Mercury man


can anybody tell me how to make a mercury rising man using Maya fluid effects

Castle seige

I am working on a shot for my demo reel. I would like some general constructive criticism on anything that comes to mind. At the beginning of the shot there will be enemy soldiers covering the ground raising ladders and shooting arrows up at the ramparts. in the middle of the shot we will see the defenders shooting arrows and using swords etc to try and push back the ladders as the come to rest on the wall. as the shot continues to pan upwards we will see flames and a glow from the burning city and a flaming ball from a seige engine hitting the tower and breaking of bits of stone from the crenellations. another ball will pass over the wall.

Right now I have the first of the archers placed in, but until I can shoot more footage with helmets I won’t have that finished. obviously there will be around twenty to thirty visible defenders and a similar number of attackers in the final shot. I have done some preliminary colour grading on all to convert a daytime photo into the background plate and to integrate the archers that I have placed in there.

Anyhow, to cut a long post short you can view the clip below.

I have attached the source photo.

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I have here another VFX clip created for an online challenge. ( I was declared winner amongst a small number of entries.) the topic of the contest was having a person fall from a great height.

I combined the shot with a few short shots leading up to it to provide context (unfortunately it seemed to confuse most people, I am not yet up to par with my shooting and editing of fights scenes yet, I don’t think.)

And the breakdown…

(until I find out how to embed vimeo videos you can visit my vimeo page or look at this picture which I have attached.) It is a screenshot of my screen while working on the shot as I couldn’t find a suitable screenshot of good quality that was not already online.

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DVD Release: Unreal Kismet – An Intro

In this demonstration the instructor starts off by giving a detailed explanation of commonly used kismet nodes

Making of Twisted Mind of Puyuh

Happy to share my techniques and will walk you through the many steps from initial conceptual work to final rendering

Castle Sunset

I created this shot recently. I made it for a vfx challenge on another forum where it has gotten good reviews.

Tell me what you think.

Here is a vfx breakdown so you can see the steps taken to complete the shot.

And a still frame for those too lazy to visit vimeo. 😀 (until someone tells me how to embed vimeo on this forum… hint.:))

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Beer with the Boss

Hey Guys & Gals.

Just for those 2 or 3 amongst you who fancy a good pint and some banter with
Steve Roberts (CEO of eyeon Software) and
Isaac Guenard (Senior Product Manager of eyeon Software).

Be there at The Crown and Two Chairmen
Wednesday, February 4th, 6:00 pm — 9:00 pm
31 Dean Street

Hushshshshshsh! Don’t tell anybody….;-)
And please RSVP to

Of course you’re meant to Have Phun.

(Might be there as well…;-))

Caviar & Nicographics for Towa Tei’s ‘Mind Wall’


The Japanese did it again!

Been a while since I watched a music video that ticks all the right boxes. Is well-paced, not draggy. Has delightful, visual transitions. Accompanies a great song. Puts a smile on my face, making a drab workday afternoon much more bearable.

This video for the new single ‘Mind Wall’ by DJ Towa Tei (feat. Miho Hatori) did all these and more. Refreshingly kooky, with a marker-pen like texture that reminds me of those brilliant 80s/90s Japanese stationery graphics and adolescent scribbles, it’s such a visual treat. Exuberant and clever, almost effortlessly.

From what I could decipher, thanks to Google Translate, it was directed by Takeshi Nakamura for the Japanese production company ‘Caviar,’ illustrated by Hiroshi Hisashi and Yuko Yasunaga from Nicographics.

This article at outlines the production process, and some background info on Nicographics. I find it interesting that the illustrations are done using Cintiq 21 UX,, and it seems that the project’s workflow is quite different to that of a western studio.

The automatic translation is rather confusing, however. So if any of you is fluent in Japanese, do help us out with deciphering the info!

Thanks to Graham Cross for the tip! Oh, and don’t forget to click ‘watch in high quality’ option.

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Caviar & Nicographics for Towa Tei’s ‘Mind Wall’

Script Editor feedback…?


Is there any way to get script editor feedback of everything you’re doing in Nuke like the script editor in Maya?


Difference betwen the different Maya renderers


What is the difference betwen Maya software, Maya hardware and Mental yar? When to chose one and when not to chose one?

Thank you