Dylan Cole’s New website

Check out Dylan Cole’s new website. showcasing some of the never seen works from Avatar and some of his new personal works too…

Truly inspiring and motivating stuff

2D/3D Motion Graphics Designer Wanted in NYC

We’re looking for a motion graphics designer to work onsite with our interactive and creative teams. Great opportunity for someone with a lot of experience/expertise.

We’re looking for someone with some of the following skillsets: interactive art direction, broadcast-style branding and animation, AfterEffects motion graphics, AE with Keylight/green screen/alpha channel expertise, 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Papervision, Flash, ActionScript 3.0, Final Cut Pro (Color, Compressor), audio editing/sound design (Pro Tools, Soundbooth), and any video directing/editing/producing background would be helpful as well.

The position can begin immediately, and it has the potential to be a freelance to perm position.

Please send design/motion graphics reel and list of software/proficiencies. Please confirm that you are able to work onsite in a NYC office. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions we can answer in the meantime.


hey there,

in my project settings i have added a new tab called lim_dir and then a text knob called lim_txt.

How can i access and change lim_txt in python? is there some nuke tree i can look at?

nuke.root.lim_dir.lim_txt maybe?


It’s Just A Movie

Hi Everyone,
A retrospective look into the evils of censorship at play. Many old-school electronics were brutally killed during the making of this film:

VFX Generalists, Compositors, 3D and 2D artists wanted (in Sunny Malaysia!)

We are a new Boutique VFX Studio in sunny Malaysia, seeking Visual Effects Generalists, Compositors, 3D Artists and Matte Painters to work in an exciting sandbox environment within a small studio team. Artists will be working on Feature Film projects both local/regional as well as work for commercial spots. A lot of opportunity will be given to make highly creative decisions and work closely with productions.

We are looking for :

  • Artists working specifically with Foundry Nuke and Adobe After Effects
  • Artists working with Autodesk Maya/Blender and other 3D packages
  • 2D Artists working with Adobe Photoshop/GIMP with relevant compositing pipeline knowledge
  • More than 2 years experience in working with feature work is a plus.

Kuala Lumpur, also known as The Klang Valley is an exciting location to work in, with low costs of living and high levels of commercial development.

Please contact yasumin@gmail.com for more information.

Cineform support in Nuke? Help!

Hello guys! Long time lurker here, first time actually posting.

Our workflow is on-set capture to 10-bit cineform 1080p files. usually wrapped in an avi container, sometimes mov. These drop in any program in our workflow no problem, including Fusion.

However I am interested in moving the post over to Nuke, from Fusion.

We are trying out NukeX 6.2v2 as of now, and cannot get cineform files to work at all. When I drag in a cineform wrapped in avi, Nuke flat out says "invalid media type". When I drag in a cineform mov, it loads into the player, but is just complete static.

I’ve searched everywhere, and haven’t been able to find anything, expect that nuke apparently supports cineform raw files. How could it support cineform raw and not the much simpler flat out cineform codec?

I know you’ll probably say "just write everything you need to comp out to an image sequence". That would be great, except it would completely break our existing workflow and require us to double our storage, and have duplicates of everything. It has been incredibly nice to directly drop in our masters for compositing.

So I guess I’m asking, has anyone had luck with cineform in Nuke? Or does it just flat out not support standard directshow codecs? That would probably be a dealbreaker, sadly 🙁

Thanks for reading!

Zoic Studios LA seeking Sr. Level Matte Painters for upcoming Pilot and feature work

Zoic Studios Los Angeles is seeking Sr. Level Matte Painters for upcoming Pilot and Feature work.

The ideal candidate should have an extensive experience in large scale feature, or episodic productions in creating photo-real matte paintings for live action integration, or stand alone MP plates. experienced knowledge in compositing softwares such as Nuke, and After Effects are huge plus. understanding of 3d hard surface and organic lighting and camera positioning in Maya are also a plus. Candidate must also be able to execute as well as being creative in a team environment. Most importantly able to deliver in a fast paced production environment.

please email 1. Resume, 2 Portfolio/Reel 3. Breakdown to jobs@zoicstudios.com with subject title "Matte Painter".

no phone calls, and the greater Los Angeles area only.

thank you

Possible in After effects? adding boxes?

I have a short film Im working on, and I have a scene that we have to film where our male lead walks through a open apartment and we really need the apartment to have moving boxes lining the walls.

We went over to uhaul today to pick some up because we had a ton of people that are apart of the production going to stores to pick them up, however most every store wouldnt give us any, or they would only give us a handful anyhow.

These moving boxes are like 12 a piece here in NYC 🙁

Someone suggest we just shoot the scene and then add the boxes in post…..

Does anyone have any ideas on best idea in achieving this? I am a fairly competent editor fcp or avid, and know keyframe/roto/basic composition and used to know a lil after effects during college (10 or so years ago, since then Ive always farmed it out to you professionals) lol. Im sure tons have changed, so basically trying to get a feel for if its possible and how?

Green screen it? My dp knows a good deal on green screen. My personal machine has photoshop/afx/shake/fcp…so Id prefer to try to use a program I have.

So any ideas, if so….how so? and ideas?

Thank you so much in advance

3DE4 R1b11 & Lens Distortion SDK available

3DE4 R1b11 & Lens Distortion SDK available

Dear Friends of 3DE!

Today a new beta version (3DE4 R1b11) has become available. It fixes a few nasty bugs – please see changelog below…

In addition, we finished our Lens Distortion Plugin SDK ("LDPK"). It contains a comprehensive guide on how to develop your own distortion model plugins, as well as some code which implements 3DE4’s current lens distortion models (open source): click here for more details!




www.3dequalizer.com /Dev_blog

any alternative or recommendations to do these effects ?

i have always used particle illusion for making explosions and meteors and light beams and (the effects that appear in dragonball movies) those kinda of effects but now that i’m becoming better i began feeling they are unrealstic and not as good as those effects in movies so made some searches and found that the best in these effects is afterburn BUT i only have maya and afterburn is for 3d max so any alternative ?
i dnt wanna something so complex just more realstic and would be better if a stndalone software !!

plz respond………….thx in advance