‘Abominable’: An adorable journey towards home

The first major co-production between DreamWorks and China’s Pearl Studio, Abominable, is a charming and adorable tale that holds your interest during its 90-minute runtime. An exceptionally amiable animated tale, written and directed by Jill Culton, Abominable is one kind and gentle hug to mankind.

The film begins with a prison break scene, as where we can see a large creature escaping a lab before reaching a Chinese metropolis. It is not until the creature sees a billboard advertising trips to Mount Everest that we notice that we’re following a yeti.

The Yeti escapes is owned by an eccentric billionaire, Burnish (Eddie Izzard), an adventurer and entrepreneur who wants the big furry beast  back to prove that he did see such a creature years before while climbing Mt. Everest. The creature ends up on the rooftop of a young girl named Yi’s apartment building.

Yi (Chloe Bennet) may look like any normal Chinese teen on the streets of Shanghai, but she’s a teen on a mission. The other kids are away for their summer break and having fun, but Yi spends her days working to earn. She does babysitting, takes dogs for walks, dumps trash, and takes any odd job possible. And with the hard earned money, Yi hopes to take a trip across China, which was her late father’s dream. When Yi finds a young Yeti on her apartment building roof, she gets skeptical of the creature,  but is won over by the adorable nature of this creature and decides to call it Everest.

The cute furry creature gently manages to reach our hearts with its funny behaviour. Everest can do magical tricks, particularly with nature, where he grows giant blueberries or conjure a speedboat that can sail through miles of flower fields. The beautiful animation makes these acts look exhilarating to behold.

When Burnish’s helicopters hover over the city and his right-hand woman Dr. Zara (Sarah Paulson) keeps careful watch on every street corner for tghe yeti, Yi suddenly realises that it’s important that she puts aside her own dreams to help this defenseless creature and help get him back home, to Mt. Everest. Because even though he’s huge, this Yeti is just a kid. He’s alone. He’s lost. He’s separated from his family. And Yi knows well, that this human world is a rotten place for any kid to be.

Yi, joined by Jin (Tenzing Norgay Trainor) and his basketball-loving little cousin, Peng (Albert Tsai) set off to somehow find a way to—and they do everything they can to help Everest reach his family.

Along the way, Yi comes to realise that the path they’re taking across China is almost exactly the same path that her dad wanted to travel. The adventure helps Yi to not only connect with the memory of her father, but also to find a sense of healing through sharing her own pain and loss with her friends.

The film ultimately manages to subtly highlights the importance of friends and family when it comes to finding a way through deep personal loss and grief. The character sketch is done so precisely that one can easily find a Nai Nai (Tsai Chin), a caring mom, typical social media- obsessed teenagers in real life.

Lastly, there is more to this delightful tale than what meets the eye. Abominable offers an animated exploration of how great loss can tempt a person to bury her feelings. After the death of her dad, Yi has walled herself off from her loved ones. But in her determination to get her new furry pal back to his family, she finds a way back to the important people and things of her life, too.

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Gaming lifestyle festival DreamHack is back in India with its second edition

NODWIN GAMING an esports company and media and entertainment network Viacom18 have come together once again to bring DreamHack back to India. This year’s event is titled DreamHack Delhi and will be held in the national capital of India, New Delhi, from 6 to 8 December 2019, at the NSIC Exhibition Ground. Like the previous edition, DreamHack Delhi will be streamed live on Viacom18’s OTT platform VOOT.

“We at DreamHack are happy to return to the great gaming country of India. Last year’s festival in Mumbai was historical as it was the first DreamHack festival ever to be held in Asia. India has a very strong gaming community, which we got to experience first hand during last year’s event. This makes DreamHack Delhi a natural next step in our effort in making the DreamHack experience the perfect culmination of the gaming year in India,” said DreamHack co-CEO Marcus Lindmark.

Dreamhack Delhi is aiming to witness gamers and esports enthusiasts unite for 72 hours of esports gaming competitions, LAN parties, sections of games from all generations. and a perfect stage for artists, cosplayers, developers and gamers to connect and grow. This edition promises all things DreamHack, including some exciting esports tournaments – such as the 55K USD (Rs 39 Lacs ) CS:GO Invitational tournament with top national and international teams invited.

