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‘Borderlands 3’ is set to have over a billion guns

Gearbox recently announced Borderlands 3 to the world with an impactful trailer full of personality and the Borderlands style that gamers were enamoured by last-generation. Borderland fans can’t contain the excitement. That said, while Gearbox dished a trailer boasts of a fair amount of the game, it didn’t really reveal any additional critical details. There’s no word on platforms, though you’d assume the game is coming to this-gen systems, and potentially next-gen systems as well. There’s information of a release date.

According to Gearbox, what’s particularly appealing, Borderlands 3 will have over 100 million guns. Wait, no, the trailer says the game will have over one billion guns.  This won’t be one billion unique guns, but one billion permutations. As you will know, Borderlands spells loot and gun customization, and apparently, there will be a lot of it this time around.

In Borderlands 2 there were about 17 million different guns you could pack. If this is the case, then other looter-shooters are about to look tame in comparison.

Gearbox has promised more information next month.  Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no word of a release date or specific platforms, but Gearbox did tease more information will come on 3 April 2018.



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‘Dream11’ signs-up with seven IPL teams and cricketers for its marketing campaign

Dream11 has signed up seven cricket stars and partnered with seven IPL franchise teams as part of its multi-channel marketing campaign during IPL. For in-stadium fan engagement in every IPL match, Dream11 has created an in-match quiz for fans called the Dream11 Game Changing Quiz.

The winner along with a friend gets to enjoy the IPL Hospitality experience as an upgrade and in addition to this, the winner also will be handing over the trophy and cheque in the post-match presentation ceremony to the player who has been selected as the Dream11 GameChanger of the Match.

The seven IPL teams are Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Delhi Capitals, Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab. In addition to MS Dhoni who is Dream11’s brand ambassador, the seven new cricketers signed up are Jasprit Bumrah, Rishabh Pant, Dinesh Karthik, AB de Villiers, Rashid Khan, Ajinkya Rahane and R Ashwin. Apart from the brand campaign films with the advertising idea of Ye Game Hai Mahaan, Dream11 has also created engaging TV and digital content featuring the seven cricketers that will amplify the user’s interest for the next day’s fantasy cricket action.

The team logos and player images will make strong and impactful appearances in the Dream11 product and also be featured in product-based advertising on TV and several digital platforms.

Talking about the tie-ups and fan engagement, Dream11 chief marketing officer, said, “This IPL season, we have come out with a holistic approach to our marketing campaign that comprises of brand advertising films along with product led content on several platforms. The newly signed cricket stars along with our deals with the IPL franchise teams means that we are bringing alive the IPL experience in a unique way for Dream11 fans.”

Dream11 has recently become the ‘Official Partner’ of VIVO IPL for the next 4-years starting with 2019 IPL. Dream11 is also managing the ‘Official Fantasy Game’ of IPL.

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Its confirmed, ‘The Joker’ will be an Origin Story

Gotham’s most grotesque archvillain is The Joker is getting his own individual movie in the DC universe. Not taking a cue from the version we’ve already seen from Suicide Squad, the new movie will introduce a fresh interpretation of the character played by Joaquin Phoenix.


Since comedian and actor, Marc Maron also has come on board, and he recently revealed new details about what fans can expect. The actor shared that The Joker is going to be an origin story for the Clown Prince of Crime.

Joaquin Phoenix

 “I think it’s a very interesting approach to this world,” Maron explained to NME. “I’ve been somewhat judgemental when it comes to comic book movies and I’ve got a little pushback in the press for being a hypocrite. Whatever I think, if you get a call and someone says, ‘Hey do you wanna do a scene with Robert De Niro and Joaquin Phoenix?’ your principals fall to the wayside.”

He further explained that director Todd Phillips is using the opportunity to dig deep into the psyche of the character, much like the original graphic novels Joker and The Killing Joke.

“If it’s relative to what I think of Marvel movies then it’s like, ‘Yeah, of course, I’m gonna do that’. Oddly, it’s not that kind of movie. The approach that Todd Phillips has taken is more of an origin story and a character study of a mentally ill person that becomes The Joker,” Maron said. “It’s more of an intimate and gritty movie with a very specific scope. It’s going to be really interesting to see how it comes out.”

The Joker premieres in theatres on 4 October 2019.

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Tencent releases data driven insights to improve mobile games development

Tencent Games unveiled it’s Common Research and Development and Operation System (CROS) at this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Holding a special keynote at the event for the first time, Tencent Games gave insights into how the CROS products support mobile game development, from mobile games creation and operation including automated testing, components, anti-cheating, and eSports network quality optimization.

