25th edition of CABSAT to act as a center for next-gen on-screen entertainment revolution

CABSAT  the special event for the broadcast, satellite, digital media and filmed entertainment industries for the Middle East and North Africa – is entering its twenty-fifth edition with a fresh, newly evolved format that will bring the full content creation, production, post-production satellite, OTT video, esports, digital media and entertainment ecosystem to centre stage.

Taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), 12 to 14 March, CABSAT 2019 will unite the media industry’s creative experts and most sought-after tech suppliers to unpack and unveil the new consumption habits, digitisation efforts and next-gen revenue opportunities being shaped by modern audiences.

The entertainment and media (E and M) industry are rapidly evolving, entering a stage of higher audience expectation – phenomenon analysts are referring to as Convergence 3.0. Total global E and M revenue will rise 4.4 per cent over the five-year forecast period through 2022, growing to be worth US$2.4 trillion, up from US$1.7trillion in 2017.

Moreover, digital revenue, which accounted for 50 per cent of the industry’s income in 2018, will continue to account for a greater share of the industry’s revenues as the ecosystem continues to evolve. Consumers are hungry for content like never before, and distributors are tasked with meeting this frenzied demand.

As new streaming services, such as Spotify, enter the MENA market, and content distributors like Netflix make strategic moves into content creation, the industry is pushed to look at the rapidly evolving media ecosystem in a completely new light. Business models throughout the industry are being reinvented to unleash new revenue streams, and it is line with this shift that CABSAT’s refreshed format for 2019 will bring focus to the three most dynamic pillars of future broadcast media: content creation, content production and content distribution.

CABSAT manager Syed Ali said: “The media and entertainment industry has always been dynamic, but this year the ecosystem is predicted to evolve with a rapidity that we have never before seen. If brands do not innovate quickly, they will stagnate. To succeed in this new world of on-demand, personalised content consumption, all players need to drastically re-envision how content is created, produced and distributed. CABSAT has, for over two decades, kept the regional industry at the bleeding edge of technology, business modeling and emerging revenue streams. This year we are thrilled to keep the industry thinking outside of the box so that they can keep creating, producing and distributing in this, a golden age of media.”

Fox Networks Group general manager and senior vice president Sanjay Raina, said: “Consumers are taking in media content at a never-before-seen pace. Viewers want their content options to be tailored to their tastes, and we need to meet their demands in real time. As we shift into this new era of media, industry leaders need to adapt, scale and distribute rapidly or face becoming obsolete. CABSAT is an ideal opportunity to not only unveil our solutions to the region, but to also discover the latest in international media trends and technology, as well as network with the entire MENA Entertainment and Media industry.”

CABSAT’s Content Creation pillar will be where the best minds in the industry meet. From the content creators themselves, to distributors and investors; anyone who is  in the industry will be a part of the CABSAT Content Marketplace, showcasing the best this region has to offer. The marketplace will provide unprecedented opportunities to network with and buy and sell filmed entertainment to the region’s major broadcast players.

As technology drives the latest innovations in the E and M ecosystem, CABSAT’s content production pillar will immerse attendees in the tech, gadgets and gear that will produce the next generation of content. From cameras, lenses and lighting, to blockchain, AI and 5G, new and emerging technologies such as augmented reality will continue to redefine the industry. CABSAT will feature the latest in content production gear.

Consumers in the Convergence 3.0 era demand that their content is both personalised and readily available at the tap of an app. Digitisation is redefining how consumers take on content with new Over The Top (OTT) technologies, and purpose-built platforms that facilitate “anytime, anywhere” consumption. Brands need to capitalise on this opportunity to provide bespoke content to this generation’s demanding audiences. At CABSAT’s Content Distribution and Satellite pillar, brands will highlight how they are putting the power of choice into the hands of their fans.

“For 25 years now CABSAT has been the Middle East’s leading annual event for broadcasters to initially learn how the industry has changed, then get their hands on the tech driving it forward,” said DWTC senior vice president, events and exhibitions management  Trixie LohMirmand.

“While the technology may have changed almost beyond recognition, CABSAT still remains the premier event for those looking to make waves in broadcast entertainment – from the content creators, through photographers and videographers, to those looking for the opportunities to be discovered in live video and streaming.”

