The making of ILM’s caricature

cariFor Dragonheart (released in 1996), ILM needed a facial animation system. So they made one and called it Caricature (they almost called it ‘Fanny’). Here’s a new retro vfx piece at Cartoon Brew.

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival to be held from 25 to 30 October this year with ‘Landscape and Habitat’ theme

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival will take place from 25 until 30 October at EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam. The extensive program will present feature films, compilation programs of animated shorts from all over the world, premieres, sneak previews, talks, installations, workshops, masterclasses, and more. On Sunday 30 October there will be special programs for children, with animated shorts and activities such as arts and crafts, and a drawing contest.

Special focus: Nature and landscapes

With the theme ‘Landscape and Habitat’, the festival puts the spotlight on animations that focus on landscapes and the way people relate to them. Films and special events about the relationship between man and his surroundings — sometimes harmonic, sometimes very dangerous — in an attempt to showcase the endless versatility of animation. Besides feature films, presentations and short film compilations, the theme will also be expressed through a special exhibition of animated paintings by a range of international artists. There will also be an interactive three-dimensional landscape which visitors can make evolve; this process will be recorded in a time-lapse video. A special cycling tour will take visitors to three locations in North Amsterdam, where they will watch a film that matches their surroundings.KILK

International competition

Heart of the festival’s program is the international competition for animated shorts. The event will also present choicest animated shorts from all over the world. These films will be competing for the ‘KLIK! Award’. Until 15 June 2016 animators can submit their work for the ninth edition of KLIK! Last year the festival received over 1800 entries from 80 countries.

Exclusive premiere of Sync

KLIK! will also premiere the documentary, Sync (2016). Filmmakers Joop van den Beucken and Bob van der Houven will explore the world of Dutch dubbing of animated films, in collaboration with the creators of the nostalgic online series Stemmen van Toen (Voices From the Past). Through interviews with voice actors, directors, translators, technicians and studio directors Sync will highlight the present and past of this creative industry, and its impact on the Dutch social landscape. After the screening there will be Q&A with the makers and/or actors.

The Powerpuff Girls: New episodes

In collaboration with Cartoon Network, KLIK! will also bring brand new episodes of the popular animated series The Powerpuff Girls. The series first aired in the 90s and has been revamped this year. After the screening there will be a Q&A with one of the makers.



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effects MTL 2016 to showcase behind the VFX scenes of X-Men Apocalypse; kicks off from 1 June

The team at effects MTL is excited to announce the screening of X-Men Apocalypse on 1 June, 2016 at effects MTL at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, only a few days after the official global release of the film in cinemas. The film will be preceded by an exclusive panel discussion between the audience and three experts who worked on the film’s visual effects – VFX supervisor Anders Langlands, and CG supervisor at MPC James Rustad, will be joined by VFX supervisor at 20th Century Fox Matt Sloan.

Attendees will get the exclusive opportunity to ask their questions to creative experts prior to the screening as well learn which sequences were the most complicated to complete, which tools were used to create specific shots for the film and much more.

X-Men Apocalypse Keynote

effects MTL is also very glad to be welcoming some of the VFX team behind X-Men Apocalypse that will be presenting their keynote – VFX of X-Men Apocalypse – Atomising Cairo on 2 June, as a complement to the movie screening being held the previous day.

Jerome Escobar (CG Supervisor at MPC), Joan Panis (FX Director at MPC) and Matt Sloan (VFX Supervisor at 20th Century Fox) will reveal the technical tricks behind how they created the visual effects for some of the most action packed and chaotic scenes in the upcoming X-Men Apocalypse movie where the entire city of Cairo is completely atomised.

X men apocalypse 1

A small sample of what else is happening at effects MTL 2016

– 1st June: Keynote – Deadpool’s Action Opener, by Ryan Tudhope, Atomic Fiction

– 1st June: The art of pitching for Hollywood, by Lori Nelson (Warner Bros) et Blanca Lista (Jim Henson Company)

– 2nd June: Closing Session – The Character behind the Animator, by Lino DiSalvo, ON Animation Studios

– 1st – 2nd June: Free job fair (free access granted upon sending of CV)

The first effects MTL event took place in June 2015 and attracted more than 1,000 attendees including 312 businesses. There were also 330 attendees looking for partners and clients in the Business Lounge and more than 100 potential employees participating in the job fair. The conference program contained 31 talks presented by 60 international speakers.

effects MTL is the biggest international conference for the VFX and animation industries on the North East Coast of America. The conferences, panels and live demos run on 4 main themes – VFX, Animation, Art and Technology and Business and Production.