Speaking about the network’s collaboration with NODWIN GAMING, Viacom18 head- strategy and data sciences Sidharth Kedia said, “Esports has been gaining immense popularity in India over the last couple of years. We have seen an increase in the number of gamers, gaming companies as well as brands associating with the gaming industry. The first season of DreamHack validated that India is definitely an emerging gaming market. At Viacom18 we have always been pioneers when it comes to experimenting with new ideas and formats. Considering the network’s affinity towards young audiences and backed with the success of DreamHack’s first Asia edition we were certain that we would bring it back for the Indian gaming community. We look forward to providing Indian gamers with a mega platform to showcase their gaming skills and compete with top gamers.”

“At its core, gaming is about friendships and stories. The bonds we make as friends with our common love for gaming. Nothing signifies that more than DreamHack and its two-decade journey. We at NODWIN Gaming and Viacom18 will put in all our effort to sculpt a DreamHack bigger and better than the last edition. There will be something for everyone at DreamHack Delhi. It’ll be fun, it’ll be a lot of fun,” said NODWIN GAMING founder and CEO Akshat Rathee.

This year’s edition will feature an array of games ranging from esports game titles like CSGO, Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bro, Tekken 7 and PUBG along with the classic collection of retro and table-top games where daily top scorers will be awarded from a prize pool of Rs 75,000 for retro games and Rs 100,000 for table-top games. Streamers of the country will get a golden chance to stream from the exclusive streamer zone.

DreamHack will bring its signature BYOC LAN party to New Delhi, with a line-up of the most popular games to the city that whole-heartedly loves LAN parties. BYOC at DreamHack Delhi will hold a total capacity of 400 seats to be shared by Epic and Super Epic pass holders. This time DreamHack Delhi will feature not only BYOC but also Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), where you can bring in your mobile phones and consoles to play on for three days. The BYOC LAN tournaments will have a total prize pool of Rs 3.6 Lacs and the BYOD tournaments Rs 2.4 Lacs.

Apart from games, the visitors can enjoy the vibrant art of cosplay, live performances by renowned artists, signing sessions with pro players and a merchandise zone to get hands-on the latest gaming apparel and collectables.

The gamers and non-gamers of the country loved DreamHack when it came for the first time to Mumbai. The South African CS:GO powerhouse, Bravado clinched DreamHack Mumbai’s Invitational title by beating Signify, the top Indian CS:GO roster at that time. On the other hand, Mineski beat Neon Esports to be crowned the Dota 2 champions. Ayaan Biswas for Street Fighter 5, Hugo Randez for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Abhinav Tejan for Tekken 7 were the other notable winners from the last edition.

Tickets for DreamHack Delhi 2019 start at Rs499 and are available on BookMyShow.

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‘Book Hungry Bears” multi-territory distribution and merchandising partner is 9 Story

Pūkeko Pictures has announced it has appointed 9 Story Brands as its global merchandising partner for the new preschool series Book Hungry Bears (excluding Greater China).

Book Hungry Bears is a beautiful series which combines children’s natural love of books with entertaining adventures and adorable characters. We’re thrilled to be debuting this special series to the international broadcast community next month at MIPCOM,”  said 9 Story Distribution International SVP, distribution and acquisitions Alix Wiseman.

9 Story Distribution International has been granted worldwide distribution rights to the series (excluding Canada, Greater China, Australia and New Zealand) with 9 Story Media Group handling distribution of the series in Canada.

“We are elated to have the opportunity to work together with 9 Story Distribution International and 9 Story Brands. Their dynamic approach to distribution make them an ideal partner to ensure the global success of this extraordinary pre-school series,” said Partner Breakthrough Entertainment executive producer Ira Levy.

9 Story will bring Book Hungry Bears (52×11 min) to MIPCOM next month, sharing the first episodes with the international broadcast community.

