‘The Last Kids on Earth’ gets a second season trailer and premiere date

Netflix has released a trailer for season 2 of the animated series The Last Kids on Earth, based on the second instalment in Max Brailler’s bestselling book series.

The Last Kids on Earth follows Jack Sullivan (voiced by Stranger Things star Nick Wolfhard) and a band of suburban middle schoolers living in a decked-out tree house, playing video games, gorging themselves on candy and battling zombies.

The second season, called The Last Kids on Earth and the Zombie Parade, is based on the second book of the series, and features the voice talents of Wolfhard, Mark Hamill, Rosario Dawson, Catherine O’Hara, Bruce Campbell, and Keith David alongwith Wolfhard.

The Last Kids on Earth is part of a larger world of IP that includes the book series as well as toys and other consumer products. The latest book installment of the series, The Last Kids on Earth: June’s Wild Flight published by Penguin, will be released on 7 April. The family-friendly adventure will return with 10 new episodes of 22 minutes each on 17 April.

Atomic Cartoons has also produced the Emmy-winning Beat Bugs, Disney’s 1010 Dalmatian Street, Counterfeit Cat, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, Rocket Monkeys, Max & Ruby and Transformers: Rescue Bots, to name a few.


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Goafest Abby Awards 2020 deferred for the year due to Coronavirus lockdown

After announcing the postponement of Goafest 2020, The Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) and The Advertising Club (TAC) announced that both Goafest and Abby Awards 2020 will be deferred for the year. This comes as an inevitable move amidst the prevailing global and national crisis due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Goafest is an annual three day celebration and one of the premier events for the communications, media and advertiser fraternity of the country under one roof. The Abby Awards at Goafest is a notable recognition in the advertising, media and marketing industry, while Goafest is . The Advertising Club and AAAI expressed confidence that both would be back next year on a grander scale.

The Abby Awards saw some of the greatest works being submitted this year and despite a global health pandemic and muted economic condition, the number of entries were at almost at par to that of last year. Such large participation numbers for the Abby awards are a testament to its covetous stature in the industry.

The organisers are evaluating all options about the entries received this year and will take a call upon whether they will be judged next year on a later date.

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‘Esports Betting’- A cool new addition to the sports betting industry

The constantly evolving gaming industry is always coming up with new ways to give players new, enjoyable and thrilling experiences. Esports, or electronic sports, is any competitive competition on consoles or gaming PC, which is technically an activity that’s been around ever since the video game was first created. We all know that amazing feeling of beating a friend in a video game and emerging as the supreme gamer. With the similar thrill you feel watching a competition between two gamers to that of watching a sports game between your favourite team and their rivals, the two industries were bound to merge in the betting industry. Therefore, Esports Betting was born and is now part of most sports betting companies from all around the world.

Betting on esports has become a worldwide trend over the past few years. This betting sector which is still in its infancy, got off to a slow start, although it started to fly over the last couple years. The growth has been so explosive that it’s been anticipated that the global esports betting market would be worth over $30 billion by the end of 2020. Nowadays we find major esports competitions on most games that can be played between two players or more. We can find countless different kinds of competitions of different genre games like; FIFA, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offence, PUBG, Dota 2 , and many more.

Each game has its own particular kinds of competitions, all featuring different kinds of bets, with different odds. For example FIFA is a football simulation game, where betting on a FIFA game is very similar to that of betting on a live football match. On the other hand shooter games like Battlefield and Call of duty feature competitions with war-like scenarios, where multiple teams or solo players enter tournaments and battle it out for victory by either getting the most kills or being the first to beat a certain objective. While games like PUBG involve a large number of small teams, fighting each other off till the last team standing is crowned winner.

These different kinds of games offer endless different ways to bet, whether you want to bet on a match or a certain player, it takes time to understand which is the best way to bet, especially when it comes to odds. If you don’t know the teams you’re betting on, the odds aren’t in your favor, so it’s good to learn more about odds. You can find websites which help you figure out how odds work, like this one which shows you the best odds for cricket betting.