CABSAT’s many steadfast features will return to the show this year, with the Content Congress set to host the industry’s leading disruptors, and the Digital Hub set to be ground-zero for all thing OTT content. Between them, speakers from the likes of Fox International, MBC Group, ICFLIX, Zee Network, Rotana TV and du TV will dissect every hot topic across digital broadcasting and content creation, including how to meet, maintain and grow consumer/viewer interest, the best way to find content development partners, integrating social media into broadcasting, and the changing face of the media and consumer landscape – locally and internationally.

The GVF Satellite Summit will host vitally important dialogues and networking opportunities for key players in the satellite industry, while CABSAT’s Global Meetings Programme will provide exclusive, free to use, networking services allowing registered visitors and exhibitors to search, connect and book meetings with key contacts at the show.

Esports set to be one of the fastest growing segments in the industry in coming years – will be featuring for the first time at CABSAT 2019, with the show hosting a dedicated B2B esports showcase aimed at providing an opportunity to showcase and understand new monetisation models. CABSAT’s esports Pavilion will define what esports – growing at an incredible pace – will look like in the future, enabling opportunities for industry leaders and those who are on the cutting-edge of this emerging industry. Seminar topics will range from e-sports content and tournament organisation, to building a fanbase, e-sports governance and marketing strategy.

From the moment content is created, to the second it is consumed, CABSAT’s 25th edition will guide the region’s industry through the next revolution in the Entertainment and Media industry. To get involved visit www.cabsat.com.

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Trace is the fastest growing VFX Studio in India – and we’re coming to your city, looking to fill more than 100 positions across disciplines like, Roto, Prep, Matchmove & RotoAnim, and Compositor.

If you are talented and looking to work with us on amazing films and advertising commercials and world class content for renowned studios like MPC; The Mill; Mikros; Mr X and several others, be sure to grab this opportunity to meet us and show us what you can do.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Sr. Roto Artist (VFX only)

Roto Artist traces the required areas of a frame, to create mattes to allow all elements of the scene to be layered convincingly.

  • Create articulate mattes using Silhouette
  • Match motion-blur and defocus
  • Key extraction for basic Chroma shot
Required skillset:
  • Minimum 3 year of experience in VFX roto
  • Excellent knowledge of Silhouette/Nuke/Mocha
  • Should have clear understanding about channel splitting, defocus, and, motion blur

The candidate should be:

  • Punctual and proactive
  • Able to manage and prioritize multiple projects in a fast-paced environment
  • Able to take direction and feedback from Leads and Supervisors

Candidates are requested to report latest by 12 pm, as Technical Test is of 4-6 hours duration.

Sr. Paint/Prep Artist (VFX only)

Paint/Prep Artist removes unwanted artifacts, such as rig, markers, wires, reflections, etc.,from the frame, and reconstructs the background

Responsibilities :
  • To remove rigs and wires using Nuke, or frame by frame in Silhouette
  • To use Nuke’s camera projection to project clean plates
  • Dustbusting/scratch removal
  • To create high quality clean plates, maintaining all the details from the input plate
  • 2d tracking in Nuke, and planar tracking in Mocha
 Required skillset:
  • Minimum 4 years of experience in Hollywood VFX prep work
  • Proficiency in Nuke and Silhouette
  • Should be familiar with various techniques of cleanup, such as, frame by frame paint in Silhouette, cloning and revealing, patch shifting, and camera projection techniques in Nuke
  • Should have a keen eye for detail, and a clear understanding of colour grading, and grain matching techniques

The candidate should be:

  • Punctual and proactive
  • Able to manage and prioritize multiple projects in a fast-paced environment
  • Able to take direction and feedback from Leads and Supervisors

Candidates are requested to report latest by 11 am, as Technical Test is of 8 hours duration.

Sr. Camera Tracking/Matchmove Artist

Camera Tracking/Matchmove Artist is responsible for recreating the geometry, camera and object movement of a live-action shot in a 3D environment.