“We are excited to be announcing the appointment of 9 Story Distribution International and 9 Story Brands as our distribution and merchandising partner for Book Hungry Bears. Their expertise and experience in both facets of distribution and licensing will ensure the global success of this preschool brand and we can’t wait to delight audiences the world over with the animated series,” said Pūkeko Pictures’ chief executive officer, Clive Spink.

Book Hungry Bears is co-produced by Pūkeko Pictures, Breakthrough Entertainment and Hengxin Shambala Kids which will handle content distribution and licensing rights in Greater China.

The series has been commissioned by Canada’s TVOkids and TFO, in association with Knowledge Kids
and been picked up for broadcast on TVNZ in New Zealand and by ABC Australia.

Book Hungry Bears is produced with the financial participation of Shaw Rocket Fund and Canada Media Fund.

Created by world-renowned children’s writer and illustrator Martin Baynton (Jane and the Dragon), the new animated series is centered around four Book Hungry Bears – Crystal, Boomer, Melody and Scout – who love picture books. Every day they go on adventures in a beautiful papercraft world in search of a book they can share, catching books which flit and flutter like birds amid the paper trees. Each adventure in the show finishes with the Bears successfully finding and settling down to enjoy a storybook that reinforces the themes of the episode including topics such as change, diversity, perseverance, new experiences, shared responsibilities and making friends.

Pūkeko Pictures has developed ten original picture books to be featured in the series. Other books showcased come from Scholastic Canada, Kids Can Press, Macmillan Children’s Publishing, Simon & Schuster, Children’s Walker Books, Harper Collins and more.




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Garena’s Free Fire introduces Blood Demon Rikoto!

Garena Free Fire announces season 17 of their Elite Pass (EP) which follows the story of Blood Demon’s revenge for justice. The EP will be released on 1 October 2019, while pre-orders started on 28 September 2019, where the gamers were surprised with the chance to win the Blood Demon Katana Skin – one of the best rewards of this season.

The season 17 Elite Pass conveys the story of Rikoto, the Japanese Samurai Blood Demon’s conflict with his master. Rikoto, the most skilled and disciplined swordmaster in his Bloodthorn tribe, was exiled years ago. When he heard that his wife was held under custody by the erstwhile dictator, Rikoto returned to his village to seek revenge.

Not only did he win the war, but he also gained the respect of his Bloodthorn Tribe, emerging as the rightful leader of Bloodthorn Tribe. A new era for the Bloodthorn is about to start with the rise of Blood Demon!

Elite Pass holders also have the opportunity to obtain exciting game rewards such as two S grade costumes, an exclusive Blood Demon emote, backpacks, skateboards and many other in-game items. Survivors can also win various special prizes and access to Elite Mission, as well as an increased daily gold income limit. Apart from two bundles of cool samurai, survivors can also get bag and weapon skins.

Free Fire has become a massive hit on a global scale with more than 450 million registered users and over 50 million peak daily users as of May 2019. According to App Annie, it was the most downloaded battle royale game globally across the Google Play and iOS App stores combined in Q2 2019.

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Cosmos-Maya to launch brand new show ‘Smarty Pants Eric’ at MIPCOM 2019

Cosmos-Maya has announced to be launching its brand new animated series Smarty-Pants Eric at MIPCOM 2019, showcasing the pilot episode at MIPCOM Junior.

 The 52 x 11’ slice-of-life comedy series targeted at four to nine year olds is available in all major languages worldwide. In fact, Cosmos-Maya is already in closing stages of discussions with a leading Pay TV network for broadcast rights to the show in South Asia and South East Asia, yet to be announced.

Commenting on the launch, Cosmos-Maya CEO Anish Mehta said, “Children over the years are getting older faster. Each generation is smarter than the preceding one. With the proliferation of digital platforms, children have access to a variety of quality content and this exposure is in principle making them sharper and more mature. I hope that the relatable Smarty-Pants Eric will resonate with kids with its slice-of-life, familiar familial content.”

Smarty-Pants Eric is the eponymous story of the quick-witted eight year old, Eric. Each episode revolves around Eric going about his day, sporting his trademark mischievous demeanor. He is a super intelligent child who is also a little naughty and uses his enhanced sense of tactfulness to get out of sticky situations and eventually always emerges on top. Eric, however, never goes overboard with his shenanigans, making his character very endearing.