It used to be a real challenge to find a good esports betting site because there simply weren’t that many of them around. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. There are tons of new esports betting sites which have recently launched in recent years, and several existing sports betting sites have started offering new esports betting as well. We will surely be seeing a massive growth in this sector in the coming years, and it will only keep getting bigger.

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Essential Education – Virtual round table: Innovative ed-tech on the frontlines

As the COVID-19 lockdown continues across the country, people have been bound to their homes, for good.

As all operations lean to the virtual world amid the lockdown, we embraced the same as well.

Taking our industry-academia engagement event forward, Adobe along with AnimationXpress – a part of Indiantelevision.com Group presented “Essential Education” – a virtual round table conference to discuss the importance and various ways of creativity which can be imbibed early in a student’s path. The attempt was to bridge the creativity gap and discuss the importance of specially curated creative curriculum to increase the skill ability and employability of students.

The virtual round table took place on 4 April, 2020. It was attended by principals, decision-makers and heads of various renowned educational organisations from across the country.

Starting off the conference, AnimationXpress.com founder and CEO Anil Wanvari welcomed the attendees and shared an anecdote on how creativity had helped him through his college days even when he departed from the traditional norms of education and sought advice and ideas from the speakers and attendees on how to use new-age technologies to further the cause. Finally, he concluded by saying that the world post the Coronavirus pandemic will be in need of innovation ed-tech more than it ever did.

Following that  Adobe head education, digital media – India and South Asia Supreeth Nagaraju emphasised on the sectors that Adobe is currently focusing on, which is expected to further give a boost to the education sector by bringing creative solutions for the students and institutions alike. He further stressed that consumers now spend on experiences rather than products and hence every brand should come up with specially curated solutions that provide users with an optimum experience.

SOC films CEO Aashish Rego talked about how he made his career in the music industry. He focused on points-how guidance in music has been taken up by multiple colleges in the country now, but still, a lot needs to be addressed in terms of creative curriculums and technology.

Opening the discussion to the attendees, multiple other issues and prospects were discussed.

One of the major points discussed was the urgency of a practical-heavy curriculum rather than a theory-heavy one. The attendees who hailed from respected institutions of the country shared that for a student to succeed in the industry a practical-oriented course would be of optimum importance.

Given the current pandemic scenario, evidently the topic of ed-tech, that is the use of innovative technology for educational purposes, came up strong with all the attendees and the speakers pitching in their views. Everyone more or less agreed to one point which proposed the importance of the matter now and how the learnings on the lockdown will only further boost the ed-tech industry’s prowess and urgency post the pandemic.

The event was attended by the likes of, Anant National University director, master of urban design and vice-principal, school of planning Ashima Banker, CEPT University deputy provost (academics) Chirayu Bhatt, Parul University faculty at Parul Institute of Law Dr.KalpeshKumar L Gupta, Adamas University & Group Institutions Kolkata vice-chancellor Ujjwal Chowdhury, WBUT-West Bengal University of Technology head dept of emerging technology Samir Mukherjee, G.L.S. University director Anil Sinha, Symbiosis Kolkata PhD Researcher Sayak Pal and many more.

The institution heads further discussed how to make courses more appealing to students. Following some examples of how talented students are sometimes not pleased with the traditional ways of courses which did not appeal to them, the gathering proposed on bringing courses which are for smaller batches and are contexualised and experiential. Furthermore, there were suggestions of providing students with knowledge and anecdotes which are not necessarily always from textbooks or the opening pages of popular online search engines.

While ed-tech remained the hot-spot of discussion throughout the session, other topics including Adobe’s finesse in the sector of emerging ed-tech and creative implication of knowledge sharing in the curriculum dominated the conversations.

Overall, the virtual gathering concluded on a curious note with the attendees wanting more such sessions to discuss the progress on things that were discussed in the event.

This event was the second in line of a series of industry-academia events, the first one being in Pune on 28 February, with more to come in the near future irrespective of mediums.

