Dompé Rarest Ones

February 28 is World Rare Disease Day. Dompé, a biopharmaceutical company which invests in researching cures for rare diseases, has worked with Italian Federation for Rare Diseases, UNIAMO F.I.M.R., to launch “The Rarest Ones”, a film connecting the dangers faced by endangered animals with the dangers faced by people with rare diseases. 22 year old Tommaso Gallupi, who suffers from the rare disease hyperphenylalaninemia, appears nude in the scenic surroundings of Lazio, Abruzzo and the Canary Islands. The film highlights how campaigns to raise awareness of the possible danger of extinction of some species of wildlife – such as a polar bears, seals, dophins, whales – attract significant media attention and can provoke a reaction of sympathy and indignation. In comparison, rare diseases in humans receive less attention from the media and are little known by the public. It is estimated that in Europe, about 24-36 million people are affected by a rare disease. In the US, it is estimated that number is around 25 million.

Dompe Rarest Ones Beach scene

Tommaso Galluppi has become the official ambassador of the campaign. “I had no hesitation in agreeing to take part in this film. It was not easy because I had to bare not only my body, but also my soul, my personal experience with the world of rare diseases. I found myself shooting in the desert, in the snow, in caves and in water,” commented Tommaso. “I was looking for a ‘solid’ way of giving voice to people like me who struggle every day – and I found it in this project”.


The Dompé Rarest Ones campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi Milan by regional creative director John Pallant, executive creative director Agostino Toscana, creative directors/art directors Alessandro Orlandi, Manuel Musilli, copywriters Antonio Di Battista and Leonardo Cotti, senior digital strategist Stefano Caridi, agency producer Erica Lora-Lamia, and account manager Francesca Bertocco working with Dompé team Eugenio Aringhieri, Alessandro Aquilio, Laura Sprea and Benedetta Bitozzi.

Filming was shot by director Roberto Saku Cinardi via Al One with director of photography Luca Esposito, executive producer Alan Vele, editor Marcello Saurino, FX artist Luca Della Grotta, line producer Riccardo Cesarini, production manager Domiziana De Fulvio, production coordinator Silvia Dragonetti. Colorist was Claudio Beltrami at BAND with producer Andrea Bomba.

Sound and music was produced by Guido Smider and Michele Caiati. Audio production was done at General Jingles.

PR was handled by MSL Group. Social media was handled by Ambito5.

Black Bear Moon

A newly married girl finds a bear shape paperweight while packing to move out of her parents’ house. It is a key to unlock her childhood memories with her grandpa and a black bear. 惠惠在搬家整理行李的時候,找到了爺爺心愛的黑熊紙鎮,同時也是惠惠小時候最好的朋友:阿墨。雖然爺爺總是把紙鎮收在玻璃櫃裡,惠惠總是把阿墨當成玩伴帶在身邊,不論是洗澡、看書的時間、躲貓貓。阿墨好像參與惠惠所有的童年生活。 Directors: Ta-Wei Chao, Tsai-Chun Han Animation: Ta-Wei Chao Art Design: Tsai-Chun Han Advisor: Wei-Chung Chang Music: Chien-Yu Huang Sound Design: Yin He Voice: I-Ming Yen Color: Benett Kim, Shu-Yi Chiou, Hsiao-Hsuan Lin, Milan Hu, Chih-Chieh Hsu, Kuan Tien Chen, I-Ming Yen, Chiao-Mei Cheng, Yu-Chi Liu 導演:趙大威 美術:韓采君 指導老師:張維忠 音樂:黃乾育 音效:何茵 旁白:閻衣明 上色:金暎浩、邱書怡、林筱烜、胡博閎、許智傑、陳寬恬、閻衣明、鄭巧玫、劉郁祺

What Colour Is This Dress? (SOLVED with SCIENCE)

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Adam Savage's Overlook Hotel Maze Model

Watch our in-depth discussion of this maze build here:

Over the span of a month, Adam designed and built an accurate replica of the hedge maze architectural model from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. The maze model, as seen in The Overlook Hotel, is only seen briefly, but reference screenshots from throughout the film allowed Adam to painstakingly recreate it. The project ended up as one of Adam’s more labor-intensive builds in recent memory!