  • Camera Tracking and match moving objects in live action plates for VFX projects
  • Work collaboratively with other members of the 3D team and other VFX departments
Required skillset:
  • Minimum 3+ years feature film experience using 3d Equalizer & Maya is essential
  • Experience with 3D Roto Animation; matching digital models to live-action plates will be a plus
  • Experience using other tracking packages are advantageous (e.g.: Boujou&Syntheyes)
  • Thorough understanding of camera and rigid-body tracking, and the use of survey data when generating camera and object tracks
  • Experience working with Lidar and other on set data
  • Understanding of real-world camera attributes such as apertures, lenses and distortion

The candidate should be:

  • Punctual and proactive
  • Able to manage and prioritize multiple projects in a fast-paced environment
  • Able to take direction and feedback well from the Leads & Supervisors
  • Having a good eye for detail and precision, with strong problem solving skills

Candidates are requested to report latest by 11 am, as Technical Test is of 8 hours duration.

Sr. Roto Animation Artist

A Roto Animation Artist is responsible for delivering high quality 3D Character Roto Animation. Responsible to match the movement & silhouette of the 3D character to the live-action shot. Also, the 3d Character moves realistically in 3d Space.

  • To roto-animate a variety of characters and / or objects that match the film backplates for various film projects and maintain consistent shot quality
  • To work closely with Roto Animation Supervisors / Leads to create convincing performances and motion of characters and objects in both screen and 3D space within the animation package for the addition of CG effects
  • To be able to follow direction and take ownership of your tasks
  • To be able to confidently flag when there are issues and lack of clarity of your tasks informing relevant supervisors and production managers
  • Do their best to stay positive and accept direction changes in an intense production environment
  • To be conscious of continuity between scenes when working with other Roto Animation Artists on the same character / rig
Required skillset:
  • Minimum 3+ years feature film experience using Maya is essential
  • A good eye for detail and precision with strong problem solving skills
  • Previous film industry experience will be preferred
  • Ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects in a fast-paced environment
  • Able to take direction and feedback well from the Leads & Supervisors
  • Experience with 3D Roto Animation; matching digital models to live-action plates
  • Thorough understanding of camera and rigid-body tracking, and the use of survey data when generating camera and object tracks
  • Experience using other tracking packages are advantageous (3d Equalizer &Boujou)

The candidate should be:

  • Punctual and proactive
  • Able to manage and prioritize multiple projects in a fast-paced environment
  • Able to take direction and feedback well from the Leads & Supervisors

Candidates are requested to report latest by 11 am, as Technical Test is of 8 hours duration.

Senior Compositing Artist

A Compositing Artist seamlessly integrates all the layers or elements of a shot, including live-action plates, CG elements, Library elements, and Matte paintings to complete a visual effect shot.

Scope of work:
  • Green/blue screen extractions, and its integration with the background.
  • To seamlessly integrate Live-action plates, Element plates, CG renders, and Mattepaintings.
  • 2d tracking in Nuke, and planar tracking in Mocha.
  • Complex retiming of plates.
  • Minor cleanups, as well as rotoscopy requirements for the assigned shot should be handled by the Compositor.
Required skillset:
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in Hollywood compositing work.
  • High proficiency in Nuke.
  • Experience in camera projection, 3d workspace, element compositing, split screen compositing etc.
  • A keen eye for detail, and clear understanding of colour grading, and grain matching techniques.
  • Knowledge of photography and practical lighting will be a plus.
  • Mattepainting skills using Photoshop would be an added bonus.
The candidate should have the following qualities:
  • Punctual and proactive.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Able to work well under pressure.
  • Able to take direction and feedback from Leads and Supervisors.

When you visit us, do not forget to bring your resume, last 3 months of pay slips, joining letter/appraisal letter from current organization and relieving letter from last organization.

Preference will be given to candidates who can start immediately.

For those of you who cannot make the open house but are interested in joining our team, please send your CV, show-reel, and salary expectations to careers@tracevfx.com

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Games that enable social conscientiousness amongst players

Often I wonder playing a mobile game like Subway Surfers while returning from office- how it is benefiting me? Not only that, the rat race of accomplishing the task and reaching the final destination has disrupted the complete ecosystem, be it studies, business, work and so on. Therefore engaging in the game with an aim to reach an ultimate goal is like willingly driving yourself towards extra tension. However, on the other side, the story reveals that gaming helps in releasing tension, relaxing your mind and few variations in games also teach how to solve social issues.

Yes, you heard it right, social issues! Think about what if various global issues such as international conflict, population, pollution, cancer and so on or domestic issues such as poverty, national security, hygiene and so on; could have been solved through gaming. Though there are no games which completely resolve social issues, with the advent of technology innovation, the initiatives to solve issues through gaming have started. The notion is initiated at a steady pace because people build the society; therefore the social issues of the society can only be solved with the cluster of socially-aware people. If video games are made by people in society and are addressed to people in society, then perhaps social issues can also be solved through them.

