renderman, keyshot, mental ray etc… help…

im using cinema 4d now, about to convert to maya and i want to know what is the best bang for your time lighting/rendering solution

by that i mean, what i can get the best results with the quickest, im not expecting quick, but if i can get something 90% of the way in keyshot in 2 hours or 100% in renderman in 2 days, right now im going with keyshot, thats where i need the help

it looks like renderman is very complex, right now im trying to make simple objects look photo realistic in my footage, could use your advice there, thanks

plugin or program to sync audio and video

are there any other programs like pluraleyes?

DD::Image::Iop example problems

Hi !

I looked into the Iop example codes /blocky.c ;checkerboard2/ and i managed to build them ,but it seems that they don’t work correctly.
I tried some logging in the validate function, it’s ok , but logging to console in the engine part is not working seems that the plugin does not enter this part.The node itself updates in viewport but for the example the checkerboard2 stays black, the blocky plugin didn’t change the image also.
Also noticed that these plugins are included in Nuke and they/the built-in ones/ works fine as expected, / i built the examples with other names also ,removing the built-in plugs/.

I tried some other plugins also with pixelIop with pixel_engine and they works well not as Iop./the logging in pixel_engine also works/.
I’m on win7x64 Nuke 6.1v2x64 2 core machine.
Are they for older Api or does anything changed ?Or am i missed something?
thanks in advance,


Is multiple light wraps necessary?

Aside from the added ability to tweak and control objects’ lightwrap in your scene, is it really a good idea to have multiple lightwraps?

Say I have a rendered scene in 3D with a metal ball and a wooden cube, two very different materials and textures. Say I rendered the ball and the cube separately and the background with no holdout so there isn’t a black edge where the ball and cube used to be and now I need to integrate the objects back in the lightwrap node.

In a situation where there are very different materials, would it be necessary to have multiple nodes or is it fine to just clump them together and use one? My concern was that I may need to have different settings for each distinct materials or it may not look right (although I don’t know if that would actually be an issue).

I honestly have very little knowledge of the physics of light and so I was wondering which would be most physically correct/look the best.

Happy new year

just wanted to say happy new year for everyone in this great community , and i hope all the problems between members and admin etc get solved and this amazing community keeps growing and teaching many people in the industry….
Thank you for this amazing year of advices VFXtalk.

Book: 3ds Max 2011 – One Project

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