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Weather boi

O nose [Original for all those normies who wish to steal a meme so they can try to have a life and re upload this]

Rhythm Repeat

Loosely based on dreams and made on no sleep. Collab project with Carlos Enciso. Created for AE PDX’s Design Week 2017 event “DRAEMS”. Audio RefraQ / Joe Mawson “Witching Hour”

Hearing Madge

Andy Davis: Life In Color

A conversation on style and creative stoke with the SoCal artist A surfer in an Andy Davis painting usually shows just enough face, trimming down the line, or maybe surfed-out and swinging in a hammock, brim of the hat tipped low, to show…who? You. Me. The featureless subjects in Davis’ works are any one of us, a connection drawn from one of Davis’ inspirations, John Severson, whose opening line in the first issue of The Surfer, like an unmarked face, was both a faraway and personal call: “In this crowded world, the surfer can still seek and find the perfect day, the perfect wave, and be alone with the surf and his thoughts.” “My biggest influence in the surfing world with [my art] was John Severson,” says Davis. “Making films, and then starting [SURFER] magazine, shooting the photos, writing the articles, doing the illustrations — It was so insane. That’s where it all came about for me, along with watching a lot of old films, looking at a lot of photography.” Davis just began a month-long exhibition, Eye Yi Yi, in Malibu’s Trancas Country Market, through July 1st. For those who know his work, the show is an artistic departure. There are no waves, no boards involved. For Davis, these subjects still derive their spirit from surfing, set in acrylic scenes that flit with movement, energy, and flow. If you surf, he says, you can see it. Even if you don’t surf, you’re pulled toward the grace of the image, a subject’s dance in a summer sun’s light. “Andy’s art exemplifies surf stoke more clearly than anyone else’s,” artist Thomas Campbell says about Davis. “I think that’s why people identify with his work. Looking at a lineup from the top of a hill or observing some faceless humanoid simply getting tubed from a cool, non-invasive perspective. That’s what surfing is about, not all banners and bullshit.” We spent an afternoon with Davis in Malibu, where he and artist Randall Christopher were busy with the final preparations for the show’s opening reception in late May. He spoke candidly about his evolution as an artist, his creative process, and his response to the emotion produced through his work. “It’s pretty neat to feel like you made something that meant something to someone,” says Davis. “That they’re happy you made it, and that it took them out of their day to day, and they appreciate it. That it touched them in some way. It reminds them of something. It makes you feel pretty lucky that you got to do something that went beyond what you thought it was going to be.” Direction: Todd Prodanovich Film and Edit: Alex Kilauano Motion Graphics: Randall Christopher Archival Footage: John Severson Go to for the latest daily videos, photos, stories, news and more: Like Surfer on Facebook: Latest photos and breaking news on… Latest videos at: Tweet at Surfer: Read more at…

Un air de Murmures

Un air de Murmures est une histoire de bienveillance entre deux grands-mères malades au sein d’un hopital. A Whisper’s sound is a kindness story between two sicks grandmas in an hospital

The Blaze – Territory (Official Video)

The Blaze – Territory // Stream the EP: Pre-order the vinyl: Click here to subscribe The Blaze’s newsletter : Music video directed by The Blaze Produced by Iconoclast Production service by Deux Horloges Director of photography : Benoit Soler Producer : Roman Pichon Herrera Actor : Dali Benssalah Stylist : Juliette Alleaume A huge thanks to Yacine & Hugo, the ‘2 Horloges’ from Algiers The Blaze’s social media Facebook:… YouTube: Twitter: Instagram:

Client – Ad Dynamics

Once in a while a product doesn’t make it out into the world. Sigh. But what do you with all the animated goodies that are left behind? You remove a few logos and the sassy explanatory vocals and then you set it free. Directed by: Oddfellows Creative Direction: Chris Kelly Art Direction: Yuki Yamada Design: Yuki Yamada Additional Design: Chris Anderson, Jorge R Candeo, Chris Kelly Producer: Erica Kelly Animation: Chris Anderson, Jorge R Canedo, Tyler Morgan, Khylin Woodrow Music and Sound: Sonosanctus Voice Over: Sophie Blackburn

RHYTHM // REPEAT Behind the scene

Short compilation of some process work, and behind the scene for our short film

Marvel's Inhumans – Official Trailer 1

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