Cineform support in Nuke? Help!

Hello guys! Long time lurker here, first time actually posting.

Our workflow is on-set capture to 10-bit cineform 1080p files. usually wrapped in an avi container, sometimes mov. These drop in any program in our workflow no problem, including Fusion.

However I am interested in moving the post over to Nuke, from Fusion.

We are trying out NukeX 6.2v2 as of now, and cannot get cineform files to work at all. When I drag in a cineform wrapped in avi, Nuke flat out says "invalid media type". When I drag in a cineform mov, it loads into the player, but is just complete static.

I’ve searched everywhere, and haven’t been able to find anything, expect that nuke apparently supports cineform raw files. How could it support cineform raw and not the much simpler flat out cineform codec?

I know you’ll probably say "just write everything you need to comp out to an image sequence". That would be great, except it would completely break our existing workflow and require us to double our storage, and have duplicates of everything. It has been incredibly nice to directly drop in our masters for compositing.

So I guess I’m asking, has anyone had luck with cineform in Nuke? Or does it just flat out not support standard directshow codecs? That would probably be a dealbreaker, sadly 🙁

Thanks for reading!

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