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MyTeam11 diversifies fantasy roster introduces knowledge-based MyTeam11 Quiz

MyTeam11-is a fantasy sports platform with a user base of over 15 million users has announced the launch of the MyTeam11 Quiz – a knowledge-based sports quiz contest for sports fans.With the addition of MyTeam11 Quiz, also becomes the first fantasy sports platform in the industry to offer knowledge-based online competition.

MyTeam11 Quiz will be hosted on the MyTeam11 application comprising of hourly competitions in 10-question format on a daily basis, primarily testing a sports lover’s knowledge in various sports. The uniqueness about this quiz would be that winners apart from showcasing their in-depth knowledge in sports would also stand a chance to earn real cash rewards. Old users can access the daily quiz contests on their dashboard while new users can sign in by downloading the application from the website or app store.

L to R – MyTeam11 COO and Co-Founder Sanjit Sihag, and MyTeam11 CEO and Co-founder Vinit Godara,

Speaking about the launch of MyTeam11 Quiz, MyTeam11 COO and co-founder Sanjit Sihag said, “Our users are ardent sports lovers who have high technical understanding and knowledge about their games. At a time when LIVE sports are suspended globally because of COVID-19, it was important for us to provide them with enough reasons to keep their minds engaged and sports quiz rightfully fits the bill.Quizzing is a passion for many and I am confident that this will not only interest the ardent fantasy gamers but also attract a large sports-loving audience across the length and breadth of the country who like stimulating their brains using their knowledge in sports. As we progress we will also add other genres to diversify the quiz content and increase the mass appeal of the product.”

MyTeam11 is already the home for six major fantasy sports like Cricket, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Basketball, Football and Hockey with the latest addition to the bouquet. The launch of MyTeam11 Quiz comes as the second major announcement by the brand after they launched SportsTiger – a multi-sport aggregator in February.

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ZED to distribute its first animated series ‘Lina’s World’

Paris-based productor and distributor ZED will handle the worldwide distribution of Lina’s World (french- Les Voyages d’Ismaël), an original 2D animated series that explores humour, the origins of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism through three characters, Ismaël, Lina and Némo.

Co-produced by Les Batelières Productions, Foliascope Studios and Cinemon Entertainment, this educational animated series questions the stereotypes linked to religion and brings reflection on its place in today’s society.

Created by Ismaël Saidi (Djihad, In the end what is really in the Koran?), directed by Hanan Kaminski and illustrated by François-Marc Baillet, Lina’s World is the first animation distributed by ZED, a specialist in documentary programming.

Commenting on Lina’s World, ZED Sales and Distribution head Chloé Persyn-Preljocaj said, “We are incredibly enthusiastic about presenting this show worldwide. We see Lina’s World as a stand out series that promotes awareness of the common history of peoples and the importance of living together. We are convinced that our broadcasters clients around the world will embrace its humorous, kid-friendly tone.

Composed of 10 episodes of 3’30’’, the animated series targets a wide audience, especially kids (10 to 15 years old). The first episode will allow the viewers to discover the various streams within the three religions, along with their similarities and shared hopes. The nine other episodes will be divided into three cycles of three episodes, and will explore the place of women in these different religions, interreligious relationships, and the question of violence within these religions.

Production for Lina’s World has begun and a first trailer is available presently. Produced for France Télévisions Éducation, the first season is slated for delivery in December 2020.

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‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3’ New Maps surface

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s season 2 is ending soon. Some details about the new season have been let slip by dataminers. Dataminers are out with references to a new map named Village. According to the leak, Village will be a new map and not a remake from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which launched in 2011. ChalieIntel has revealed another image of the Village map.

Of late, Modern Warfare introduced a new map named Khandor Hideout and an Operator called Talon. Talon comes with his dog companion, Indiana, who assists Talon in his finishing move. The Talon Bundle comes with two Legendary weapon blueprints and Battle Pass tier skips.

In a blog post, Activision said it decided against releasing Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer as a standalone pack and instead favored the idea of launching additional “classic map experiences” within Modern Warfare over time.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is a 2016 first-person shooter game developed by Raven Software and published by Activision. It is a remastered version of 2007’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Campaign was launched a few days ago. The campaign is currently exclusive to PlayStation and will be available to Xbox One and PC players on April 30.