This year, the Expo Zone will showcase 30 of the biggest players in the local and international industry including Atomic Fiction, Cinesite, Rodeo FX, Popcorn FX, ON Animation Studios, Squeeze Studio Animation, Félix & Paul, Lost Boys Studios, Double Negative, Method Studio, Hybride Technologies…and also redchillies.VFX from India.


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BMW Innovation

BMW in the UK is celebrating the 100 year anniversary with BMW Innovation, a series of striking press adverts that demonstrate the innovative technology available within the range of cars. In an unusual departure from traditional car advertising, the press adverts do not feature a car at all; instead, a road is seen from the perspective of the driver, set in three dramatic landscapes. Each execution demonstrates a different function of the car and how this advanced technology makes driving as enjoyable as possible. All copy reiterates the messaging of the 100 year celebrations, which highlights the brilliance of BMW technology and look towards the next 100 years of ‘Ultimate Driving Pleasure’. The adverts run as a series, accompanied by a final advert of a BMW, featuring the 100 year anniversary signet and the caption ‘No Other Car is More Connected.’ The series is connected to the site,

BMW Innovation print ad - Intelligent Emergency Call - A car that calls for help when you can't

BMW Innovation print ad - Lane Departure Alert - A car that never wanders even when your eyes do
BMW Innovation print ad - Head Up Display - A car that puts the information here
BMW Innovation print ad - No other car more connected

Intelligent Emergency Call

The road is seen sideways, as it would to the driver if the car had turned in a crash. Copy explains that BMW’s accident-proof communications will automatically contact the BMW call centre if an accident occurs. “A car that calls for help when you can’t”.

Lane Departure Warning

The positioning of the copy is tiered, forcing the eyes to move across the page to representing how BMW technology can alert the driver if the vehicle strays outside the lane. “A car that never wanders even when your eyes do”.

Head Up Display

This technology projects the driver’s speed, directions and collision warnings through windshield and onto the driver’s line of vision. In the ad, the copy is positioned on the road, and also positioned on the dashboard shown in the shot, to highlight how prominent the differences in the positions are to a driver. “A car that puts the information here”.

BMW Innovation Credits

The BMW 100 Year campaign was developed at FCB Inferno, London, by creative team Nick O’Bryan-Tear and Neil Durber, planner Ben Jaffe, designer Alex Gill, digital retoucher Richard Bagley, chief creative officer Owen Lee, senior account director Hannah Slater and senior account manager Kirsten Barnes.

Anton Alfy | Showreel 2016

My university graduation showreel! The song is wonderful Across The Sky by Johnny Rock All the visuals in the showreel are produced by myself, including filming, for either personal project or university. 00:06 – 00:15, 00:53 – 01:00 – Welcome to Almaty 00:16 – 00:19 – 3D Old Trafford, filled in with some Populate people 00:20 – 00:25, 00:34 – 00:52 – Every journey should be an Adventure (final university project) 00:26 – 00:27 – Super Fergie 00:04 – 00:05, 00:28 – 00:33 – Little personal projects Like it, get in touch!


A Sunday in East LA. The vibe, the look, the colors. Those places people call home. Music: John Tejada / Video: Clément Oberto Lakewood Drive EP: Find more about the video in Los Angeles Times:

Silicon Valley Season 3, Ep. 1 My Aviato Outtakes (HBO)

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One last ride in the Dodge Viper

The Dodge Viper is scheduled to end production next year — but this dinosaur of a car still has a few tricks up its sleeves. Jason Harper takes it for a spin at the Monticello Motor Club.


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The real secret to sushi isn't fish

Here’s how it rolled from rice paddies into your burrito.

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Video by Gina Barton

One ingredient has been a staple in sushi for over a thousand years—but it began in southeast Asia as a fish preservation method. Farmers would catch fish in rice paddies during the monsoon season. The caught fish were then pickled by salting the entire fish, packing it with cooked rice and weights, and sealing it in a barrel. This method helped prevent the fish from spoiling and gave the fish umami, the savory flavor. It wasn’t until this preservation method made its way to Japan, during the 8th century, did the rice began to be eaten with the fish. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app.

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Cooks: "You won’t Instagram my food, but you’ll eat it." | This Is That | CBC

This is That’s new series Cooks goes into the mind of cook Trev Daley of Classy’s Bar & Grill to find out why he thinks frozen chicken fingers are the perfect food.
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Cooks: “You won’t Instagram my food, but you’ll eat it.” | This Is That | CBC