S-64 SkyCrane for FSX

Hello, it is model for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. More pictures on my site 3DReach. Have fun.

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Redcine 3.18

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a download of RED’s Redcine 3.18 software. Any links I found on google end up dead. Anyone still has the installer and wants to share?

Thanks in adavance


George Lucas Strikes Back

Lightsaber test

Hey guys
made a new vid
its just a test but i wanted to now if its good
so check it out and give a reply so i now where i can improve on

Looking for some Nuke Stuff

Hi Everyone!
First of all.. sorry about my english, but i’m spanish.

I’ve been learning nuke one month ago and now i’m trying to compilate basic knowledges. I’m looking for example for pdf’s with all nodos with it’s explanation, pdf’s with tutorials, information, etc…

I don’t want videotutorials because i work every day with the program but now i need to be faster with de compositions.

Good College for Animation & Visual Effects

Hello everyone!

Currently a Jr. in high school, 73 Average, 1600 on first SAT (Will be taking a second one) and I’m interested upon getting into Animation and Visual effects. I have grown to love movies and the CGI work that goes into them. It’s something that makes me want to do and look upon my finished work and be proud about.

I was very interested in the Academy of Art University BUT it’s in California…:(

Yes, I can’t go to a college that’s across the country.
I’m currently in New York and my parents want me to go somewhere that’s in driving distance. I don’t want to stay in NY but I can’t go somewhere that requires a plane ride away.

So I’m in need of help from you guys.

I’m looking for a good school that doesn’t really look into my grades for requirements of getting into the school, like Academy of Art which look for students that have potential and has a GREAT program for Animation & Visual Effects.

Plan on taking a program for it and then graduating and working at Disney, Industrial Light or some company that works into CGI for movies.

So if you guys can help recommend a good college that I might be able to get into with a great program for animation and visual effects. It would be great! Again, It can’t be somewhere far away.


Terror is Back – Short Film

Hello everyone ! I’m new to this forum, so I hope to be welcomed 🙂
I just come to finish my second video for my Youtube Channel.
I hope that it is not too bad ! Maybe you have some advices for my next video ?

Link of the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l37hrzsR0O0
My very first video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykoNYpbqTcwI I hope that there was an improvement over the first. The comments / opinions and criticisms are welcome! 😉

Here’s my YouTube channel (Soufixou): http://www.youtube.com/Soufixou

Thank you very much in advance. Soufixou.

Experienced Shading/Lighting Artist

Benuts is looking for a Shading/Lighting Artist who has specific experience creating photorealistic materials and lighting for feature films or high end ADs.

The applicant will be responsible for all aspects of look development for all production at Benuts. Familiarity with Maya, Mental Ray, Arnold, Shave and a Haircut shading language is strongly preferred. A showreel of some kind demonstrating that you have delivered convincingly real materials on past projects is essential.

We are based in Brussels, Belgium.

Please email: michel@benuts.be with reel and resume.



Beautiful Transformation Spot

Ever wonder what a superhero would look like if their powers allowed them to transform into a bottle of iced tea? Street-walking c…