Taking an example while playing the popular game Pokemon Go, one often stops at the pokestops to catch Pokemon and because of this many brands tied up with the game. As the brands believe under the Pokemon umbrella businesses were benefited their sales increased. What if there was a similar game where there were ‘taskstops,’ and a player has to stop by the ‘taskstop’ to do some social activity like disposing of plastic bottles in a plastic dump recycler machine which will help the player to earn random in-game rewards. While the idea can be implemented in different ways, these are some of the only surface hypothetical scenarios that have struck us.

Perhaps the materialisation of these ideas can put in motion the necessary workflow to create awareness and solve the issues at one go.

Here are the few games which have aimed at creating awareness among people to dissolve social issues:

Ayiti: The Cost of Life: Global Kids and GameLab developed the game in 2006 and it is among the first games which reflect the social issues faced by poverty-stricken people. It is a human right game which is free to play for PC and Mac. In the game, the player is a young, poverty-stricken child in Haiti and the game challenges its players to manage a rural family of five in Haiti over four years. The youth chose to design a game that focuses on the issue of poverty as an obstacle to education and uses the country of Haiti as a case study. The game and its associated curriculum were released through UNICEF’s Child Alert: Haiti website and TakingITGlobal’s network of over 170,000 educators worldwide.

3rd World Farmer: The game developed by 3rd World Farmer Team launched in 2006 and is free to play in PC and Mac. 3rd World Farmer touches on many subjects related to world hunger and poverty, such as corruption, trade barriers, armed conflict, lack of education, sanitation, infrastructure and economic stability. These factors are brought into play through an intuitive and easy-to-play simulation, where the player makes choices primarily about crop types, livestock, tools, and structures for his farm, as well as managing the family members’ health, education, marriages and jobs.

Nightmare: Malaria: It’s a 2D platformer where a player has to head into the bloodstream of a little girl who is infected with malaria. The goal of the game is to help her escape alive. A player has to face 21 gloomy, danger-filled levels. Player’s goal on each of these levels is to find the teddy bear and save it. However, to do so, a player will have to face dangerous enemies such as mosquitoes, which will do away with the player if he/she doesn’t protect themselves using mosquito nets. The game is free to play in iOS and Android devices developed by Psyop Games launched in 2013.

That Dragon Cancer: The video game is created by Ryan and Amy Green, Josh Larson, and a small team under the name Numinous Games. The autobiographical game is based on the Greens’ experience of raising their son Joel, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer at twelve months old, and though only given a short time to live, continued to survive for four more years before eventually succumbing to cancer in March 2014. The game is designed to have the player experience the low and high moments of this period in the style of a point-and-click adventure game, using the medium’s interactivity and immersion to relate the tale in ways that a film cannot.

Life is Strange: The game was launched in 2017 and is developed by Square Enix which is free to download for iOs devices but it has in-app purchases to enter different seasons. The game covers bullying, teen suicide, and fleeting teen friendships and it includes coarse language, as well as scenes of bullying. It is a five part episodic game that sets out to revolutionise story-based choice and consequence games by allowing the player to rewind time and affect the past, present, and future.

Chhota Bheem Swachh Bharat Run: India’s mobile gaming company, Nazara Technologies launched the game for mobile this year. The game is inspired by prime minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The game is a part of Nazara’s Play4Good initiative wherein a mobile game is being used to educate young children with good values to keep their surroundings clean.

Indeed social impact games is a genre that seeks to effect positive changes in society through their gameplay as players are put in roles where they have to take crucial decisions that have impactful consequences.

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‘Corn & Peg’ comes to Nickelodeon

Produced by Nelvana Studios, Corn & Peg will be galloping onto Nickelodeon from 4 March as part of the Nick Jr. programming line-up.

The 20-episode series revolves around the friendship between Corn, a unicorn and Peg, a pegasus. Corn & Peg features a social-emotional curriculum that highlights empathy and kindness, and a school-readiness curriculum emphasizing colours, math, directions and health and wellness.

In Corn & Peg, the pair of inseparable best friends are inspired by their favorite superhero, Captain Thunderhoof — champion of all do-gooders — to make a difference and help the residents in their colorful equine community of Galloping Grove. Together, Corn and Peg are the dynamic duo of doing good, always putting others before themselves and believing that doing good feels good.

