Nuke render slows down after eating up all the ram.

Hi y’all,

I am using Nuke 5.2v1 64Bit on Windoze Vista 64 on 4 separate machines to render a variety of jobs over a network etc.

The common issue with all machines is that Nuke starts rendering fast, even on very large projects is that after 10-20 frames and it has filled up all the available RAM (4-6GB), then all 8 cores of the CPU sit around 2-4%.

Every time without fail on all machines and all projects.

If I restart the project half way through, again it starts off fast then slows down after it has filled the RAM up.

This is after reinstalls, new machines, and different network configs. It’s definitely a Nuke issue.

It seems there is some kind of buffer clearing problem.

If I could automatically purge the cache/buffer every x frames, it should blast through the renders easily. I cant find any option to do that.

Can you do this?

Anyone else with this issue?

I’ve searched this forum and cant find a single reference to this problem I have on all the machines I’ve ever used Nuke on… strange right? Maybe its just me.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Adope Premiere Alternative Program?

*Adobe Premiere Alternative Program?*

Hey guys I was wondering if there was a free program that can do pretty much all that Adobe Premiere can do.

Thanks alot guys I have some AVIs and audio tracks I need to combine into one.

Urban Abstract

Urban Abstract is a journey across urban space that unfolds in forty, 5 second parts… A beautiful digital piece for a Finnish TV channel – TV Nelonen.

Workstation layout issues

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for some help regarding workstation layout, and minimizing an overuse injury I’ve sustained.

I work for a TV station as a broadcast designer, and since being here have been working all day, everyday at the desk.

I pushed it too hard and now have a neck/back overuse injury relating to posture, and have a compo case running, seeing physio etc.

Biggest problem we have is fixing the workstation so as to minimise stress on my body (for everyones benefit) and as use the tablet alot, the mouse also, and obviously the keyboard, it’s hard finding that balance.

So here is an image of my workstation (it’s always this clean, honest ;))

I’m a right handed pen user, have switched the mouse to my left, and use AE and 3D apps mostly, so left hand on keyboard for modifier keys etc.

This drawer we have had fit is causing me to have to lift my left arm all the time and is causing new stress.

HR is suggesting we go with a cutdown keyboard (no number pad) and have stuff (L to R) mouse, keyboard, tablet

Any suggestions on a better layout? Any tips or advice?

Thanks alot!


Ninja Assassin breakdowns at AWNtv

Ninja Assassin breakdowns at AWNtv.

Givin’ Up


Lifelong Friendship Society crafts an existential allegory of angst for One Eskimo in a new music video, Givin’ Up. With a finely tuned color-palette, minimal illustration style and expressive animation, they tell an emotionally charged story of an abstract character that journeys through puzzle-like scenes of conveyor belts, revolving doors, and an ever-changing landscape of new challenges. Is it a game? Is it work? Can he keep going? Will he just give up? The two-man team of Creative Director / Designer Travis Spangler and Animator Sid Seed made quite a strong short film for One Eskimo, responding to the emotion in the song and coming up with a cohesive vision that fits its mood of melancholy and frustration.

Posted on Motionographer

Mike Abbink

Gorgeous brand identity and typography, courtesy of Mike Abbink.

Question about an effect!! Please help!!

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum still alittle new to this board

Just wondering if anyone on here would happen to know which effect/plugin was used to create the effects in this video?

Tool Connection Menu


I’ve watch the "Eight Small Changes" clip on Youtube and unfortunately, I can’t seem to get to get the Tool Connection Menu feature to work (holding down the control Key while making the connection)….
Is it supposed to work?….

Thanks for letting me know if the feature is not working, or if I’m doing something wrong!


Buying a Desktop (Dont know anything about computers)

OK. I admit I don’t know a whole lot about computers… I mean I’m fine using one no problem. But as far as whats going on behind the scenes, No clue!

I work as a VFX artist for a Game company and I usually have a sweet big powerful PC provided up at work. I dono whats in there 🙂

I’m looking at doing some fume fx and particle flow and afterburn stuff at home. My PC is old and needs to retire. Money isn’t that big a deal since this is my career now. and I need speed processing these particles/simulations, nice rendering time would be good too.

So I was thinking of just going to my local Frys or Best Buy and asking for a powerful PC!! 😛 But then I though I better ask some professionals.

So my question: Is there some desktop out there already built that I could buy that would handle this stuff with ease? If so could anyone point me in the right direction?