VIVO | Official Video Presentation

Vivo China wanted an in-device video presentation of their new Y71 model. The presentation was meant to appeal to a younger audience in a vibrant and playful way that also showcased some of the phones key features. Combining fluid animations, colourful environments and an energetic soundtrack, this would be a perfect first impression of the Vivo Y71. Credits: Client: VIVO | China CGI Production: Yambo Studio Director: Yambo Creative Direction: Jonathan Lindgren, Mariusz Becker, Yambo Lead 3D: Jonathan Lindgren Shading: Mariusz Becker, Yambo, Rich Nosworthy Additional 3D: Jeff Briant, Ruye, Rich Nosworthy Phone Modelling: Nick Zieroff, Chris Schofield Compositing & Colours: Bold Studio Typography Animation & Design: Bold Studio Music & Sound Design: Luke Brown Mixing & Mastering: Luke Brown Special Thanks: Tal Baltuch Agency: Visual Signal Tao (Beijing)

What if you could make one instrument sound like an entire band? | Alexandr Misko | TEDxMannheim

Alexandr Misko has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the world’s best fingerstyle guitarists. At the young age of 20, when most of his peers just start college, Alexandr is already pursuing a successful career as a musician. His YouTube channel already has more than 15 million views. He gives a fascinating insight into his conception of music and how he composes his own songs. By utilizing every part of his guitar, he makes one instrument sound like a whole band.
Alexandr believes his success has derived from his sheer desire to deliver great music and produce videos that people will like and share. He delves into each and every music genre to find new sounds and rhythms that inspire his compositions. His passion for writing original music motivates Alexandr to write authentic songs that trigger emotions and vivid images in his listeners’ minds.
Alexandr Misko has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the world’s best fingerstyle guitarists. At the young age of 20, when most of his peers just start college, Alexandr is already pursuing a successful career as a musician. His YouTube channel already has more than 15 million views.In January 2018 the video-cover of “Careless Whisper” from his second album was viewed more than 50 million times within a month on Facebook. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Game of Thrones Composer Plays the Theme on a Nintendo Labo

Ramin Djawadi composed the awesome Game of Thrones theme but can he play it on a Nintendo Labo?
You can see Ramin on tour, check out:

Nintendo Labo Review

Game of Thrones Cast Take Ultimate Dead Characters Quiz

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The Soy Sauce Bottle Designed to Bring Happiness

Behind the Design is a series of sleek and concise videos about the design of everyday objects we take for granted. This episode tells the story about how a former Buddhist monk designed the soy sauce bottle seen in Japanese restaurants around the world.

Video by Vicky Feng, Chiachi Lee and Leila Hussain

Chemours – An Ode to the Overlooked (2018)

Short piece in collaboration with Ogilvy & Mather NYC for National Inventors Month (USA) commemorating the lesser known inventors of things we use each day. Client: Chemours Direction, Design and Compositing: Luiz Stockler Animation: Daniel Gray, Campbell Hartley, Radu Pop and Diyala Muir Additional Design: Dana Giurescu Art Direction: Hayley Grassetti and Zach Buckner Music: Walker Agency: Ogilvy & Mather NYC Producer: Lauren Ziffer Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

Trace & Bake | Overwatch

Tracer’s baking up something extra special to celebrate two years of playing Overwatch with YOU in this cheeky stop-motion video.

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World Cup History Will Be Made with BBC Tapestry

The BBC is running “History Will Be made”, a marketing campaign for the 2018 FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia. Every World Cup has a host of iconic moments and everyone has their own individual favourite that immediately takes you back to that time and place. The campaign trailer, “The Tapestry”, takes a journey through World Cup history via the skill of Diego Maradona, the flair of Zinedine Zidane and the emotion of Paul Gascoigne, with a preview of the most exciting talents of this year’s finals including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Harry Kane. The BBC Tapestry film is only the beginning of a campaign which will continue through to the end of the 2018 FIFA World Cup series in Russia.

BBC Tapestry for FIFA World Cup 2018 - Messi and Ronaldo

Every single frame in the BBC Tapestry film was individually embroidered. More than 227,000 metres of thread were used to create over 600 unique frames of tapestry, that if laid end-to-end would measure over 1,200 metres in length. This visual style will then become the look and feel for the BBC’s coverage, extending into programming graphics, website design, social media, BBC One’s look, and more. The idea will be fully realised in a real 7-metre long tapestry that will be put on public display. Moments from this year’s competition will be added to the tapestry after the tournament’s completion, creating a historical record of the 2018 World Cup.

The launch film’s accompanying music is Ochi Cheryne – a traditional Russian folk song in keeping with the historical theme of the campaign. The song was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, arranged by Alex Baranowski, and features distinguished bass-baritone Sir John Tomlinson alongside a 40-piece orchestra. The lyrics speak of unification and friendship – the ambition of the World Cup itself.

BBC Tapestry World Cup Credits

The BBC World Cup Tapestry campaign was developed at BBC Sport Marketing and BBC Creative by portfolio head of marketing James Parry, marketing manager John Spratt, marketing executive Helen Worsey, campaign planner David Wheadon, media portfolio lead Marc Jones, executive creative directors Aidan McClure and Laurent Simon, creative directors Tim Jones and James Cross, creatives Edward Usher and Xander Hart, producer Liz Dolan, project manager Loretta Ramkissoon, production coordinator Emma Hamilton, head of planning Mike Lean.

Filming was shot by director Nicos Livesey via Blinkink with producer Alex Halley, executive producer Bart Yates, designer Luke Carpenter, and BBC Creative head of design Laurence Honderick.

Sound was designed and mixed by Mark Hills and Anthony Moore at Factory with producer Lucy Spong.

Music, “Ochi Cheryne”, was arranged by composer Alex Baranowski, performed by Sir John Tomlinson and the London Metropolitan Orchestra, recorded at Abbey Road Studios.


Mexican Handcraft Masters / GLAZED POTTERY

HERNÁNDEZ CARLOS FAMILY / GLAZED POTTERY A documentary series about the different methods of working various types of crafts in the state of Michoacan. From the vision of each artisan we get to know the process of their craft and the tradition behind each piece, as well as the origin of the raw material they use to develop their work. Dirección. Mariano Rentería Guión. Mariano Rentería, Jorge Díez Producción. Jorge Díez Cinefotografía. Mariano Rentería Asistencia. Abraham Tame Sonido. Kevin Pineda Gould Música. Xela, Moby El Relicario, 2017