Cosmos-Maya SVP development and current projects as well as the creator of the show, Dheeraj Berry noted, “A lot of the animation in Smarty-Pants Eric is about opening the boundaries of your imagination. The biggest creative challenge we faced was to design the characters such that they look endearing and relatable, and yet cut across geographies. The situations are universal, but the moments are personal.”

Cosmos-Maya  SVP revenue and corporate strategy Devdatta Potnis added, “Cosmos-Maya has banked on fresh concepts and narratives when creating this new show. Smarty-Pants Eric has unique, yet universal storytelling, very much in line with our dictum of ‘Novelty with Familiarity’. Hence, we are confident that at MIPCOM, our endearing Eric will strike an emotional chord with buyers.”

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Industry stalwarts Krishna Desai, Joy Bhattacharya and Amber Lall, unite to announce the launch of a creative content powerhouse

Former Turner International executive director and head kids vertical for south asia Krishna Desai (KD), EndemolShine India former vice president Joy Bhattacharya and Padmaavat second unit director Amber Lall recently announced the launch of their new venture 369 Media & Entertainment.

369 Media & Entertainment is touted to target the potential of unexplored and compelling storytelling in the burgeoning digital medium. Leveraging their diverse industry expertise, KD, Amber and Joy bring a deep consumer centric content creation ethos coupled with strategic business insights to the venture.

Amber Lall, Joy Bhattacharya, Krishna Desai (From left to right)

Speaking about this new venture and its vision, KD said, “During my long stint at across kids and English entertainment brands in various roles, I was fascinated by the nature of massive adoption on-demand video consumption and realised the magnitude of the supply gap of relatable content for a growing number of discerning consumers who have an ever-increasing choice of content. It all pointed to this time which is a great one to fully explore the potential of newer and better ways of storytelling. I spent the last several months exploring and researching the best way to address the potential that this gap represented and met with many people from the M&E industry. This journey found culmination in an exciting collaboration with Joy and Amber to launch 369 Media & Entertainment which I am confident will deliver unique, compelling and authentic content.’’

Speaking about this collaboration Joy Bhattacharya said, “We are truly excited to introduce our new venture. It focuses on creating meaningful and relatable content for the fastest-growing consumer segment. We use analytical insights into our development process rather than just a gut feeling and this helps us offer differentiating content. We will also focus on nurturing a content partner ecosystem that would not only understand the gap but also drive the narrative. The creative art of storytelling that can connect and resonate with the viewers is the key ingredient and that is precisely what we aim to offer.’’

Speaking about this new venture, Amber Lall, a seasoned film industry professional, said “Storytelling really is the exploration of the human mind. The digital revolution has just opened up many new shores to explore, allowing the storyteller an opportunity to think more candidly. 369 is an attempt to give the greatly under-served population honest, engaging and appealing content.’’

Based on Nicola Tesla’s theory of the mysterious triangle of 3, 6 and 9, that hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe, the 369 Media and Entertainment aims to unlock the entertainment universe and leave its audiences mind blown! 369 Media and Engagement LLP is set to achieve its goals of unlocking powerful content that is enjoyable and relatable to audiences in India and overseas and will be in the delivered in the form of fiction and non-fiction shows, short films, documentaries, feature films, live events, etc.

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MTV Artist Ident

Finale of India’s longest running esports championship TEGC concludes, lays special focus on overall development of Indian gaming industry 

The 6th edition of the Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup’s (TEGC) grand finale received a stupendous response from participants and audience alike. Professional gamers from across the country converged in Mumbai to battle it out at India’s most prestigious eSports championship on 27 to 28 September at Infiniti Mall, Malad (W), Mumbai. Organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade (MOEA), TEGC is India’s longest running eSports championship. 

Over the years, TEGC has grown to be extremely popular and has now become one of the most venerated competitive gaming tournaments in India. In fact, the overwhelming response it has received this year is testimony to how its popularity is growing each year. The first edition had seen only 565 participants, while in 2019, the number has grown to 6,136 participants. 