The U.S. premiere will be followed by an international rollout across Nickelodeon channels and branded blocks around the world through 2019.

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Sony Pictures announce ‘Hotel Transylvania 4’ slated for 2021 release

Following its successful Academy Awards sojourn which saw Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse take home the prize for best animated feature, Sony Pictures have now made an important announcement: Hotel Transylvania 4 will be releasing on 22 December 2021!

That’s right, The Hollywood Reporter writer Borys Kit revealed on his official Twitter handle that Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Releasing have began production on the film and also have a release date, as aforementioned.

The animated horror-comedy franchise has gained a cult following since the 2012 release Hotel Transylvania kick-started an epic saga, while the third and the latest installment, which released last year, grossed $1.3 billion at the box-office worldwide, the highest figures registered in the series.

Even though a formal announcement is yet to be made, the stellar principle voice-case of its prequels featuring Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, Steve Buscemi, David Spade, Keegan-Michael Key, Molly Shannon, Fran Drescher and Mel Brooks, are all expected to be back for the fourth movie.

However, whether Genndy Tartakovsky, who helmed all the previous three movies, will be back in the director’s seat is still unclear.

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Helpful Info on Dissertation Proofreading

Proof-reading isn’t necessarily stress-free. You’ve got to consistently fight you personally sight and wisdom which continue telling you what’s absolutely fine however also for an assignment or newspaper or even dissertation effectively, it’s necessary for you to pay for excessive attention to each term.

Measures you need to consider even though you’re clarified below within this informative article post.

You’ve finished the producing section and you also get started archiving the file that’ll make your own eyesight to become blind to your own mistakes and errors. It’s advised to consider a brief break prior to commencing work, postpone it until the following evening and also perform it together with calm thoughts.

Do not expect a lot of about spellcheck software. Determined by your own eyesight and also undergo with just about every sentence till you obtain convinced about this you’ve written each of the ideal phrases and there’s absolutely not any spelling mistake on your own document.

Watch out to all these records, by way of instance, impact and influence and free and much corresponding. Get a set of those phrases and make sure it remains suitable for if you are composing.

Perusing on published backup has become easily the most perfect way to see blunders. Publish out your archive, make the diversions of work region and have a chair with only paper and pencil. About the flip side, in the event that you don’t have a printer, then ship it out like a PDF. Possessing a dramatic similarity words within a different arrangement can help you identify blunders which you hadn’t observed any period lately.

Don’t merely start looking for grammar, punctuation, or typo mistakes. Make certain that you have properly added all of the information and statistics; there’s not any error in zeros or decimal line.

After you see, your attention pops every where. Be as it could, to edit viably, then you’ve got to work out howto confirm you read through each sentence. You additionally will need to find precisely the language based on this blueprint at they look rather than this petition that your brain expects. Take a peek in using a ruler or very clear sheet of newspaper to pay anything is remaining material, forcing your attention to proceed together one point in the same time, and also a pencil to tip at just about every term.

Right after finishing your record, examine it outloud to your self, you can become caught in bits that are tough, and also detect lost mistakes or words.

In case you’re still uncertain then ask somebody that are able to purge your file nicely. In the event you comply with aforementioned cited tricks or measures while tips, you may certainly have the ability to supply excellent mistake free material into a boss which ensures you great levels.

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New 3D World has Alita, DNEG and more


Check out the new 3D World magazine with features I’ve contributed on Alita: Battle Angel, DNEG’s environments and Stephan Fleet’s VFX tips.

Agora brings live video chat to game developers

Agora, the voice, video and live broadcasting platform, has announced the launch of its gaming-focused software development kits (SDKs) on the Unity Asset Store, a two-sided marketplace where creators can find, source, and sell everything they need to be successful.

Building a global video network capable of providing high-quality, low latency real-time communications is costly and resource intensive. Powered by the Agora Software Defined Real-Time Network , Agora’s SDKs enable developers to embed crystal-clear video and 3D spatial audio easily into any game without having to build out their network infrastructure.

“Live video technology is becoming increasingly popular across every industry but many developers don’t know these features can be implemented into their existing applications quickly and with minimal impact on CPU and power consumption. By partnering with the Unity Asset Store, we’re making it easy for developers to create engaging gaming experiences through our innovative video solutions,” said Agora CEO Tony Zhao.

