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Data Selfie explores our relationship to the online data we leave behind as a result of media consumption and social networks. In the modern age, almost everyone has an online representation of oneself and we are constantly and actively sharing information publically on various social media platforms. At the same time we are under constant surveillance by social media companies and “share” information unconsciously. How do our data profiles, the ones we actively create, compare to the profiles made by the machines at Facebook, Google and Co. – the profiles we never get to see, but unconsciously create? Why does Facebook need your phone number or your phone contacts or the data from your WhatsApp account? Why does Facebook track the time you spend looking at the posts in your news feed? Is the sole purpose of this data gathering to serve us more relevant ads? Is there something else afoot? Data Selfie is an application that aims to provide a personal perspective on data mining, predictive analytics and our online data identity – including inferred information from our consumption. In our data society algorithms and Big Data are increasingly defining our lives. Therefore, it is important – especially for those who are indifferent to this issue – to be aware of the power and influence your own data has on you. Music by


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As nine of us touched down in the desert oasis known as Tel Aviv, Israël, little was known of what laid beyond the great gates of Israeli customs. Over 10 days our humus powered crew, led by local skate guide Ofer Or would bomb coastal hills from northern points of Haïfa to Tel Aviv where spots flowed as if they were from a bottle of endless Munischewitz on Shabbat. Lest we forget about the marble plazas of Ashdod… magical. A few found their deepest, most spiritual selves in the ally’s of Jerusalem’s old city. Sprawling across the tomb of Jesus, only to be lost again the following day in the blazing banks of the Dead Sea and through the desert to Eilat. Enjoy our 4-wheeled pilgrimage into the Holy Land ! • Lee Berman

Whale Heart

Silas lives in an isolated whaling town, toiling for months in the harsh and bloody trade on which he and his community depend. However, in order to be capable of killing the creatures whose bone and blubber pay his wage, he has developed an ungodly method for extracting his emotions. The time has now come for his only son to be initiated into the grim and dangerous whaling life, and Silas must be the one to teach him. Want to know more about The Animation Workshop? Website: Facebook: Tumblr: Twitter: Instagram: WHALE HEART was made by a team of 3rd year Character Animation & CG Art students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Check out the individual student’s blogs (links below) to learn more about the talent behind the film! CREDITS Robert Allen Director/Story/Editor – Trine Sørensen Art Director /CG Generalist/Character Design – Antoine J.L.L.Lefevre Production Manager/Animator – Michael Euribe Hansen Technical Director/CG Generalist/Compositor – Marie Eriksen Animation Lead/Concept Art/Character Design – Kenneth Doronin Technical Artist/CG Generalist/Compositor – Anne Prip Animator/Storyboard Artist/Editor – Anki Immerskøld Design/Concept Artist/CG Generalist – Patrick Brannvoll Design/Environment Artist/CG Generalist – Emilie Bendix Engmann Animator/Concept Artist/Storyboard Artist – Trine Thulstrup Animator/Creature Specialist – Music composed by Kenneth Lampl and Kirsten Lampl

Will winning the lottery make you happy? (TED-Ed)

TED-Ed commissioned me to make a video to accompany their lesson about hedonic adaptation and how it relates to people who have won the lottery. You can view the full lesson here: Credits: Allen Laseter – Direction/Design/Animation Wes Slover ( – Sound Design/Music Raj Raghunathan – Lesson Addison Anderson – Narration


After a snipers mission is compromised he must rely on his deadbeat housemate to see him through. Official Selection In-Competition SHNIT 2016 Written & Directed by Ari Kruger Starring Adrian Collins, Brent Palmer & Paddy Lyster Shot by James Adey Music composed by Chris Querido Edited by Ari Kruger Produced by Debra Stubbs & Janette de Villiers “Dangling Man” performed by Lance Herman A Sketchbook Studios Production


Only the interaction of sky and earth allows for life to evolve and the landscape to bloom. The short film shows a natural spectacle turning a sparse and dry landscape into a fruitful place bearing new life. The interplay between sky and earth has allusions to a sensual love act as a metaphor to express the dependency and perfect correlation of both elements. Breakdown: More BTS Infos: Credit Music: Follow me: Web:

M.I.A. – P.O.W.A

Directed by MIA
M.I.A. “AIM” Album out now
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Music video by M.I.A. performing P.O.W.A. (C) 2017 Maya Arulpragasam under exclusive license to Interscope Records

Nissan Rogue – Return of the Snowman

Agency: Juniper Park TBWA, Toronto Production Company: Sequoia Director: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan Visual Effects by The Embassy |

CNN Econundrum 'How Can I Use Less Water?'

Client: CNN Illustrator: Martina Paukova Animator: Will Samuel Agency: StudioMM