Hometown: A Portrait of the American Opioid Epidemic

An intimate look at the human faces of America’s current opioid epidemic. Seen through the eyes of a mother and the lens of a small town. Director / DP: Brandon Lavoie Executive Producers: Brandon Lavoie & Brady Darragh Editor: Brady Darragh Associate Editor: Nicholas An Animators: Casey Drogin & Morgan Gruer Visual Effects: Lucjan Gorczynski Original Music By: Fernando Martinez & Ed Marks Sound Design & Mix: One Thousand Birds Audio Post Producer: Kira MacKnight Post Sound Engineers: Calvin Pia & Torin Geller Color Correction: Irving Harvey Archival Assistant: Jen Ackerman Score Recording Engineer: Kia Eshghi Aerial Cinematography: Max Collins www.lindytownfilms.com

A portrait of Iraq.

If you Google image search “Iraq” looking for photos of anything other than soldiers and war then you’re in for some serious scrolling… Since the spring of 2016 I’ve been traveling back and forth to Iraq working on a longer form doc with Nations Media. The Iraq I’ve come to know and love over the course of these visits is a drastically different place than version of the country I grew up seeing in the news. On my most recent trip I brought a 16mm film camera, one lens and a few cans of film to capture portraits of people I met along the way. Shot on Kodak Super 16mm Special thanks to: All of the wonderful people who were brave enough to let me take their picture Mckinzy Powers Joel Parker Mark Foreman Jeycob Carlson Jacqueline Isaac Robert Samo Metropolis Post Music by Benjamin Gustafsson @Nations (https://www.nationsmedia.org/)

THE HUNGER (Gutten er sulten)

A sixteen year old boy with an intense desire for recognition seeks out a vicious criminal to prove his boundless grit. “The Hunger” is an expressive suburban gothic tale which enters the mindset of a teenager and the explores the phenomenon of sensation seeking. A drama series adaptation is currently in development. “The Hunger” is this week’s Staff Pick Premiere! Read more about it here: https://vimeo.com/blog/post/the-hunger Production Company: Maipo Film & Eldorado Film Contact: petter@maipo.no CAST Henrik Dieter Stenholt, Odin Waage, Mikkel Bratt Silset, Anders T. Andersen, Nils Ole Oftebro, Daniel Grinden, Mattis Veine Karterud CREW Writer and Director: Kenneth Karlstad Producer: Petter Onstad Løkke Executive Producers: Synnøve Hørsdal & John Einar Hagen Director of Photography: Pål Ulvik Rokseth Editor: Karsten Meinich & Kenneth Karlstad (co-editor) Production Designer: Mirjam Veske Sound Designers: Johannes Dekko & Inger Elise Holm Acting coach: Maria Grazia Di Meo Costume and Makeup Designer: Rebecca Kilcline Abbott Casting Directors: Thea Hvistendahl & Maria Grazia Di Meo Colorist: Dylan R. Hopkin

The Making of TANK

Putting aside current 3D modeling techniques, Red Giant’s Chief Creative Officer Stu Maschwitz looked to the past and built a visual homage to vector arcade games of the 80’s entirely in Adobe After Effects, using math, code, and hundreds of hours of painstaking animation work.

TANK tells the story of a team of pilots that must take on a weapon of mass destruction in a battle to save their world. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEdQ3mwyrQ4

TANK (short film by Stu Maschwitz)

Introducing Tank, a new short film from Red Giant’s Chief Creative Officer, Stu Maschwitz. In a visual homage to vector arcade games of the 80’s (like Battlezone and Star Wars), Tank tells the story of a team of pilots that must take on a weapon of mass destruction in a battle to save their world.

Putting aside current 3D modeling techniques, Stu looked to the past and built the world of Tank entirely in Adobe After Effects, using math, code, and hundreds of hours of painstaking animation work. Watch the Making of Tank to learn more about Stu’s journey in telling this visually unique story: https://youtu.be/WRkYP7wnD40

MeldaProduction MSpectralDelay teaser – currently available for free – May 19th to June 3rd!

MSpectralDelay takes the delay effect into the next level by letting you process individual frequencies, unleashing unlimited creative potential.
MSpectralDelay will be offered completely free of charge for the first two weeks – May 19th to June 3rd!
More info here: http://www.meldaproduction.com/ad?source=youtube&id=MSpectralDelay

"Life of an American Fireman" (1903) Editing Analysis

Video essay on the editing style of Edwin S. Porter’s “The Life of an American Fireman” (1903).


