Signal Product Training

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Introducing Signal 3.0, New Materials, and Much More!

The post Introducing Signal 3.0, New Materials, and Much More! appeared first on Greyscalegorilla.

Getting into Character

Five Reasons Why Animated Characters are more Relatable than Humans

XK studio | The Future of Recycling

Anne Calandre | The Adulthood: Boundaries Are Self-Care with Keke Palmer

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Project Breakdown with Guto Terni & Vinicius Costa

“Unbreakable” is a visual metaphor of the nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) experience. Based on actual NTM patient experiences, the film opens on Barbara the Bunny, a plush toy fabricated in a magical factory.

Motion504 | DOUGH JOE

How to make an advert for something you love (without leaving the house)

The first thing I had to take into account was that I was doing this in my house, and I live in a medium-sized apartment, not a fancy mansion. I really didn’t want to use a boring environment, so I decided to chroma…