Montreux Jazz Festival 2017

We were commissioned by to create this trailer announcing lineup artists of Montreux Jazz festival 2017. Crédits : Client : Montreux Jazz Festival Direction : Design : Jonathan Djob Nkondo Animation : Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Wen Fan, nöbl Production : Musique : The good lie performed by Warhaus

The Boring Company | Tunnels

Dolby Presents: Escape, an animated short

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A cinematic poem about the world-changing power of invention, the short film Escape is the latest example of animated storytelling that showcases state-of-the-art Dolby technologies. Combining techniques such as miniatures and animation with the spectacular imaging of Dolby Vision and the moving audio of Dolby Atmos, Escape invites the audience to imagine and experience a joyous vision of the future. It is a story of persistence and passion that is intended to inspire individuals to never give up on their hopes and dreams.

After crash-landing on a desolate planet, a lone space explorer must find a way to make her new home habitable. The teenage heroine is an older version of the central character in our Emmy award–winning film, Silent, known there as “the Kid.” This intrepid character displays courage, passion, determination, and curiosity as she transforms the barren landscape she has found into a beautiful planet.

Singer Imogen Heap developed an original soundtrack that wraps the audience in Dolby Atmos sound, unveiling the lead character’s changing emotions as she faces the challenges of a dark, disturbed landscape and persists to transform it into a place of joy and delight.


Limbert Fabian
Brandon Oldenburg

Lampton Enochs
Vince Voron

Trish Farnsworth­Smith
Angus McGilpin

Wendell Riley

Calvin O’Neal Jr.

Imogen Heap

Nick Ryan

Alexis Michallek

Matt Desborough
Jurgen Scharpf

Adam Daniels
Graham Daniels

Point 1 Post

Real to Reel: The Craft Film Festival Trailer

Real to Reel: The Craft Film Festival returns to Picturehouse Central during London Craft Week with a typically eclectic programme from 2-4 May 2017. Produced by the Crafts Council and Crafts magazine, and in partnership with Picturehouse Central, this year’s festival again highlights the extraordinary talent and technique of the making and moving image communities. Book your tickets now:

DJI – Introducing the DJI Goggles

With unparalleled visuals and intuitive controls, DJI Goggles let you experience flight like never before.

DJI Goggles supports Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 series and Inspire series. Some functions will be adapted for different DJI Products.

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Cosmo Connected Full KS Movie VOST

Goku goes Super Saiyan 3 remastered HD (1080p)

(The views are over 9000!!!) The most epic transformation in the entire Dragonball Z series (in my opinion anyway). Enjoy, rate and comment. Oh and subscribe to! I do not own DBZ. All content copyright of the respective owners.

Goku Super Saiyan 4 Transformation ★★★★★

★★★★★ The Super Saiyan 4 form was achieved by Goku after transforming into a Golden Great Ape and regaining conscious control over the form.

Comment oses-tu frapper ma BULMA!!!!! avec Eric legrand

COPYRIGHT – Dragon Ball Z by © Toei Animation
COPYRIGHT – Dragon Ball by © Akira Troiyama – Shūeisha (Japan)
COPYRIGHT – Dragon Ball Super / Kai / GT by © Toei Animation – Kazé France

Le meilleur moment de battle of gods ( oui mieux que le super sayan god) avec la magnifique voix d’Eric LEGRAND, qui est, pour moi le meilleur doubleur ( comédien) de tous les personnages de dbz et même des mangas fr

Alien: Covenant x Audi lunar quattro

Audi presents a suspenseful short film featuring the Audi lunar quattro as an integral part of the Alien: Covenant colonization mission. Besides providing exploration and research support, it also patrols the ship for unseen dangers. One night, an unidentified presence in the ship’s Terraforming Bay prompts it to investigate what might be lurking in the dark.

Exploring the unknown. The Audi lunar quattro. With intelligent technologies.

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