Baz Luhrmann’s Australia.. the ident.

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As part of the massive marketing effort to promote to Baz Luhrmann’s new flick Australia, the Nine Network has been running a series of line-ups and idents themed around the movie. The odd combination of an epic film, and a line up featuring Two and a Half Men doesn’t exactly make sense, but very little does on Nine.

VFX Co For Sale on Ebay


File under now I’ve seen everything, there is an entire VFX company for sale on eBay right now. For a mere $500,000 (15% back if you use your eBay master card) you too can join the ranks of…

Companies like Pixar, and Dreamworks are making millions of dollars in this industry and building tremendous wealth for their owners.

The description also claims

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in breaking into the VFX industry and making their mark on Hollywood and the movie industry. You will own your own studio and have the opportunity to start producing the kind of work that is featured in Hollywood blockbuster films. This will also be your opportunity to become a Hollywood insider, building and developing connections and contacts in the prestigious movie industry.

The best part of the whole deal, the place is in Thailand. Half a mil to be a real honest to goodness Hollywood fatcat? Count me in and pass the Phở!

LINK to the auction on eBay

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Cannes Lions T-shirt Grand Prix competition

UNIQLO is running their Cannes Lions T-shirt Grand Prix competition

Freeview’s simultaneous Australian launch.

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At 6:29pm tonight Freeview came to Australia. The new digital platform (aka marketing ploy) launched across the five free to air networks in an effort to band together and promote the benefits of digital terrestrial television.

The Freeview concept has been a strong part of the digital take up in the UK since its launch in 2002, with New Zealand following with a similar campaign in 2007.

I’m sure Australia’s equivalent of Penelope Keith will be spruiking set top boxes and multi channel goodness to a confused public in no time.

One day like this, on the BBC.

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Ninety second promo for the BBC’s latest batch of new drama. Featuring the likes of Survivors, Little Dorrit, Spooks, Einstein and Eddington, Consuming Passion, Apparitions, Wallander and In Love with Barbara.

All set to the Elbow’s tune “One Day Like This”.

Sweet Gifs

It’s been around for a while, but I just couldn’t stop clicking through these sweet gifs

Bryan Dalton

Bryan Dalton produces freelance photo illustration and design

Izzie Klingels

Illustration and design stylings of Izzie Klingels found via Dumb Eyes

Toshiba makes a very cool ad. Watch out Sony.

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Shot using 200 cameras, and costing £3 million, this new commercial from Toshiba employs a new filming technique dubbed “timesculpture“, an evolution of the “bullet time” method made famous by The Matrix.

Like any good ident, I like a commercial to be elaborate, ambitious, and just a little bit pointless. Toshiba ticks all the boxes with this new ad, and while clearly a play to get the kind of buzz generated by the brilliant Sony Bravia commercials, this spot is a notable effort, and reminded me that Toshiba actually made televisions.

And although I’ve suddenly find myself in the market for a TV, I’m not sure it will be a Toshiba yet. That said, I started drinking Schweppes after this amazing commercial, so maybe I’m more susceptible to advertising then I thought.

Toshiba Upscaling Spot

If brands make things that are interesting to watch, then I’ll tell my friends about it. So here is the new ad from Toshiba. (A hint to how it was done: 200 Camcorders and a lot of post production)

Here is the ad on YouTube. Here is the Making of Video.