Joke ?

Just got an email from Escape Studios, they have a new MA course.
I though,mmm that sounds interesting actually.
Could be an option if things don’t pan out for me.



Current state of the VFX industry in UK..

hello everyone.

I’m currently doing some research into the current state of the vfx industry in the UK, and hopefully some of the members here are working in the industry and can give me some answers.
So what is the state of the industry?
Are people hiring and expanding or are people still a bit cautios with the economic situation?
Is there an increase in smaller specialists companies?
Is the UK industry getting enough work from outside the UK?
Are the studios booked years in advance? Or is more and more hollywood work being outsourced to india and asia?
Is it expected that the artist do more work in less time now than before?
Do you have any thoughts on the future of the industry in UK?

Hopefully this will start a good discussion.. Thanks for your time. Looking forward to youre answers..

Difference Premult Maya -Nuke

Hi guys,
i noticed that premult from maya and nuke are different and, for my ignorance, i don’t know why.
I explain.
Create a simple scene in maya
render it with premult on and after off, save images.
Now if you open the unpremult image in nuke and you try to connect it to a premult node, the result rgb isn’t equal to maya premult image. why?
the same, if ou try to unpremult from nuke the premult image from maya it dosn’t be equal to maya unpremult image.

can anyone explain this situation?

thanks a lot and sorry for my english

stereoscopic tracking in Nuke

Hi, I’ve heard stereo footages can be tracked and solved for in Nuke, I’ve tried this, by importing left and right footages> Join Views, camera tracker…
The problem here is, Im getting just a single camera solve, when I require the left and right cameras….

Working in Canada

Greetings all,

It’s been a while since I posted here. It is nice to see some familiar names around, as well as lots of newer members!

A bit of back story.. I’ve been an online editor (VFX and design for commercials with clients sitting behind me) for the past 5 years in Sydney. I’m feeling like a change of scenery and would love to get a year in abroad before my wife and I get serious about making babies. Vancouver works well for both our careers, plus it has the added bonus of being a city we’ve always wanted to visit. (We LOVED Seattle so if its anything like it I’m sure we’d have a great time there.) I’ve just got a few questions about the industry I’m hoping I can oblige the forum with.

  • Firstly, am I correct in understanding I can work for 12 months on a work visa as long as I’m 30 or under at the time of applying for the visa?
  • After 30 I think I need to be sponsored to work. Is that a common occurrence? I’m guessing not in a field as transitory as post-production.
  • I have 5 years commercial VFX experience with a bunch of offline editing mixed in but no features. Is that going to be a major drawback, or does it just depend on the reel?
  • How is the state of the industry in Vancouver? Is it still suffering from the GFC or on the bounce back?
  • Can anyone recommend companies in particular where a foreigner like me would have a better chance of scoring work? Happy to accept recommendations via PM – any shop tips or bitching will be kept confidential 🙂
  • What would be a totally ballpark salary for a mid level compositor or editor?

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear from anyone with any experience on the ground in Vancouver. I’ve had secure full time salaried jobs my whole working life, so uprooting everything for an uncertain year certainly seems very daunting!

BIGSMACK Brings Killer Look To AMC’s Fearfest

[NEWS=””]28168[/NEWS]It’s almost Halloween and that means it’s time for AMC’s annual FearFest – the network’s line-up of classic horror flicks. Helping set the creepy tone is the work of live action/design studio BIGSMACK, who teamed with AMC to create an extensive package of promo and branding elements including opens, bumpers, lower-thirds and IDs.

“AMC wanted us to create an authentic film fest vibe,” Jason Salo, BIGSMACK’s Sr. Art Director, says. “The films they’re featuring are well thought out and paired together in the way a good film festival would. We wanted to get that across in our design.”

To affect that vibe Salo and the BIGSMACK creative team took over an old vacant theater in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, that has been shuttered since the late 1980s.

Inside those musty surroundings BIGSMACK captured an array of surreal perspectives and haunting POV’s, such as the dramatic shot seen in the:10 open of a gothic wall complete with pillars as seen from the POV of someone (a victim perhaps?) looking up from the floor.

That live action was composited with numerous 2D and 3D animated elements, most notable is 3D sinister-looking marquee complete with eerily flickering lights and a doorway that vaguely resembles a face.

“We were going for dark, spooky feel, and because of that we spent a lot time perfecting the lighting,” Salo notes. “They also had a gorgeous old velvet curtain that we put to good use. The combination of live action, design and treatments conceptually set the perfect tone for Fearfest and communicated the idea that this is indeed a film festival.”


Lead by Creative Director Andy Hann, BIGSMACKtv is a full service creative agency specializing in the broadcast industry. From their offices in downtown Philadelphia, BIGSMACKtv creates, produces, designs and posts image and promotional campaigns for the world’s leading entertainment providers. Recent clients include Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, HBO, Comedy Central, Sundance and A&E, among others.

Client: AMC
Project: Fearfest branding/promo elements
Airdate: October 2010

Production/Design/Post: BIGSMACK, Philadelphia, PA
Head of Creative: Andy Hann
Senior Art Director: Jason Salo
Executive Producers: Heidi Erney, Kelly Dials
Producer: Laura Gillespie
Visual Effects Director: Dave Zeevalk
Designer/Animator: Rick Malwitz


Problem Importing OBJ from VUE

Hi guys,

i try and keep guessing whut the problem when i imported the obj file from vue into Nuke:confused::confused:–nuke always crash–anyone here have an idea ?

the obj is preety low poly not such a high poly.

I would be appreciated ur help.



vfx 2010……..showreel

This my first show-reel. Hope everyone enjoys and appreciate it.

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