This year’s edition featured a collection of games including PUBG Mobile, DOTA 2 and CS:GO. The elimination rounds for TEGC 2019 kicked off in June for the pan-India championship with an impressive line-up of cities including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Silchar, Kolkata, Pune and Mumbai. 

This year, the participants and audience got an opportunity to witness and get a first-hand experience of some of the best technology from leading Taiwanese brands including AIFA, AORUS, AVerMedia, Avision, D-Link, InWin, MSI, Predator, ROG, Thermaltake, Tokuyo, Transcend, U.CR+, Victor, XPG, Zowie, Zyxel, etc.

Additionally, ever since its inception, TEGC has been striving to work towards the overall development of gamers and the gaming industry in India and has also been providing ample encouragement to the vibrant community of gamers. Each year, TEGC introduces newer elements to its format to aid in the development of the gaming industry. 

This year’s edition too included a unique initiative where India’s most loved sport lent exciting support to India’s fastest growing sport. To grace the grand finale, TEGC invited some of India’s biggest cricketing legends including Zaheer Khan, Kiran More and Abey Kuruvilla who are currently coaching the Mumbai Indians IPL team. These stalwarts were present at the event to interact with the young eSports athletes, mentor them in general and instill the values of true team spirit and sportsmanship in them. With the aim of offering gamers overall grooming towards pursuing eSports as a career, TEGC requested the stalwarts to interact with the young athletes who could learn from the knowledge and experience of the senior players.

The cricket luminaries spoke to the gamers about how to stay focused and dedicated while working hard to achieve success in sports. 

TAITRA deputy director of strategic marketing development Michelle Lin said, “TEGC has always focused on giving passionate gamers a chance to experience great gaming on some of the best and most innovative gaming products from Taiwan “TEGC is not just India’s longest running gaming championship, we are also one of the few properties who work towards the overall development of gamers and gaming industry in India. This year, we had amongst us cricket legends like Zaheer Khan, Kiran More and Abey Kuruvilla. They made the finale special with their energy and the way they encouraged the youngsters was amazing. We foresee that eSports will not only represent the spirit of Indian youth today but will also serve as a symbol of India and Taiwan moving forward together in the pursuit of innovation and competition. We always want to come back with a much bigger edition of TEGC each year and we wish to see same kind of enthusiasm from these passionate gamers and the audience.” 

The total TEGC prize money of Rs 10 lakh was split among the teams at the grand finale. The winning teams of (CS:GO) U Mumba Esports and (DOTA 2) Global Esports took home Rs. 2 lakh each, teams Blaze Esports (CS:GO) and Entity Gaming (DOTA 2) won the second place with Rs. 1 lakh each, and teams JHS (CS:GO) & Whoops! (DOTA 2) and teams Iyati (CS:GO) & Wipeout (DOTA 2) winning the third and fourth place with Rs. 50,000 each. Finishing fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth place winners, teams Accuracy Gaming (CS:GO) & ROG Titans (DOTA 2), GoFigure (CS:GO) & U Mumba Esports (DOTA 2), OUTPERFORM (CS:GO) & Standin 5 (DOTA 2), Elements (CS:GO) & Knockturnal Esports (DOTA 2) respectively, took home Rs. 25,000 each. Along with the cash prize, the winners also received some amazing tech goodies from TEGC’s sponsor brands.

Also, this year the winning team of CS:GO U Mumba Esports will be going on an all-expenses- paid trip to Taiwan to represent India in the Taiwan Excellence eSports championship held between the TEGC winners from Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand and also a shot at a prize of USD 2,000 and gifts from leading Taiwanese brands. 

The eSports industry in India is booming at a rapid pace since the last few years. Pegged at Rs 5,540 crore (FY19), it is poised for high growth with a likely 22.1 per cent CAGR taking it to Rs 11,880 crore by 2023, as per KPMG India. There is a large commercial opportunity for the players in the ecosystem and championships like TEGC are giving a major boost to the industry. 

