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Guess what y’all? Besides being fieldworkers in this cultural hub-pot, we have the pleasure of working alongside the cream of the creative crop. Evan Owen Dennis, a creative director at Shilo and contributor to this WMIG ship, just dropped his latest music video for The Antlers’s ”Bear” song, found on the band’s critically acclaimed “Hospice” album from Frenchkiss Records. If you haven’t seen the video already, we have it here with some special behind-the-scene photos from the director himself. The picture is a beautiful sullen stroll into the wilderness, as the viewer uncovers the layers of this opaque musical piece. Make the jump for the moving and still visuals, and take it all in!

Click here to view the embedded video.



Nobody beats the drum

Stop Motion Animation of wooden blocks ‘Grindin’ and the making of

Piu Pleix

Pleix has a new short: Piu, and why wasn’t I aware of their bog?

Twenty-five years of EastEnders (and me).

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On February 19th 1985, two days before I was born, a little television programme called EastEnders first hit the airwaves in the UK. Twenty five years later and we’re both going strong. To celebrate, the BBC created this rather ambitious station ident featuring the case of the soap along with a slightly altered Albert Square.

Check out the rest (well most) of the BBC One ‘Circle’ idents here.

– Thanks for the video Craig.

Cheap Pop Song

I’d like to share with you my latest music clip for artist Kumisolo: Cheap Pop Song. I hope it makes you smile. Please check out the details of the hidden puzzle on the video page.


Picture 1

The San Diego Ad Club asked Shilo and WMIG to create a campaign to recruit fellow creatives to enter the 2010 ADDY competition. The ADDYs are the advertising industry’s biggest showdown and a place for trade peers to bum-rush for the title of brilliance in a Creative Director pile up. But since the event is never set in the American Gladiator arena (as one would hope), imagine a little less spandex and more a display of creative prowess.

Now on display are three portraits of tortured “creatives” in a behind-the-scenes look of self mutilation for the sake of their artistic endeavors. Cause let’s be real, sometimes we take ourselves way too seriously. We pay homage to the real tortured artists Van Gogh, Steven Sagmeister and Chris Burden and we inspire agencies to get the recognition they deserve for all of their hard work. So please, direct yourself to the Television section of our webby page and take a peek of the “Don’t Torture Yourself For Nothing” campaign.


In a world made up entirely of trademarks and brand names, Michelin Man cops pursue a criminal Ronald McDonald. Oscar nominated for best animated short film, Logorama is a mini epic featuring over 2500 popular logos.

Watch on YouTube: Part 1 & Part 2

The “unscripted” idents of ABC3.

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Following up from the launch of ABC3 last year, here is a snapshot of the new channels on-air branding.

Created by Tactic, the idents for ABC3 were “entirely unscripted and inspired by the power and rawness of childrens’ imaginations”, an interesting take on childrens television. The second video is a montage of various on-air elements demonstrating the versatility and broad creative use of the “3″ logo.

For more ABC branding check out the current incarnations of ABC1 and ABC2.

..and soon enough ABC4.