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli

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Finding Love After a Heart Transplant | A Strong Beat

Erin Roberts thought her world had ended when her brother Kellen died suddenly at 22. His organs were donated—and Connor Rabinowitz received his heart in a transplant. After Erin and Connor met, what unfolded was a love story that no one could have anticipated.

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Finding Love After a Heart Transplant | A Strong Beat

Starring: Erin Roberts and Connor Rabinowitz
Director: Dan Addelson

Producer, Director, Editor: Dan Addelson
Producer: Nate Barr – Curator Pictures
Camera: Brian Frank
Colorist: Andrew Francis – Sixteen19
Original Music: David Irelan
Assistant Editors: Amanda Tuttle, Rachel Penner
Sound Mixer: Ryan Villareal
Title Illustration: Jeremy Lynch

Archive footage courtesy of Fox 9 KMSP
Music: Jinglepunks

Meet Tomatan, a wearable robot that feeds you tomatoes as you run

A Japanese vegetable juice company has designed a new a wearable robot that dispenses tomatoes for people to eat while on the go.

Tomatan is a robot that can be worn as a backpack. Weighing 8kg (18 pounds), it features a tomato shaped head with a mouth that opens to dispense the tomato into circular metal arms that then come down over the person’s mouth to feed them a tomato.

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Chas and Dave – Margate (1982)

The official promo video for ‘Margate’, released as a single in the summer of 1982.


This is the second film in series called “ON THE ROAD” in collaboration w/ MR PORTER & BELSTAFF. Watch as Mercedes-Benz restoration specialist Mr J G Francis puts a 1973 250C Coupé through its paces in the California desert MR PORTER article : DEVOUR article : CLIENT : MR PORTER X BELSTAFF Director & DP : Cale Glendening Producer : Elizabeth Brissenden 1st AC : William Carnahan Editor : Cale Glendening Sound Design & Final Mix : Defacto Sound Location Sound Mixer : Michael “Rusty” Eagle-Hall Color : John Carrington Aerial Operators: Beyond LA Productions Pilot : Pat Kerby Gimbal Operator : Max Kerby Set Supervisor : Erin Granat Music: Salomon Ligthelm “Lives Are Threads”

'Close' Directed By Geoffrey Taylor, Commissioned By Film London

SYNOPSIS: On the week of Charlie’s 13th Birthday he makes a terrible discovery that brings him closer to his Father. OFFICIAL SELECTION; BFI Film Festival, Encounters Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, Chaktomuk Short Film Festival, Cambodia, New Vision Film Festival, Kiev, Krakow short film Festival, Poland. Sao Paulo Film Festival,Brazil. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival. This film is still available for festivals and screenings – if you’re interested please get in contact. CREW Written, Directed: Geoffrey Taylor Produced: Fiona Lamptey Associate Producer: Sam George Cinematography: Nick Cooke Production Designer: Matt Sharp Editor: Fiona DeSouza Composer: Matt Kelly Supervising Sound Editor: Stevie Haywood Sound Designer: Raoul Brand CAST Charlie Jamie F Glover Dad David Doyle Louise Ella Lane Mum Nicola Harrison

Clipping – "Summertime"

A film about identity. Directed and edited by Carlos Lopez Estrada Produced by Ian Blair Co-Producer: Alissa Torvinen Cinematography: Nicholas Weisnet VFX: Tanner Merrill Additional Editing/Supervisor: Taylor Brusky 8-bit animation: Thomas Bailey Sound design: Michael O’Connor AC: Jared Wennberg 2nd Unit: Zora Ellis (director), Ben Mullinkosson (DP), Paul Santagada, Max Belin, Naheem Adio Additional Photography: Todd Banhazl, Carlos Lopez Estrada