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Blast debuts at TwitchCon 2019 with new iOS app and features for PC gamers

Blast has arrived at TwitchCon 2019 with their most recent innovation – a fun and easy way to encourage saving money by playing games. With its financial savings app on iOS, Blast, will be meeting with convention-goers during its debut appearance at TwitchCon North America in San Diego on 27 to 29 September 2019 to give away cash prizes, swag, and provide those who love to game with a way to reward their gameplay.

During this weekend event devoted to the live streaming video platform, Twitch, gamers can head to the Blast TwitchCon booth, to learn more about the new features and functionality.

One of the most revolutionary features now available on Blast iOS is, Game-Based Savings , now with expanded functionality. Gamers can easily save money from a gamer’s personal bank account to a free Blast savings account all through gameplay. By completing specific actions in some of the most popular PC games, gamers can now take advantage of this revamped feature as well as new features like Goals, Goal Boosts with Plasma, and more.

One of the most revolutionary features now available on Blast iOS is, Game-Based Savings, now with expanded functionality. Gamers can easily save money from a gamer’s personal bank account to a free Blast savings account all through gameplay. By completing specific actions in some of the most popular PC games, gamers can now take advantage of this revamped feature as well as new features like Goals, Goal Boosts with Plasma, and more.

“Exhibiting at TwitchCon gives us a chance to get closer to our iOS and Android users, better understand and build for their needs, and explain our new PC Game-Based Savings feature. We will also be brainstorming with current and potential partners to bring financial wellness to a wider audience,” said Blast founder and CEO Walter Cruttenden.

By merging savings and gaming, Blast makes savings happen automatically in the background of your gameplay. Taking the boring financial activity of saving and associating it with the fun experience of gaming, comes from the mind of Cruttenden, who also co-founded Acorns, the number one micro-investing app in the country with over five million customers. Through a partnership with behavioural research of Dr. Shlomo Benartzi of UCLA, Cruttenden and his team at Blast have focused on bringing access to a better financial future to a younger and wider audience.

Benefits of the Blast app include:

Game-Based Savings: A savings feature that allows a gamer to easily save their own money from a personal bank account into their free Blast savings account as they play games on their phones or PC. Blast savings accounts accrue 2 per cent APY interest.

Goals: Gamers can set specific savings goals in the Blast app. Save for the things you want most as you track your savings progress.

Goal Boosts: Blast assists gamers with meeting their financial Goals sooner, with Goal Boosts, a point reward system that allows players to earn Plasma for playing games.

Security: Blast uses bank-level security and 256-bit encryption to ensure all financial transactions remain safe and secure.

Supported PC Games: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Fortnite, Overwatch, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

“Refer A Friend” Program: Refer a friend to Blast and you’ll both receive $5 when you link a bank.
Blast would like to invite all TwitchCon attendees and gamers to stop by their booth and chat with the Blast team. Blast will also be holding a $100 cash giveaway for 10 lucky gamers to jumpstart their Blast savings account. Enter to win by downloading Blast during TwitchCon.

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Logitech agrees to acquire Streamlabs, adding streaming tools to its gaming offering

Logitech announced that it has agreed to acquire Streamlabs of San Francisco, California. Streamlabs is a leader in software and tools for live streaming, allowing game streamers to engage with viewers, grow their brands and channels, and monetize their broadcasts across platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and Facebook.

Logitech G general manager and vice president Ujesh Desai, commented: “We’ve been fans of Streamlabs and their software since we started partnering with them over two years ago. Their industry-leading software is complementary to our existing gaming portfolio, and we believe we can do even greater things together.”

Streamlabs’ chief executive officer Ali Moiz, said: “Streamlabs and Logitech both share a strong passion for gaming and a dedication to serving the global community of gamers and streamers. Joining with Logitech allows us to keep doing what we love and be bolder than ever on a much bigger stage.”

Logitech has agreed to acquire Streamlabs for approximately $89 million in cash, with an additional payment of $29 million in Logitech stock subject to the achievement of significant revenue growth targets for Streamlabs.

The Streamlabs acquisition is not expected to materially impact Logitech’s Fiscal Year 2020 annual net sales or non-GAAP operating profitability. It is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close in the coming weeks.

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