CG Portfolio: Massimo Porcella

Artist from Italy with 3 years experience and specialization in Matte Painting, Illustration, concept artist – Character design

Database Marketing

Back in June 2004, Reason Magazine printed a custom cover for every issue of their magazine (circulation: 40,000). Each subscriber received a magazine with a satellite photo of their neighborhood on the cover, and their home circled in red. An uncomfortable surprise to find in your mailbox, for sure.

More recently, Chris Milk and Google created the interactive musical experience The Wilderness Downtown for Arcade Fire, which utilized HTML5 and Google Maps to put your house directly into the music video.

Hybrid production company B-Reel, who also worked on The Wilderness Downtown, just finished Chaos in Your Town for State Farm Insurance. The experience uses the same “enter your address” starting point to create a customized version of The Mill’s “State of Chaos” campaign. We’ll see if giant robots shooting lasers at your house proves as successful as their last viral hit — OK Go’s “This Too Shall Pass” music video.

The New York Times article on the Reason Magazine stunt ends with the quote, “What if you received a magazine that only had stories and ads that you were interested in and pertained to you?” Seven years later, we have RSS readers that bring us only the news we want and iPad apps like FlipBoard and Zite. Not so far off.

For custom content, the inevitable next step is not having to type in your address at all. The applications would just read your computer’s IP address or your mobile device’s GPS location and auto-populate their content with the pertinent data. How hard would it be to have your cable box “know” where it is, and have the commercial streaming to your television integrate your Google Map imagery?

We’re curious to hear your thoughts on how successful this technology is as a marketing tool. How about as a storytelling tool? Will it become another expected facet of production (in the same way we’re often asked to produce complementary TV commercials, internet banners and print ads)? Does anyone find it disconcerting to have their data used to market to them?

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Steppe Warrior

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8 bit for Fox Channels Italy

Epic 8 bit animation containing all sorts of pop culture references made for FOX Channels Italy. Created by Punga. Amazing work. Congrats to all involved.

Big Spaceship:

Scrolling made fun by the fine folks at Brooklyn’s Big Spaceship: ACTIVATE Drinks, putting a new twist on vitamin-enhanced water. Scroll it … all the way.

Reid Gower: NASA ~ The Sagan Series

Reid Gower is a Canadian philosophy undergrad taking time off to explore science and media. Subsequently, Reid has developed NASA: The Sagan Series to promote the beauty in scientific values, based on the writings of American Astrophysicist Carl Sagan. Reid was inspired by NASA’s inability to promote and advertise itself and, in large, by Michael Marantz’s Earth: The Pale Blue Dot. After obtaining Michael’s permission to use Carl Sagan’s voice, Reid has gone on to produce 7 chapters of the Sagan Series. Watch them all at

Guim Tió.

AI Takes Big Screen to Next Level

The lasershow uses Stone Mountain as a projection surface with digital video projection delivering 3D-like effects without the gla…

Incredible, invisible effects

Incredible, invisible effects


‘Were there any effects in that film?!?‘ – it’s something many VFX artists like to hear. With that in mind, fxguide takes a look at just a few recent releases with effects you might never have known were there – from the mystery virus spreader in Contagion, to a rooftop chase in Killer Elite, lunar landscapes in Apollo 18, blood and blinks in Drive, invisible environments in Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and rampaging animals in Water for Elephants.

Nando Costa: The New America

This is pretty damn cool … Nando Costa is putting together a new short film called The New America, where an advanced society experiences structural and financial collapse (good timing), re-emerging with values rooted in nature. Interesting enough on its own, but the extremely unique apsect of the short is that every frame of the movie would be engraved on wood – similar to Nando’s previous wood engraved artwork – and each person sponsoring the film would essentially keep a one-of-a-kind wood frames.

For more info on the project and how to become a sponsor check out: Nando’s Kickstarter page … or