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Malaysian animation studio, Monsta uses animated characters to educate children about Covid-19

Monsta, the Malaysian animation studio behind animated franchise BoBoiBoy , has released a series of public service announcement (PSA) videos featuring their animated duo Papa Pipi, to educate young children and families about the dangers of Covid-19. Monsta took the initiative after the Malaysian government implemented a nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO) on 18 March 2020 which resulted in the closure of schools and offices, in response to the worldwide Covid-19 outbreak.

The first video titled Stay Put! Avoid Covid-19! focuses on the importance of staying at home while the second video titled Special Message: Movement Control Order addresses issues facing viewers during the MCO such as panic buying and making informed purchases. Monsta also released a catchy new song titled Let’s Wash Our Hands to encourage children to regularly wash their hands in a fun and entertaining way.

The campaign started on 19 March 2020 and was phenomenally well received by the public. To date, the videos have garnered more than three million views on digital platforms. The videos were shared on the official social media pages of the Malaysian Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, the Ministry of Education, and even broadcast on TV stations in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei.

The PSA videos were uploaded to the Monsta Youtube Network which boasts more than nine million subscribers from 70 countries around the world. They were released in the Malay language, with English subtitles.

Seeing the potential to help educate and spread awareness to a larger audience, Monsta is translating the PSAs into multiple languages, to be shared with viewers across the globe.

Monsta is a character and intellectual property company which has been producing animated series, films, and consumer products for more than a decade. The company is known for its popular animated franchise BoBoiBoy, Papa Pipi, the travel show Fly With Yaya, and upcoming animated series Mechamato.

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After Paytm and Amazon Pay, ALTBalaji partners with PayPal under #StayALT initiative


To ensure non-stop entertainment to its audiences, and offering them convenient payment experiences, ALTBalaji has joined hands with popular payment gateway PayPal.

As a part of the deal, audiences via PayPal payment can get a minimum of Rs. 10 and a maximum of Rs. 300 cashback vouchers during the offer period. Valid till 30th June 2020, the offer is on the first PayPal transaction. The terms of the deal require one to make a minimum transaction of Rs. 100 to utilize the offer. 

Nachiket Pantvaidya

Commenting on the association, Balaji Telefilms Group COO and ALTBalaji CEO Nachiket Pantvaidya said, “We have always worked in the direction of creating an ecosystem for our viewers where they not only get quality content but easy access to it. Our association with PayPal is a strategic move in this direction that improves our relationship with our audiences and provides them with multiple payment gateways to choose from. During times like this, we have been urging everyone to stay at home while we make sure that they are getting smooth access to our content library and hence keep themselves entertained.”

Through this partnership, ALTBalaji has added yet another feather in its social awareness campaign, #StayALT which urges the audience to practice social distancing by staying at home and be entertained by the platform’s diverse content library. ALTBalaji has been running #StayALT campaign by introducing exciting offers to motivate the audience to stay at home, and earlier this week, the OTT platform announced its association with Amazon Pay and Paytm under the same initiative. 

ALTBalaji offers a content library of 60+ Indian originals created for the masses.

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Here are some esports tournaments for charities fighting against Covid-19

Video games have gone mainstream – moving quickly from expensive consoles to the mobile devices we have in our pockets every day. With the introduction of esport gaming companies and streaming, services have transformed gamers into genuine stars with seven-figure earnings. Therefore as the number of Covid-19 affected increased organisers have taken the advantages of the popularity of esports and gaming and have introduced esports tournaments to fight against the virus. Where the funds raised by these tournaments to be utilise for the ailment of the Covid-19 affected or some way or the other to fight against the virus.

We have listed some of the tournaments which are introduced for the good. Some of them are already held, some are on going and some are planned for future

NBA 2K Players Tournament: NBA is kicked off its NBA 2K Players Tournament on 3April and will continue on through 12 April  featuring all-star players such as Kevin Durant, Donovan Mitchell, and more competing in a single-elimination player-only game. Additionally, players will compete for $100K for their charity of choice — and the title of NBA 2K20 Players Champion.

