Topman Vs Dollaz; Director's Cut

Drew Dollaz flexing and bone breaking for Topman. Directed & produced by Jack Dixon Cinematography by Jamie Durand Choreography by Drew Dollaz Styling by Kelly Reed & Gemma Boner

"Minority Squad" | Comedic Short

A group of individuals share various experiences with the N-word over the course of a day. Minority Squad is a comedy fueled by racial satire that gives commentary on societies use of the N-word. Directed by Daniel Foster Written by Daniel Foster and Greg Griffin Produced by Daniel Foster, Greg Griffin, Sammi Begelman Director of Photography Brendan Grant Edited by Brendan Grant Lighting Tim Neilson, Bri Beltran Sound Nelson Vicens, Greg Griffin Production Assistants: Bri Beltran, Monique Production Design: Brendan Grant & Daniel Foster Music Music by Greg Klein (Album Superfly) Additional Tracks composed by Connor Griffin VFX Sultan Alkazmi Cast: Tennyson Donnie Coleman – Dean Kevin Nguyen – Richard Patrick Dwyer – Jack John Clark – Colin Tyler Carmody – Sean Dev Cruz – Manny Juan Pagan – Elvis Sergent Booty – Greg Griffin Aidan Guynes – Alex Magdelyn Shaak – Customer 1 Mike Knoll – Customer 2 Bri Beltran – Office Neighbor On Set Photography – Jeff Albertini & Sultan Alkazmi

A Day with Doreen

A two minute environmental portrait of semi-retired sumo commentator Doreen Simmons, an ordinary day in the life of an extraordinary woman. Many thanks to Doreen for the kind spirit and ease with which she let us into her life for this brief time. Thanks too for her cooperation in allowing us access to the sumo training stable, a rare honor that we truly appreciated. To find out more about Doreen’s eclectic background check out this informative article: First original video from newly-formed JSG’s creative arm, co-directed/produced by Miki Kuretani, directed/edited by Robert Lewis. (launch Dec 2014) In collaboration with DoP/cameraman Michael Komagata. Music by Broadway Project (“Of” written by Dan Berridge and Matthew Bourne). *** “This is my entry for the Sony Professional competition to win an FS7 camera. Find out more for yourself at this page (”

Adorably confused baby meets twins

This toddler named Landon is adorably confused after meeting baby twins for the very first time. His reaction during the encounter is priceless!

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Nonconformity and the Creative Life

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”

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On the Road – Jack Kerouac
“The only people for me are the mad ones…”

Robert Anton Wilson – Reality Tunnels

The Hero with A Thousand Faces – Joseph Campbell

Answer to the call.

Join Jason Silva every week as he freestyles his way into the complex systems of society, technology and human existence and discusses the truth and beauty of science in a form of existential jazz. New episodes every Tuesday.

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The Enlightenment

Un concerto in cui l’orchestra classica e gli strumenti vengono sostituiti da un set up elettrico. Al posto dei violini suonano i neon, a sostituire i tamburi sono le lampade stroboscopiche e al posto dell’arpa vediamo un faro teatrale che illumina il pubblico. Saranno quindi luci di ogni genere a sostituire gli strumenti musicali. Ogni tipo di lampada ha un suono proprio, costituito dall’amplificazione della propria “ronza”, quel rumorìo di disturbo che solitamente viene eliminato durante concerti e spettacoli, generato dall’energia elettrica che alimenta ogni singolo faro. Le frequenze che emettono le luci si sentono sotto pelle e variano in base alla dimensione ed al tipo d’illuminazione della lampada. Per estrapolare il suono nascosto delle luci viene utilizzata una bobina di rame. Ogni lampada ha un proprio sensore che ne percepisce il suono; quando la lampada irradia la luce, il sensore ne cattura il campo elettromagnetico presente intorno al flusso energetico e il rumore viene trasportato attraverso dei cavi microfonici al computer per poi uscire direttamente dall’impianto audio rivelando il “concerto invisibile”. ENG A concert where the classical orchestra and instruments are replaced by an electric set up. Instead of violins are neon lights, to replace drums are strobe lights and instead of clarinets we will see theatrical headlights illuminating the audience. Through copper coils and a particular process it will be possible to extrapolate the sound of electric current going from the circuits to the lamps so giving “voice” to the electric musical instruments. The sound of every single light will be modified in real time and summed up with all the other instruments (lighting systems) making audible the “hidden concert” of pure light.

