VFX404 [WIP]-Krizard

guys i am going to try this one…
i am i bit busy by this time but i will see if i can find some time.
I always wanted to do stuff like rain , tornadoes etc..this is a great opportunity to make it work…
but until now i don’t know if there will be any start point footage…
anyone knows???

navigating to next node in expression?

stumped on this one. if I have an expression that is calling up a value from the next node in the tree, like this:


set cut_paste_input [stack 0]
version 6.1 v1
push 0
push $cut_paste_input
Crop {
 box {{min(SeamLeft1.point1.L.x,SeamLeft1.point2.L.x,SeamLeft1.point3.L.x,SeamLeft1.point4.L.x,SeamLeft1.point5.L.x)-(Crop1_bbox_Lseam.bounds.L)} {min(SeamLeft1.point1.L.y,SeamLeft1.point2.L.y,SeamLeft1.point3.L.y,SeamLeft1.point4.L.y,SeamLeft1.point5.L.y)-(Crop1_bbox_Lseam.bounds.L)} {max(SeamLeft1.point1.L.x,SeamLeft1.point2.L.x,SeamLeft1.point3.L.x,SeamLeft1.point4.L.x,SeamLeft1.point5.L.x)+(Crop1_bbox_Lseam.bounds.L)} {max(SeamLeft1.point1.L.y,SeamLeft1.point2.L.y,SeamLeft1.point3.L.y,SeamLeft1.point4.L.y,SeamLeft1.point5.L.y)+(Crop1_bbox_Lseam.bounds.L)}}
 name Crop1_bbox_Lseam
 selected true
 xpos 1347
 ypos 490
 addUserKnob {20 User}
 addUserKnob {3 bounds l buffer t "this sets the amount of image you see outside of the seam points.  Smaller will render faster but larger is easier to visualize."}
 bounds 50
OFXuk.co.thefoundry.furnace.f_wireremoval_v403 {
 inputs 2
 wireType "Five Points"
 onScreenWire Show
 showUI false
 output "Repair Matted"
 range "Source Clip Range"
 start 0
 end 100
 repairMethod "Clean Plate"
 filterSize 5
 tempOffset 1
 lumCorrect true
 lumBlockSize 23.04
 Points 1
 point1 {{curve x1 704.400028} {curve x1 345.6000137}}
 point2 {{curve x1 939.200014} {curve x1 460.7999725}}
 point3 {{curve x1 1174} {curve x1 576}}
 point4 {{curve x1 1408.800056} {curve x1 691.1999588}}
 point5 {{curve x1 1643.599972} {curve x1 806.3999863}}
 startWidth {{curve x1 11.52000046}}
 endWidth {{curve x1 11.52000046}}
 overallWidth 14
 wireRangeStartInternal 1
 wireRangeEndInternal 1
 isUserKeyFrame {{curve x1 51832}}
 cacheBreaker true
 name SeamLeft1
 selected true
 xpos 1347
 ypos 584

how would I bulletproof that expression so I’m not calling an absolute name but instead just a variable that points to the next node in the tree?

ya know, I’ve used "parent" before to get at the previous node, but what’s the syntax for the NEXT node?

basically I’m wanting to turn something like this:
min(SeamLeft1.point1.L.x,SeamLeft1.point2.L.x,Seam Left1.point3.L.x,SeamLeft1.point4.L.x,SeamLeft1.po int5.L.x)-(Crop1_bbox_Lseam.bounds.L)

into min(NEXTNODE.point1.L.x, … etc

because in this template I’m making, that expression will always need to point to the next node in the chain, but it just won’t always be named the same thing when it’s brought into an existing script (or if it’s brought in 2 times, etc)

big thanks for any pointers.

3D generalist reel, Fall 2010

Hello, I’m new here. Just finished my latest reel. All feedback is appreciated.

Thanks 🙂


Didn’t really have time to fix the continuity error and make the physics completely realistic but oh well…

Min-Avg-Max graph values?

Hi all,
Ok, although this question you would think, is "self explained",
I still am confused.
On my Parade graph, I have a Min- avg-max values.
Ok, I get that the min value is the lowest value of the sample, etc, etc…

But when sampling a color , which value is the "actual value" of the given sample region?
For example, If I select a small section of a wall, and I get MIN 127, AVG 150, Max 190, Which value is the sample?

Sorry for the stupid question, but I always ask myself this question when I’m shot matching.


VFX404 [WIP] – Cib

Weather is something I have wanted to experiment with for a wile now. It should be healthy challenging chance to learn some new things. I am already making lists of ideas of how I can create a storm scene convincingly.

The footage provided for this challenge will be a big determining factor of weather I enter or not, it if is a literal Zombie clip I may not enter (I am not a zombie fan, but depending, I do have some Ideas to un-zombify it) but anything else I should be able to work with. Here is hoping.

Understanding Stereoscopy

In this learning package artist shown you how to create cameras and prepare your scene for anaglyph stereo in 3ds Max

Making of Restaurant in Bordeaux

Pawel Podwojewski shows us how he done the project: Restaurant in Bordeaux by using Autodesk 3ds Max, Vray, and Adobe Photoshop.

Roto – Bezier tool is buggy??

Can someone please verify if they are having issues in Nuke 6.1 with the Roto-Bezier tool. I have been told in the studio just to use the Bezier node by itself.



Check out these weird, trippy, and all around badass illustrations – courtesy of Supercorn.