Grand Finale is a multi effect plug-in designed for finalizing complete mixes, stems/sub buses and/or individual audio tracks. It comes as an Audio Unit, VST & AAX for macOS, and VST & AAX for Windows. The plug-in consist of a set of modules which is connected/routed in a certain way. Each module has one or more parameters to be altered, and most of them offers a set of algorithms where one can be chosen. These features combined makes Grand Finale a powerful tool for quickly finalizing a track, bus or mix.

“Fickle” by Shylde, check him out at and

Winter's secret

“Уклониться на время от непрерывности взгляда — значит превратить новое появление одного и того же в маленькое чудо.” Поль Рикер. “Путь признания: три очерка” “To deviate for a while from the continuity of the gaze – it means to turn a new appearance of the same into a small miracle.” Paul Ricœur. “The Course of Recognition”

CBS closing logo from 25 June 1951

A CBS closing logo from 25 June 1951. Announcer is Frank Knight. This was before CBS used the Eye. “This is CBS, the Columbia Broadcasting System”.

John Lewis The Bear & The Hare

Agency: Adam & Eve/DDB London
Director: Yves Geleyn, Elliot Dear
Creative Director: Aidan McClure, Laurent Simon
Executive Creative Director: Ben Priest, Ben Tollett, emer stamp
Production Company: Blinkink, London
DoP: Toby Howell
Country: United Kingdom
Released: November 2013

Coca-Cola Mural

No matter who – or what – you are, there’s a Coke for you. Whether it’s an ice-cold Coca-Cola, Coke Zero Sugar or Coke Life, there’s a refreshing way to Enjoy Yours.