Arcade Fire – We Exist

Our film follows the story of a young person’s struggle with gender identity. Director: David Wilson Exec. Producer: Sue Yeon Ahn Producer: Jason Baum DP: Larkin Seiple Lead Actor: Andrew Garfield Choreographer: Ryan Heffington Dancers: Hani Abaza, Tom Pardoe, Logan Schyvynck, and Austin Westbay Gang: Preston Acuff, Gregoer Boru, Jacob Peacock and Steven Vulin Old Couple: Barbara Conway and Greg Lucey Bartender: John Whitaker 1st AD: Jesse Fleece Art: Jason Kisvarday Editor: Thomas Grove Carter @ Trim Stylist: Francis & Pereira Casting: Hayley Simpson @ Plaster Casting Colorist: Simon Bourne @ Framestore VFX: Munky & Chris Bristow Sound: Neil Johnson @ Factory Steadicam: Ari Robbins Super 8mm footage (unused, but very much appreciated): Tag Christof Special thanks to Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Very special thanks to Our Lady J who was an integral source of knowledge and wisdom as well as a pillar of strength and support throughout the process of making this film. We love you.


The Landing | Short Film Trailer

SEE THE FULL FILM – A man returns to the Midwestern farm of his childhood on a desperate mission to unearth the horrifying truth of what landed there in the summer of 1960. WINNER – Best Short Film – 46th Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival (2015 Academy Awards® Qualifier) WINNER – Best Foreign Film – 18th LA Shorts Fest (2015 Academy Awards® Qualifier) WINNER – Best International Short – 38th Cleveland International Film Festival WINNER – Youth Jury Award, Best Short – Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2014 WINNER – Best Short, Screamfest® Horror Film Festival, 2014 WINNER – Jury Award, Narrative Short – Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2014 WINNER – Octopus d’Or, Best International Short, Strasbourg International Fantastic Festival, 2014 WINNER – Best Real Image Short Film, FANCINE, XXIV Fantastic Film Festival of Málaga WINNER – Best International Live-Action Short – 10th Fantaspoa International Fantastic Film Festival WINNER – Best Of Fest & Best Sci-Fi Short – FilmQuest Festival 2014 WINNER – Best Narrative Short (50 minutes or less) 2013 IPAF ATOM Awards WINNER – Best Director, Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival, 2014 WINNER – Golden Tripod for Best Cinematography in Short Film, 2014 National ACS Awards NOMINATED – Short Grand Prix, 29th Warsaw Film Festival (FIAFP accredited) NOMINATED – Best Narrative Short, 20th Austin Film Festival NOMINATED – Light in Motion Award (Narrative Short), 26th Foyle Film Festival NOMINATED – Best Short Film, 8th Byron Bay International Film Festival NOMINATED – Best Direction in Short Film, 2014 Australian Directors Guild Awards NOMINATED – Best Production Design, Original Score, Sound and VFX, 2014 St Kilda Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION – 22nd Brisbane International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION – 23rd Flickerfest International Short Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION – 9th Omaha Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION – Sarasota Film Festival, 2014 OFFICIAL SELECTION – 20th Imagine: Amsterdam International Fantastic Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION – 23rd Arizona International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION – SCI-FI LONDON Film Festival, 2014 OFFICIAL SELECTION – Newport Beach Film Festival, 2014 OFFICIAL SELECTION – St Kilda Film Festival, 2014 OFFICIAL SELECTION – 42nd Huesca International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION – 30th Festrioa International Film Festival (FIAFP accredited) OFFICIAL SELECTION – Revelation Perth International Film Festival, 2014 OFFICIAL SELECTION – Fantasia Film Festival, 2014 OFFICIAL SELECTION – Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2014 OFFICIAL SELECTION – Hollyshorts Film Festival, 2014 OFFICIAL SELECTION – Hawaii International Short Film Festival, 2014 OFFICIAL SELECTION – Cambridge Film Festival 2014 OFFICIAL SELECTION – MOTELx – Lisbon International Horror Film Festival, 2014 OFFICIAL SELECTION – Strasbourg International Fantastic Film Festival, 2014 OFFICIAL SELECTION – Shnit International Shortfilmfestival, 2014 OFFICIAL SELECTION – Hollywood Film Festival, 2014 OFFICIAL SELECTION – New Hampshire Film Festival, 2014 Duration | 17’44” KEY CAST Father | Henry Nixon Edward | David Roberts Young Edward | Tom Usher KEY CREW Director | Josh Tanner Producer | Jade van der Lei Written by | Josh Tanner & Jade van der Lei Executive Producers | Mat Petrenko, Rob Matheison & Murray Berghan Associate Producers | Alana Jessop & Jacob Livermore Production Design | Charlie Shelley & Christopher Cox Cinematographer | Jason Hargreaves ACS Composer | Guy Gross Sound Designers | Tony Vaccher & John Dennison Editor | Derryn Watts Visual Effects Supervisor | Richard Waterhouse

Project X

Our latest project is without a doubt the biggest we have ever taken on, pulling in every department in every Framestore location worldwide.

Made for one of our most important but also most secretive clients, Project X has been under wraps for months and can only now be revealed in this exclusive making of.