The tournament can be catch live on ESPN or ESPN2, as well as the NBA website. This effort to turn the traditional sports channel into an esports watch party is the result of COVID-19. Because of the pandemic, all traditional sporting events and games underwent delays or complete cancellations. This is the NBA’s way of telling fans they can still view their favorites on TV, just in a different setting.


Minnesota RØKKR’s Call of Duty: Warzone tournament: The Minnesota RØKKR hosted a $40,000 charity Call of Duty: Warzone tournament on Saturday on the RØKKR’s Twitch channel. Two legends of esports and Call of Duty at the casters desk Chris Puckett and Ben “Benson” Bowe have been part of the tournament.Total eight teams participated in the tournament of which Team RAVENSFORNHS won the tournament and runner up was Team Summertime!


WeSave! Charity Play: WePlay! Esports hosted the WeSave! Charity Play Dota 2 event featuring 24 Dota 2 teams. WeSave! Charity Play a non-profit Online Dota2 Charity Marathon dedicated to fight COVID-19, took place from 20 March to  26 March. Six regions of the Dota 2 world; Southeast Asia, CIS, China, Europe South and North America, teams supported to raise some money to aid in the combat of the currently ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The event featured a “prize pool” of $120,000 that will be donated to coronavirus charities, which was driven up further with donations from viewers and sponsors. Team Nigma managed to grab the win from HellRaisers


#GamingForGood, PUBG MOBILE charity tournament: London-based organisation Fnatic has teamed up with Loco and organised #GamingForGood, a charity event for the Indian esports community. The PUBG Mobile event was an initiative devised to help those affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The event took place between 3April to 5April, and 18 games were played. The prize pool of Rs. 2,00,000 was set which will be awarded to the top three teams.  The top 3 teams will donate the prize money to either Zomato Feeding India or 4DOG’SAKE India.

Shutdown Showdown, Apex Legends charity tournament: It is an online national Apex Legends charity tournament to promote and reward those fighting against the spread of COVID-19 by staying home. Several esports companies came together for this five-week Apex Legends tournament known as the Shutdown Showdown which will allow players to fight the spread of COVID-19 by staying at home. Gaud-Hammer Gaming Group, Ultimate Gaming Championship, and Beasley esports have come together for the charity tournament and will reward competitors with mystery packs filled with gaming gear, snacks, and other fun prizes. It started on 31March and each week teams of three will go head to head in custom server matches on UGC’s gaming platform, UGC Esports.

40 per cent of each registrants’ fee will also be donated to the No Kid Hungry campaign which is dedicated to feeding children who rely on school lunches while the schools are closed. Almost every school, in the United States, is closed or locked down due to the virus, so the campaign needs assistance more than ever.


La Liga FIFA 20 esports tournament: While the majority of leagues around the world have been suspended due to measures put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, La Liga football continues to go ahead in the form of a charity esports tournament on FIFA 20. Organised by Spanish video game streamer Ibai Llanos, the influencer invited each of the Primera Division sides to nominate a single player to represent their teams in a 20-club tournament that took place from Friday 20 March to Sunday 22 March and was streamed on Ibai Llanos’ Twitch channel.While there was no official charity associated with the La Liga Santander Challenge, Llanos said that any money raised during the various streams through donations will go towards supporting Spain‘s fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Warzone from Home  Call of Duty: Warzone tournament for charity: 100 Thieves’ Call of Duty: Warzone tournament for charity harity took place on 20 March with a prize pool of $100,000 had sixteen teams  participated in hope to become  Warzone from Home champion and to donate $50,000 towards the charity of choice. 100 Thieves has partnered with CashApp for providing a chance at a colossal chunk of change.

Code Red charity tournament: BoomTV hosted a $300,000 Code Red charity tournament Apex Legends Charity Tournament that took place on  26March. $250,000 was donated to the International Federation of Red Cross to assist their ongoing COVID-19 efforts. The tournament featured six matches in total; three on Kings Canyon and three on World’s Edge. The Apex Legends player base seems to be divided on which map they prefer, so having both included will keep everyone entertained.

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