Tencent Games CROS currently supports more than 200 leading mobile games globally with their products including WeTest, G6 (Game R&D Solutions), INO (Intelligent Network Optimization) and Tencent’s security system MTP. More products are in place and actively used by partners such as Epic Games, Bluehole, Miniclip, Supercell and Garena.

The key takeaway from the session was how CROS products helped reduce costs and increased productivity with less time and manpower required to perform traditional tasks such as optimization and testing.

The session was met with positive reactions from the audience. The Keynote focused on how CROS implementation helps in four key aspects from testing and ongoing optimization to anti-cheating and network optimization that allows for top quality eSports gaming.

The CROS team provided some examples of how CROS systems were implemented into the deployment of PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor:


WeTest tested TOP 500 phone models, covering more than 90 per cent of game users reducing the time needed for wide testing.

WeTest provided SR penetration testing which significantly decreased the vulnerability risks before the game launched.

MTP protects PUBG Mobile’s security environment and won the recognition of players.

7X24 lag-free, as smooth as consoles, with the help of G6 Tcaplus reducing 90 per cent of the testing time and human labour needed for optimisation.

Globalized deployment within one-click of the mobile terminal to support users’ cross-continental distribution and game competition, allowing games to reduce the average tournament latency by 90per cent; internet stabilization usability reached 99.9 per cent, which meets the requirements of mobile esports.

Clear vocal and audio quality provided by GVoice helps players achieve better game results. PUBG Mobile global connection ratio is over 99.8per cent and crashes ratio below five out of 100 thousand.

Arena of Valor

7X24 disfluency-free, as smooth as consoles, with the help of G6 Tcaplus.

Quickly responds to rapid online player growth from events.

Keeps fluent and strong synchronisation of game screens and records the movements among players.

Supports instant gameplay and version updates by meeting higher quality demands from users.

Tencent Games’ CROS is set to continue its technology research and development to provide developers with the latest innovative gaming development technologies and solutions. With 5G and the expansion into cloud gaming, the services that CROS provides and continues to develop will help craft the future of mobile games development for the foreseeable future.

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USP Studios’ Kids TV crosses 10 Million subscribers, earns the coveted Diamond Play Button from YouTube

With over 53 million subscribers across their channels, USP Studios has been growing leaps and bounds, establishing themselves as leaders in the kids content creation space. Their flagship channel, ‘Kids TV’  has surpassed the ten million subscribers’ mark, creating a strong community of viewers. To celebrate this landmark achievement, the video-sharing giant YouTube has honoured USP Studios with the Diamond Play Button. The Diamond Play Button is an honour conferred by YouTube.

Uday Singh, Founder, USP Studios commented, “It is a proud moment for us to receive the Diamond Play Button from YouTube and we couldn’t be happier. The button is a quality certification, a mark of the immense work that every member at USP Studios has put in to reach this subscriber base and an encouragement to keep striving for more. It is also a huge responsibility because our animations and our characters are reaching millions of people around the world. By working closely with our platform partners, we will continue to grow our global community and entertain new audiences from all around the world.”

USP Studios received a letter straight from the YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki which stated, “The fact is, you’re no longer just a great channel. You’re a movement. You’ve clearly touched a nerve in the world, and you’ve found a legion of fans who expect – and receive – great things from you. You amaze us and inspire us every day.  Keep it coming.”

 USP Studios has over 50 million subscribers and 30 billion viewers across their channels, appealing to kids the world over. Driven by the concept of edutainment, USP Studios aims to create a strong bond with their customers and consumers through meaningful content that is a source of entertainment and learning simultaneously.

USP Studios has been constantly expanding their subscriber base through new content, partnerships and collaborations, making a strong foothold in the kids’ content industry.

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‘CricPlay’ unveils new fantasy cricket platform with Gautam Gambhir as brand ambassador

CricPlay,  has unveiled India’s first free fantasy cricket platform that allows gamers to pick their favourite XI cricketers from both the teams of an upcoming match, create their own fantasy team and play cricket on the app and win cash awards. Launched on Android and Web, the new app has been introduced with three new formats – fantasy leagues, super leagues’and daily predictions.

CricPlay business head, Gaurav Sarin said, “We are excited to launch the first edition of CricPlay, a first-of-its-kind free fantasy cricket app. At CricPlay, we believe that in a nation like ours where cricket is a religion, online games like ours are for everyone to enjoy. Our app has received an incredible response from cricket lovers across India – more than a million users have already downloaded our app and we are one of the highest rated Indian Fantasy Gaming apps in the country today. Our team is working hard to bring more exciting developments for the Indian cricket fan community really soon.”