Agora’s existing customers include Bunch, the first group video chat app for mobile games, and Vainglory, a popular multiplayer online battle arena game. Both applications utilise Agora’s in-app video chat technology to allow communication between teammates during gameplay.

“We are excited about this partnership with Unity, a company whose mission to democratise gaming development mirror our own. We designed our technology to work seamlessly inside the Unity Editor as a valuable addition to the Asset Store,” continued Zhao.

This integration follows an explosive year for Agora, which included the release of new products like the React Native SDK, a wave of seasoned management hires, and a series of new partnerships with global technology innovators. The company also recently closed $70 million in a Series C round of funding led by Coatue Management, bringing Agora’s total capital raised to $125 million to date.

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Warner Bros.’ new chief intellectual property counsel is Patrick Perkins

Patrick Perkins has been announced as chief intellectual property counsel at Warner Bros.,  by Warner Bros. executive vice president and general counsel John Rogovin, to whom Perkins will report.

In his new role, Perkins will supervise all of the company’s intellectual property functions, including copyright, trademark, music, production clearance, and rights analysis.

Jeremy Williams, who previously led Warner Bros.’ intellectual property function for 20 years, will expand his current role as deputy general counsel and continue to take the lead on intellectual property policy issues and in working with industry organisations such as the MPAA.

“Intellectual property is the lifeblood of our business and protecting it is more important—and more difficult—than ever. Patrick has been a strategic, thoughtful guardian of Warner Bros.’ IP for two decades, both as outside counsel and as a senior member of our legal staff. I look forward to working with him in his new role. I am also pleased that Jeremy will expand his current role as deputy general counsel and continue to take the lead on IP policy issues and in working with industry organisations. Jeremy is one of the great intellectual property minds in our industry and Warner Bros. is fortunate to have him,” said Rogovin.

Perkins most recently served as senior vice president, Intellectual Property, having joined Warner Bros. in 2012 as vice president, senior intellectual property counsel. He began his career in general litigation in New York City with Hughes Hubbard and Reed, and later specialised in IP litigation and counseling, including as a partner at the New York IP boutique, Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu. Throughout his career, Perkins has been involved in cutting-edge copyright and trademark litigation and has done work for the Warner Bros. family of companies for more than 20 years. Among his notable cases was Warner Bros.’ successful litigation over the Superman termination rights, on which he served as co-counsel.

Perkins holds a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College and a doctorate from Columbia Law School.

Williams has been with Warner Bros. 34 years. He served as General Counsel, Warner Bros. Pictures from 1984-1997 before moving to corporate as Chief IP Counsel in 1998. Prior to joining Warner Bros., he was a partner at both Kaplan Livingston and Sidley Austin. Williams holds a bachelor’s degree from Amherst College, a master’s from Yale and a juris doctor from Harvard Law School.

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Jetsynthesys aims to revolutionise the VR gaming scenario in India

The rise of technology innovation has made VR gaming more accessible as the device requirements for the game are becoming affordable. On the advent of the easy accessibility of VR gaming, JetSynthesys, a digital entertainment and gaming company, has recently launched India’s first multiplayer VR cricket game, Sachin Saga. The game was launched by the “Master Blaster”, Sachin Tendulkar, along with the launch of  Sachin Saga VR Limited Edition Headset.

In conversation with AnimationXpress JetSynthesys vice chairman and managing director Rajan Navani shared how they are aiming to revolutionise the  VR gaming scenario in India  with the launches. To get a deeper insight, read the excerpt below:

Briefly share about your VR edition of the game Sachin Saga.

Over one billion minutes have been played so far on Sachin Saga mobile game with over 10 million downloads across platforms, so our goal was to bring this amazing game to VR and recreate the real-life drama and excitement of 22 yards right in your living room. Since VR is such a powerful medium where you can fit the headset and you are suddenly standing in the middle of the pitch, the goal was to make sure this feels and plays like it was, when Sachin was batting in the centre of the pitch.

With over 100 legendary matches Sachin played in his career, in addition to Quick Play modes and a head-head multiplayer we feel it’s a very compelling and deep VR experience. We were also focused on making this a social experience and wanted to really enhance what players can share with their friends and family by playing in VR together. We also launched the limited edition Sachin Saga VR headset, so everyone who is a cricket fan can buy this at an affordable price and really experience Cricket in a new way unlike before.

