Oerd van Cuijlenborg: An Abstract Day

Synesthesia in animation usually brings to mind the work of Oskar Fischinger or Michel Gagné, where the visuals work tightly with music. Dutch animator Oerd van Cuijlenborg’s short An Abstract Day cuts out the music completely.

The quick sketchy movements fill out the soundtrack and play with the scene you’re making in your head. What I really appreciate is Cuijlenborg’s use of camera work and editing. Even though it’s a totally abstract film, those elements give it a grounded feeling of being in a cinematic space.

Note: While the visuals are abstract (and quite lovely), there is a NSFW scene that comes early in the film where the audio is pretty explicit, so headphone it up.

Found via the always awesome Cartoon Brew.

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Pan Am: retro green screen world

Pan Am: retro green screen world


Pan Am is one of ABC’s newly commissioned TV series, airing in late September. For the pilot episode, the production utilized Stargate Studios’ virtual set technology to re-create the iconic 1960s Pan Am terminal and other locations in the show. Read more at fxguide.

Johnny Kelly: Back to the Start

Chipotle? Yes, Chipotle. In an effort to raise awareness concerning food issues and promote sustainable food systems, they’ve commissioned Back to the Start, a short film by Johnny Kelly, scored by Willie Nelson’s rendition of Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” In Kelly’s signature style, we follow a farmer’s life as his family farm turns into an industrial animal factory, and what follows from there.

Production photos from Johnny’s Flickr after the jump.

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Impactist: Plants and Animals EP Promos

Promo for “East (Original Sketch)”

We love seeing self-initiated personal projects, so it’s a thrill to see another round of short, sweet, imaginative promos from Portland duo Impactist. Each of the shorts for their Plants and Animals EP plays with a different visual style.

You can’t help but imagine that they had a lot of fun making these. Watch all four after the jump!

Promo for “Summer Song All Winter Long”

Promo for “Planting Seeds (Original Sketch)”

Promo for “Cup of Water Crying (Original Sketch)”

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