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“Black Gold” by PES

PES doesn’t release new work very often, so when he does, we tend to get excited. His latest, “Black Gold,” was commissioned to accompany the launch of Delfina Delettrez’s new jewelry line on retail site Yoox.com.

Unlike PES’s other works, which turn everyday objects into unexpected characters and situations, “Black Gold” is a meditation on bodies, beauty and the inevitable entropy that ultimately returns us all to nature. With shots of ants crawling out of a breast and a giant grasshopper perched on a cheek, it’s full of imagery that lingers long past the last frame.


Some more of our favorites from the PES archives…

Western Spaghetti


Roof Sex (NSFW audio)

Celyn: Vitra “Map Table”

With a charming jewel tone palete and lovingly wrought 2D animation, designer/director Celyn (Nexus Productions) shows how simplicity and complexity can coexist in “Map Table.”

The spot’s main aim is to convey the modular nature of Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby’s Map Table desk, produced by furniture manufacturer Vitra. But in Celyn’s hands, the story becomes unexpectedly beautiful — and reassuringly human.

Vitra_1080p_No_Slate (
Vitra_1080p_No_Slate (
Early dev work 02

Concept – Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby
Direction and Design – Celyn Producer – Beccy McCray 2D Supervisor – Dave Walker
2D animation – Stuart doig
2D animation – Maki Yohikura
2D animation – Manav Dhir 2D animation – Luca Toth Compositor – Alasdair Brotherston Composer – Dan Arthure Studio manager – Natalie Busuttil

Yurcor/The Mill settlement reached in LA, is NY next?


In California, a class action lawsuit against The Mill and Yurcor has been tentatively settled, striking a major blow against Yurcor’s “Employer of Record” service. The core of the dispute was the practice of using employee wages to pay for employer taxes. That’s a no-no.

The Animation Guild (Local 839 IATSE), who provided support to the artists in the class action suit, is setting its sights on NYC next.

Steve Kaplan of TAG:

The New York artists originally voiced many of the same complaints made in California, but added that the practice was much more prevalent in NYC. We are now ready, willing and able to help New York artists. (Source)

Interest form for NYC Artists

If you’re a NY artist who’s worked through Yurcor and want to recover questionably deducted wages, TAG is encouraging you to fill out this form.

NOTE: Please only fill out the form if you’ve worked through Yurcor in NYC.

Further Reading

If you’re interested in learning more about this issue, TAG’s Steve Kaplan has been writing about it for quite some time:

Photo by bruckerrlb / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0