What are you expecting with the launch of VR edition of the game?

VR as a medium is relatively new but it’s probably the most powerful to drive realism and unbelievable gaming experiences. In VR, you really wear the headset and become completely immersed in that experience. We think the innovation that we brought with Sachin Saga VR will give our players a new way of experiencing the brand and attract a lot of new players to the franchise, as the game is thrilling in a physical environment and especially when you get to play cricket in world stadiums, face fast bowlers at over 90 miles per hour and get to prove who is the best cricketer in your group of friends in head to head multiplayer!

This is your first attempt in VR multiplayer cricket game. What is the brand’s purpose of entering into the VR gaming industry?

The massive depth of content, social play and realism that we bring in Sachin Saga VR are unmatched. It’s something can consumers can savour every day since it’s a very easy to use and a comfortable VR experience that has got almost nothing in comparison.

For the first time in India and around the world, players can experience cricket in VR in physical locations wherever they are, since it’s the most portable and lightweight headset they can carry around and play with their friends. We have seen great consumer feedback so far and these consumers are now craving a new form of gaming which didn’t exist before among millions of gamers in India.

Do you think the VR version of the game will reach the equal popularity mark like the original version to cricket fans?

When you are on the move, nothing can beat the smartphone, but if you are out entertaining yourself or having a social gathering with friends, VR is a completely new level of fun in such a setting. So, we wanted to make sure that with Sachin Saga VR we are able to touch an emotional chord with our players wherever they are and the rest will follow.

Can you share the statistics of the engagement of the original version of the game and what is the expectation of the brand for the VR version?

 Sachin Saga was the first mobile game in cricket with over one million people registered to play even before we launched it in December 2017. In a year we have over 10 million players who downloaded and played the game across platforms and over one billion minutes played in the game. The engagement remains strong with over 15 hours played a month by engaged players and fan community keeps growing month on month. We conducted Dream Hack finale with eight lakh Cash Prize pool in December 2018 and a first ever Sachin Saga mobile sports in India Gaming Show last year where over 10,000 participants challenged each other.

For the Sachin Saga VR version, it’s a new form of gaming which we believe thousands of gamers will experience and immerse for the first time since we have built it with great accessibility and great quality in mind and most importantly at an affordable price point for our country.

2019 is the year of Cricket, since IPL and World cup are around the corner, and fans will miss Sachin Tendulkar on the field. So, is the VR launch of the game was made out of the mindset to engage more traction?

It’s definitely a big year for cricket with the World Cup and IPL, so we are absolutely excited that millions of cricket fans out there can experience the same level of excitement as batting in the ground from their living rooms.

Tell us in brief about the technology used in the VR version of the game

First and foremost, it was our imperative the Sachin Saga VR headset is a top-quality product that is limited edition and super affordable. At Rs.1999 you get the best quality resin lenses for top-notch VR experience and a strong, durable and lightweight headset that still provided a field of view of 100 degrees and a bluetooth controller making it a compelling package for everyone out there!

The game is built on a cricket simulation engine with real-time physics. In addition, the motion capture of Sachin’s shots makes everything super authentic. So, when you face fast bowlers at 90miles per hour or if you are stepping down the track and hitting the ball between fielders or taking a fast single while running down the track you actually experience this immersion. Even the ball tracking to the keeper and the two camera views – the first person view with a helmet cam or the third person view with the slipping cam are all built keeping in mind a great user experience.

Do you think VR is transforming the gaming scenario?
VR is a powerful medium, but we felt that some of the existing VR experiences are quite shallow – played for just five or ten minutes. Over the last year when we built Sachin Saga VR, we wanted to make sure that this is a game that players can play every day with a lot of depth in content and it was truly social in its form making it more fun with friends and family. So yes, there is definitely potential for gaming transformation with VR, but it needs better, more social and deeper experiences for mass adoption.

As per the brand, the official game of Sachin Saga has brought life to the iconic matches played by Sachin Tendulkar. The VR initiative of the brand is an aim to give gamers an opportunity to step into the shoes of the legend and relive some of his most memorable innings on a VR medium. As the brand taking leap in VR gaming, therefore it seems that it is aiming to revolutionise the VR Indian gaming scene at a steady pace.

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