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Compositing jobs outside LA, London and other mayor hubs?

Hello everyone! Just wondering if there are some other cities or regions where one could find some good compositing jobs outside of the usual cities (LA, London, now singapore, etc..).

I don’t have anything against them, just looking for something "fresh" or different.

The Digital Narrative – iDMAa Conference

THE DIGITAL NARRATIVE -The International Digital Media and Arts Association Conference 2010

November 4-6 , Emily Carr University, Vancouver B.C. –

Anyone interested in the newest ideas of how motion graphics, gaming, non-linear storytelling, social media, transmedia and interactivity are coming together is going to find this 3 days full of stimulating thought. The conference will explore how digital media and art is informing, challenging and reinventing our notions of narrative structures and storytelling and will be attended by an international group of leading academics and professionals interested in digital media in its multiple forms. The conference includes a multimedia art exhibition, networked performances, panels, papers, and 5 exciting keynote speakers, including Kimberly Cooper from Prologue Films, (title design for "Se7en") R Blank of the Rich Media Institute, Gurval Caer CEO of Blast Radius, Amielle Lake CEO of Tagga Media and social media/on-line journalism scholar Alfred Hermida.

As co-sponsor and host of the 8th annual International Digital Media Arts Association conference, called “The Digital Narrative” Emily Carr University has been able to secure a special rate for local industry professionals and educators to encourage participation in this unique event.

This special rate (significant reduction from full cost) is $99./day or $239. for the entire 3 day conference.…&llr=begfsudab

Download the complete schedule PDF

Check out the speaker bios:

Is it worth it?

I decided to post this discussion to get everybody’s opinion and everyone can benefit from it.
I was wondering how hard is it today to make a GOOD living in the 3d/vfx industry?
Is it worth all the extreme effort you’ll put to it?
People say if you like than that’s what you need to do, on the other hand people say if it pays well and almost guaranteeing a pay check than that’s what you should do.
What you guys think, give your full opinion (it will help).

Clip size?


Is there some way to look image size inside shake?
For example I load clip with fileIn and want to create RotoShape with same size.


Settings on Read’s default values

Hi all,

I believe everyone would agree that when reading nodes by default, Nuke would set to ‘hold’, "Frame Range", "Start up" frame settings to actual image sequence numbers.

Is there a way to set the following as default
– Always "Frame Range" set to 1, even if sequence starting is eg: 10-40
– Always "black" | "black"
– Frame "start up" to 1

I read some of the articles before dealing with same issue. But trust me after reading for 2 hours, nothing helped. May be it is because i am a novice Nuke user. sorry.

Can anyone please help.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Material Group 🙂

Lexus Concept Render – WIP (Personal Project)

Been working on a Lexus Concept model all day, decided I’d start a WIP thread to get some feedback on it. I didn’t model the car, I am just shading/lighting & rendering it (Personal Project to up my skillz! ;)). These are my initial steps into automotive rendering, so please be gentle.

Technical Info:

Software + Renderer: Vray SP1.5 (I think!) on Maya 2011 x64
Rendering time: Around 3-4 mins at 640X480 res. upto this point.

Critiques welcome.


I’ld like to make a music video and I need some animation / visual effects.

Hi there,

I’ld like to make a music video and I need some animation / visual effects, I’ld like to share this video with you for you to understand what I mean:

Desree – Life

This music video has butterflies flying all around the screen, and the theme I had in mind for this music video is butterflies.

It’s about a girl who’s in love and has butterflies in her belly. So to match this idea, a video with butterflies in it seems to be the logical answer.
The type of scenes I had in mind are the next:

Part 0:43 – 0:50
Just when the plane flew over, butterflies will fill the screen.

Basicly, the whole video is one big example except the part of the airplane spraying the butterflies because in my video the butterflies just appear.


The best,

Raoul G. da Silva

Understanding test objects in pftrack


trying to get to grips with this aspect of the software.

I can place them in the scene with different degress of success – what I don’t understand is the workflow of movin their corner pins between frames. Should I improve the track after this? Is it something that has to be done a few times until the test object sticks without adjusting it in different frames? And unless I am trying to align one to the grid, how should I tell if it’s depth is correct when I estimate it’s position between shots (on a door way or window frame for example?).

If anyone could provide a little info on how these work and how they fit into their workflow I would appreciate it.