That David Wilson Does It Again

With each project, David Wilson continues to be one of the most interesting mixed-media directors to watch right now. Convinced he doesn’t sleep, we’ve seen him tackle a diverse range of the some of the most labor-intensive animation techniques in his short career. With his trademark “breathing new life into historical animation techniques”, David’s latest returns to that of 2D to create a hypnotic and painstakingly methodical journey for Japanese Popstars’ ‘Let Go’.

Update: Check out the making of!

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Sam Mason’s Miniature Worlds

I first saw the work of Sam Mason a few months ago with his graduation film, Wild Robot; a surreal, psychedelic sci-fi piece inspired by Zardoz and Le Planete Sauvage. The marriage of lo-fi shop materials (the hero being a painted tangerine) combined with CG elements tracked somewhat crudely into scenes creates a unique, tactile authenticity.

A few months later, Sam’s at it again. This time, with the fitting support of Colonel Blimp and Blink Ink, he delivers another hybrid world of miniatures, live-action and animation for Badly Drawn Boy. The presence of human touch and hand-crafted approach joins the rank of the continuously refreshing work that boldly thumbs it nose at its slick CG contemporaries. Despite budgetary restrictions we are still making interesting and innovative good work.

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Keying and channel masks

Hi VFX Talk peeps!

I’m working on a green screen key and have done various mattes that I have put into channels for hair, objects in the scene that have more green spill etc.

(I’m working in Nuke 6.)

Now I am wondering why only Primatte is the only big keyer that offers the option to bring in nuke channels as masks?

Both Keylight and IBK don’t have a mask option, though keylight does have an alpha mask option its not as poweful as using a nuke channel so the question is why not?:confused::confused::confused:


After Effects compositor needed (LA ONLY)

We need an AE compositor to work in-house starting 10/04/10

Unfortunately, must be AE since the projects are already started.

LOS ANGELES ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please send resume and info to:



Freelance WIRE REMOVAL WORK – How to charge ?

I have 2 different shots from a company I’m freelancing for.They look simple and they are 44 and 36 sec. All i have to do is basically remove some wires.

How to charge for such work ?

Computer Recommendations (for PricevPerformance)

Hello VFX talk!
Ive had a quick look through the forums and seen many similar topics but nothing that fully answered my question.

Heres my situation:
I’m somewhat new to VFX but pretty decent, and insanely addicted and interested, about to head off to a post graduate degree program in VFX, and trying to get into the industry. My computer however… lets just say doesnt wanna join me on the journey.

Im looking for a computer to use (almost exclusively for vfx, if not actually exclusivley) with great render time, graphics, RAM, etc.

I need something that performs VERY well, but also isn’t a full on professional setup that will cost thousands because quite honestly I dont have tons of money.

I was hoping some people here could give me a few suggestions for each different price range, basically starting from the cheapest possible setup that will run ***AFTER EFFECTS*** and all other adobe programs, possibly maya, and 3ds max. So again, start as low in price as you can while still running it smoothly, and move up to some decent priced setups.

I also know there are opinions and sitautions on all these questions but give me an "in general" option.


Mac VS PC?
RAM? (Motherboard allows alot i hope)

And all other specs you can think of.

Much obliged!

Game graphics

I’ve been in a discussion with many of my friends about game consoles and BEST GRAPHICS.
most of them say that XBOX 360 has the best graphics in terms of realism..
i saw the first trailer of killzone 2 (2 years ago i think) for ps3 and it blew my mind…it has amazing graphics….
and i thought why not ask some compositors about that, cause i don’t think there is anyone out there better than you guys to answer this question…
So winch game you guys think has the best graphics(gameplay not cinematics)??

First Shake rumour in a long time

Id given up all hope with Apple upgrading Shake but then I saw this very weak rumour regarding the next version of Finalcut Studio at Hard Mac that says;
"The idea of having a unified interface has been abandoned for the time being because of difficulties in reaching a satisfactory compromise among not only the various applications but above all between different development teams, those working on Shake and those working on Motion."

Not holding my breath though.

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nuke camera tracker

hi, I solve a camera and inserted a card i my scene and it s all working pretty well, but now I realise that instead of having my camera moving, I want my card to move because I want to apply some light reflection on it…For some reason I cant get to this result, anyone could help me???