The game has invited cricketing legend Gautam Gambhir as the official brand ambassador for its inaugural ‘Ab India Khelega’ campaign. The company is also hosting T20-themed challenger leagues which is for closed group leagues for users to compete with other users on the app that will offer them the chance to win several prizes.

Sarin added, “We are excited to have a legend like Gautam onboard with us in our journey to bring world-class fantasy gaming to India. His passion for the game is at the core of CricPlay, and ‘Ab India Khelega’ is aimed at pivoting fantasy games from the current transactional nature of spending money to play, to playing for the love and joy of Cricket where all fans are welcome irrespective of their ability to spend”

Commenting on his association with CricPlay, Gautam Gambhir said, “As Indians, we have been united in our collective love for cricket regardless of income and age group. CricPlay’s ‘Ab India Khelega’ has resonated with me for the same reason – it’s the country’s first fantasy gaming app that breaks these barriers of entry and allows anyone and everyone to experience fantasy cricket for free. I’m confident it would emerge as a platform that validates our nation’s love for the game.”

In the fantasy league format, the app allows users the choice to play with other gamers across the country and win money, create private contests and invite their friends or join the ones created by them and compete with them in the same fantasy format. Every team scores points basis the actual performance of the player picked during the match, and the highest scoring teams win.

Superleague is real gameplay where gamers can select a team per game per match and select power-ups like substitution, captain changer or vice-captain changer for an enhanced gaming experience. In daily predictions, gamers leverage their cricketing knowledge to determine a winning outcome before the match starts and win cash provided they have the highest daily consecutive correct prediction.



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Dissertation Abstract Writing Tips

Composing a dissertation summary is equally extremely crucial as dissertation it self, people that wonder exactly what a dissertation subjective is, even because these specimens would be the most useful teachers to simply help. It is logical such a great numbers of portions of living and notably in schooling which amazing forecasts or good instances of the particular piece of writing creating a great learning door. We know from perusing the terrific job of very good writers in order the occasion you have to earn a lively for the own paper, there’s no greater solution of carrying from the specialization of very good peer-reviewed job compared to simply by looking at evaluations unreservedly obtainable on the web or maybe even at your faculty or faculty library. You are able to tell from the opinions offered from the manager the job you’re perusing can be a example of significance. Perusing newspaper abstracts that are inadequately written wont assist you to boost your own assignments accordingly discover some wonderful examples and also examine them all over.

The very ideal direction is that wont write your newspaper subjective and soon you’ve accomplished your dissertation. Yet there certainly are some people who hope that you can write its parts despite writing true dissertation. Since you create a remarkable stage or significant devotion to a thesis, even at a separate report or about another piece of newspaper that you take note of all vital points which is going to appear in summary.

In almost any instance, what to cover exclusive attention whilst writing intangible are extremely easy and comprise exactly the corresponding.

  • What are you contained on your dissertation?
  • What advice you’ve counted on your dissertation?
  • The way you’re getting to produce your dissertation?
  • What are you heard focusing in your own dissertation?
  • How important will be the discoveries of both dissertation?

Now because you analyze different specimens of different abstracts, you should accomplish as like this specific run down of queries near youpersonally. You are able to then build your very own special abstract by giving answers to the very same queries. Remember that subjective is much greater compared to normal variant of one’s newspaper but it’s a job on its very own special form.

Anyone perusing summary should truly have a comprehensive belief on exactly what exactly your newspaper is all about. The magnificence of the good Profession outline is it gets you will need to subtract the completed dissertation. The best way to write it could be commanded with imagining the queries previously.

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Netflix plans Oscar-qualifying theatrical run for original animated series ‘Klaus’

Netflix original series Klaus is getting a theatrical run in an effort to qualify it for the Oscars.

The streaming giant announced the news at Netflix’s Hollywood headquarters during the two-day Netflix Labs event last week which also included a small press preview of the film’s selected footage.

An origin story of the make-believe portly do-gooder, the animation comedy is set in a small village and follows the friendship between a young local lad and a toymaker named Klaus.

Directed by Despicable Me creator Sergio Pablos, the stellar voice-cast of the Klaus includes Jason Schwartzman, Rashida Jones, J.K. Simmons and Joan Cusack.

Even though the dates of the release haven’t yet been revealed, Netflix is touted to open the movie in cinemas during this year’s Christmas holiday season.

This would also be the streaming behemoth’s first original animated feature, though it is to be followed by other projects such as Pinocchio, Escape From Hat, My Father’s Dragon and Over the Moon, all of which are still in production.

Klaus is being produced at The Spa Studios, in Madrid, alongside co-production partner Atresmedia Cine. James Baxter, who supervised the animation on Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, is serving as director of character animation.

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