Problem in fusion viewing video

[IMG]file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/VFX/Desktop/PICTURE1.JPG[/IMG]sir i hav problem in my fusion 6 when i load some video resolution of 608 X 272 it will looking like attached image & when i load video resolution of 640 x 272 it will looking fine whats the problem there its my graphic problem or software bug ?:confused:

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>> If-Then-Else on one line (in expression node)


the expression node become really powerfull when you can use "if-then-else" inside
but it’s a different syntax which is in one line. (and a can’t remerber)

How to write a "if-then-else" on one line, in the expression node ?

Sorry for my english

Ari Weinkle

A young man with some sick skills… Ari Weinkle is a designer and artist from Boston, Massachusetts.

Tracking data into nuke tracker

Is it possible to export tracking data (a track) from silhouette to nuke, like you can from silhouette to shake? How can I load simple tracking data onto a nuke tracker?

VFX Reel ’09

I just recently graduated Full Sail University and majored in VFX, lemme know what you think!

>> iBlur with Nuke (Compound Blur) !?


i need to use a iBlur (or compound blur in AE) in my comp but i don’t find a way to do this
> iblur = a blur with a size drive by another channel (like a Zdefocus but with a gaussian blur)

is anyone has a methode to do that ?

sorry for my bad english

copy tracker translates to bezier’s translates

Hey guys,

Am having trouble copying trackers translated to bezier’s translates.

Have tried ctrl + clicking, shift + clicking, ctrl + shift clicking, but can’t get anywhere with it.

Any ideas?

Am still getting used to Nuke so my apoligies if I am getting this thing completly wrong.


Star Wars Shadows of the Past teaser

Hey guys, im new to this forum, but id like to show you a short teaser for our upcoming Star Wars fanfilm Shadows of the Past. Its sequel to Power of the Dark Side that we finished a year ago. i think our vfx advanced quite a lot….
tell us what you think! 🙂

/ Martin Klekner

Gabe Askew: Grizzly Bear “Two Weeks” (Unofficial)

Taking a break from his day job in architectural visualization, Gabe Askew’s fan video for Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks” goes in an entirely different direction from the official video directed by Patrick Daughters (embedded after the jump).

Gabe’s 2.5D opus is a delightful journey through countless faux analogue dioramas inhabited by paper-mâché-like creatures and flattened illustrations dangling from the proscenium. Gabe nimbly avoids the “say cow, see cow” approach, instead opting for metaphorical devices that mix naturalistic imagery with human forms gliding, battling and embracing throughout myriad environments.

Thanks for the tips, Jostein Finnekasa and Jeffrey Zablotny!

Posted on Motionographer

Internship for Feature Film Visual Effects Company

Job or Internship: Unpaid Internship for a Feature Film Visual Effects Company

Company: Flash Film Works

City: Los Angeles

State: CA

Job Description: Gain valuable experience interning for an award winning visual effects company. Past projects include “The Guardian,” “Blood Diamond,” “The Last Samurai,” "The Day The Earth Stood Still," and " Defiance" Interns spend time on a computer learning software through tutorials as well as working on practice shots. You will be required to run some errands (mileage is paid) as well as help out with office related chores. School credit is offered, but isn’t necessary for an internship.

Contact us: Applicants please email Please send resume and availability plus a brief cover letter telling us about yourself.

Job Requirements: General computer experience required. We are looking for entry level artists who want to develop their skills in visual effects and related programs.

Reply via Email:

Please send resume as an attachment