Site of the Week – Aviator Visual Effects

Site of the Week – Aviator Visual Effects

Aviator Visual Effects

In 2005, Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator made it to the annual visual effects Academy Awards Bake-Off. In conjunction with the film’s Bake-Off presentation, some of the key effects practitioners put together Aviator Visual Effects (, an amazing behind the scenes website showcasing the digital, practical and miniature effects used in the film. 

The site, which has been kept up and running since 2005, features written info from overall vfx supe Rob Legato, Sony Pictures Imageworks’ Peter Travers, New Deal Studios’ Matthew Gratzner and physical effects supe R. Bruce Steinheimer. On top of that, there’s a bunch of behind the scenes imagery showing how each type of effect was used to create the various plane sequences and info on the 2 strip and 3 strip Technicolor look of the film. Finally, and probably the most exciting aspect of the website, there’s a Screening Room containing QuickTime breakdowns of specific shots and effects work.

Coupled with coverage of The Aviator in Cinefex #101, Aviator Visual Effects is an amazing resource. If only every production had a site this good!

Sunrise refresh nothing special.

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Australian breakfast television news programme Sunrise received a major refresh this morning with new branding and a new set. The new look is neither a great step forward or back from the old, its just different enough that people might notice, but not enough of a significant improvement that anyone will really care.

Next time maybe..



Be sure to check out the latest from Shilo and their friends at GlobalHue Latino. An exploration in live-action, claymation, and imagination, this broadcast spot serves as an invitation for the Latino community to partake in the 2010 Census by using quirky characters and clay as a metaphor for building a dream community. If the Census is this fun then count us in! Make the jump for some behind the scenes action.

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“The Avatar of show opens” – Stephen Colbert

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The Emmy and Peabody award winning performance art and cultural phenomenon that is Stephen Colbert recently took his show into the world of high definition, and you know what that means.. a new opening sequence.

Produced by the New York based gang at Mr Wonderful, the new look is as delightfully jingoistic as the old, and a perfect way to start an almost perfect show.

Or as Stephen puts it in the press release they’ve “created the Avatar of show opens”… topical and funny, you’ve done it done Colbert.

Those crazy Danes. The absurd world of DR2.

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During a recent episode of Oprah (yeah thats right) I came to the realisation that Denmark might just be the coolest place on Earth, that said I’ve never been.

And if these messed up idents for public broadcaster DR2 are anything to go by, it’s probably also a very creative, perhaps absurd place.

According to Wikipedia the DR2 channel is something of a Danish version of BBC Four which might go someway to explaining the playfully insane and visually pleasing eight idents contained in the video.

– Produced by DR Design. Thanks for the tip Niels.