For centuries the Greek Myths have been used as cautionary tales and teaching tools for people both young and old. These stories convey deep wisdom about the human condition which continue to resonate with us. I wanted to honor these ancient stories by interpreting them in the age of the pixel and gif. The challenge was to communicate these complex stories in the most minimal way possible while retaining their essence. By having each vignette loop seamlessly, the timeless and perennial nature of these stories are reinforced. Ultimately these animations serve as visual shorthand for ancient truths which are as relevant today as they were when first told. Sisyphus: After numerous transgressions, Zeus decided to punish the deceitful king Sisyphus once and for all by forcing him to push a huge enchanted boulder up a steep hill. As soon as he reached the top, the boulder would roll back down to the base of the hill, condemning Sisyphus to an eternity of frustrated labor. 
 Icarus: King Minos imprisoned Icarus in a tower alongside his father, the master craftsman Daedalus. As a means of escape Daedalus created a set of wings made of feathers and wax for his son but warned him not to fly too close to the sun. Icarus did not however heed his father’s advice. His wings dissolved and Icarus fell into the sea below and drowned. 
 Persephone: The daughter of Zeus and Demeter, Persephone was abducted by the god of the underworld Hades. Although Zeus intervened and brought her back to the land of the living, Persephone was bound to Hades for four months of each year. In her grief, Demeter would make the soils barren thereby creating winter while Persephone’s return would mark the start of the spring. 
 Narcissus: As punishment for mortal Narcissus’ cruel treatment of the nymph Echo, he was cursed by Nemesis, the goddess of revenge. She led him to a pool where upon seeing his own reflection, he became besotted with his image and was unable to leave. Fixated, starving and in despair, he fell into the pool and drowned. 
 Midas: Having done a great service for the god Dionysus, King Midas was granted one wish of his choosing. He wished that everything he touched would turn to gold. Upon turning food, water and even his own daughter to gold however, he soon realized his foolishness and prayed to Dionysus to undo his wish. Dionysus took pity on King Midas and duly undid the wish. 
Theseus: A Greek hero of many adventures, Theseus is best known for his defeat of the Minotaur. Under the decree of King Minos, every year fourteen young Atheneans were sacrificed to the Minotaur – a monstrous half bull, half man who resided deep within the Labyrinth. Not only was Theseus able to slay the Minotaur but he also successfully escaped the complex Labyrinth, solidifying his legend. Direction & Design: Stephen Kelleher Modeling & Animation: Chris Guyot Sound Design: John Poon

Real Engine in a Barbie Car!

Welcome to Grind Hard Plumbing Co! The Youtube show where we build crazy contraptions and cars. In todays episode we show off our front engined Power Wheels Barbie car. Subscribe to our channel to watch us build this Kart and much more.

Barbie car stats

Chassis –
Power Wheels 12V Battery Toy Ride-On – Barbie Ford Mustang – Pink

Engine – Honda 240cc single cylinder air cooled 4 stroke engine from a Honda CRF 230 dirt bike. Built with a performance cam and big bore kit.

Craigslist Go Kart – Home built?

We built this Barbie Mustang Go Kart in four days. First I found a used and abused go kart on craigslist and we got that running. Then we tore apart the Pink Power Wheels Mustang, cut the go kart chassis to fit in the toy car then pulled the motorcycle engine. We welded engine mounts in the front of the kart for better weight distribution then installed a 240cc Honda Dirtbike engine. This crazy kart build was an absolute blast and we will be doing and filming plenty of projects like this so stay tuned!

Low key we built this kart to race the boostedboiz with their Shopping Go Kart. Shopping Go Kart Does Wheelies?!

Real Engine in a Barbie Car!

Music – Bioject – wild
Stillblu – https://soundcloud.com/stillblu

Film/Edit Edwin Olding

Contact edwin[AT]noanchor.com

To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.com

Wildlife – Official Teaser I HD I IFC Films

Directed by: Paul Dano
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Carey Mulligan, Bill Camp, Ex Oxenbould & Zoe Margaret Colletti

Opening in theaters October 19th

IFC Films presents WILDLIFE, the directorial debut of Paul Dano (THERE WILL BE BLOOD, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE), co-written along with Zoe Kazan (THE BIG SICK). Elegantly adapted from Richard Ford’s novel of the same name, Carey Mulligan (MUDBOUND, AN EDUCATION) delivers one of her finest performances to date as Jeanette, a complex woman whose self-determination and self-involvement disrupts the values and expectations of a 1960s nuclear family. Fourteen-year-old Joe played by newcomer Ed Oxenbould, is the only child of Jeanette (Mulligan) and Jerry (Jake Gyllenhaal)—a housewife and a golf pro—in a small town in 1960s Montana. Nearby, an uncontrolled forest fire rages close to the Canadian border, and when Jerry loses his job—and his sense of purpose—he decides to join the cause of fighting the fire, leaving his wife and son to fend for themselves. Suddenly forced into the role of an adult, Joe witnesses his mother’s struggle as she tries to keep her head above water. With precise details and textures of its specific time and place, WILDLIFE commits to the viewpoint of a teenage boy observing the gradual dissolution of his parents’ marriage. The film premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, and will also screened as the opening night film in La Semaine de la Critique at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. WILDLIFE will be released by IFC Films on October 19, 2018.

CAST Carey Mulligan, Ed Oxenbould, Bill Camp, and Jake Gyllenhaal
WRITTEN BY Zoe Kazan and Paul Dano
PRODUCERS Alex Saks, Paul Dano, Oren Moverman, Ann Ruark, Jake Gyllenhaal, Riva Maker
IFC PR CONTACT Laura Sok | teampr@ifcfilms.com
RUN TIME 104 minutes

#IFCFilms #Wildlife

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