GSG Podcast Episode 52: Render like a Photographer

In this episode, we talk about rendering, the benefits of multiple UV’s, the new AMD Ryzen CPU’s, and color/lighting theory. We also talk about the benefits of thinking like a photographer to get better results out of your renders.

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Show Notes

AMD Ryzen
AMD Ryzen Cinebench Scores
Blender Filmic Video
Linear Workflow Video

Creating Soft Body Dynamic Strings in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial by EJ from Eyedesyn you’ll learn how to create dynamic springs using an often overlooked feature inside of Soft Body Dynamics!

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What will I Learn?

In this video we’ll learn all about the Soft Body Dynamics ‘Made of Clones’ option and how you can use it and the Mograph Module to create dynamic strings.  This workflow is the best way I’ve been able to find to do this sort of thing without 3rd party plug-ins and I’m excited to share it with you!

Be sure to check out this awesome Nike Air Max 2017 piece done using Houdini that inspired me to try to figure out how to create the dynamic strings in Cinema 4D!

Where can I learn more about soft bodies?

If you’re new to Soft Body dynamics, be sure to watch my ‘Intro to Softbody Dynamics’ tutorial!  Check it out here.

Visit for more from EJ


How a “design machine” made The Motion Awards

Just in time for the entry deadline of March 1st, the following guest post from Sissy Hobizal of FirstMates reveals the process behind branding The Motion Awards by Motionographer. First Mate’s goal: build an ego-destroying design machine to do the work for them.

La Terre du Milieu : L'Ombre de la Guerre – Trailer Officiel

La Terre du Milieu : L’Ombre de la Guerre – Trailer Officiel. La Terre du Milieu : L’Ombre de la Guerre, n’est autre que la suite de La Terre du Milieu : L’Ombre du Mordor, jeu encensé par la critique et lauréat de plus de 50 récompenses.

Dans La Terre du Milieu : L’Ombre de la Guerre, le joueur manie un nouvel Anneau de Pouvoir et affronte les ennemis les plus dangereux, notamment Sauron et ses Nazgûls, dans une bataille monumentale pour la Terre du Milieu. Ce jeu d’action-aventure en monde ouvert est animé grâce au développement du système Nemesis. L’incroyable personnalisation qu’offrait le premier jeu s’applique désormais au monde entier, dans lequel les environnements et les personnages sont tous influencés par les actions et les décisions du joueur, ce qui crée un monde personnel et unique à chaque expérience de jeu.

Précommandez La Terre du Milieu : L’Ombre de la Guerre :

La Terre du Milieu : L’Ombre de la Guerre™ sera disponible sur Xbox One, Project Scorpio, PC sous Windows 10 (Windows Store et Steam™), PlayStation®4 et PlayStation®4 Pro à partir du 24 août 2017. La Terre du Milieu : L’Ombre de la Guerre™ sera disponible comme titre Xbox Play Anywhere.

Look! It’s your last-minute Oscar vfx breakdown fix


The announcement of who won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects this year is literally just hours away…which is a perfect time to quickly revisit and watch some of the best breakdowns that have been doing the rounds for each of the nominated films. Quick! 

Deepwater Horizon

Doctor Strange

The Jungle Book

Kubo and the Two Strings

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Kong VFX – a brief history


Inverse does some fun retro pieces, especially when a new film is coming out. I was stoked they asked me to write a brief history of visual effectsbrief history of visual effects used in King Kong movies.

MPC London, Los Angeles and Bengaluru worked on the Oscar winning movie – The Jungle Book

MPC VFX Supervisor Adam Valdez was honoured at the 89th Academy Awards for the studio’s stunning and innovative work on Disney’s The Jungle Book, winning the Oscar for Visual Effects.

Valdez accepted the award on behalf of MPC’s team of more than 800 artists, production and technologists based in London, Los Angeles and Bengaluru, who worked on The Jungle Book for two years.

As lead VFX studio, MPC artists built a complex photo-real world creating The Jungle Book’s stunning CG environments and bringing the film’s iconic animal characters to life. Best friend Baloo the bear, Mowgli’s wolf family, Bagheera the panther, Kaa the python, and the villainous tiger Shere Khan had to be built from scratch. They had to make the bone, skin, hair and whisker. 54 species of animals and 224 unique animals were created and new computer programs were made to better simulate muscles, skin and fur.

Valdez said on the night, “This is a very proud day for me and my crew at MPC. I speak for everyone who was lucky enough to work with Jon Favreau and the great team at Disney when I say how grateful we are for this honour from the Academy. Taking part in making a great film is a rare gift. Being recognised for our craft is deeply gratifying.”

The movie — with its single live actor in a totally digital environment — brought unprecedented challenges. MPC met these challenges by marshaling its resources – including parent company Technicolor and their color pipeline and finishing artists – in new ways. MPC and Technicolor have a long history of building large-scale productions across many networks. Utilising all the resources they’ve been building over the past several years for this project, they were able to put that technology at the service of the storyteller.

MPC Bengaluru celebrating Oscar victory

MPC Bengaluru celebrating Oscar victory

The Jungle Book needs to be celebrated for taking an extremely complex set of pioneering technology innovations and producing a result that is real and tugs at the heart strings like any iconic visual experience. A good story well told. It has been debated for some time that the ‘digital world’ supplements the ‘handcrafted’ tradition,” stated MPC Bengaluru, executive director, Biren Ghose. “The Jungle Book demonstrates that the balance between these two elements can blend a live action cinematography with a realistic computer generated landscapes in a modern production technique that pays homage to the innovation of Walt Disney himself while leveraging today’s technology platforms of cinematic creation and exhibition. The Oscar perhaps recognises The Jungle Book as a bellwether for how Visual Effects will inform cinematic storytelling hereafter.”

MPC Film, global MD, Christian Roberton said, “To be recognised by the Academy is testament to the passion and talent of MPC’s artists and production crew. The Jungle Book posed a unique challenge, and with the leadership of director Jon Favreau, production supervisor Rob Legato and our VFX supervisor Adam Valdez, our team created something truly remarkable. I’d like to thank our friends at Disney for entrusting us with one of their most beloved and timeless stories.”

This is the second Oscar awarded to MPC for Visual Effects, having won for their contribution to the VFX of Life of Pi in 2013, as well as receiving nine previous nominations.

The Academy Award win comes after what has been an extremely successful awards season for MPC. Earlier in the year The Jungle Book team won the BAFTA for Special Visual Effects, Critics Choice Award for Outstanding Visual Effects, HPA Award for Visual Effects, Annie Award for Character Animation in a Live Action Production and three VES Awards for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects Driven Film, Outstanding Compositing in a Feature Motion Picture and Outstanding FX and Simulation in a Feature Motion Picture.

2017 is set to be another exciting year for MPC, with the team delivering VFX for a number of highly anticipated movies including The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alien Covenant, Ghost in the Shell, The Dark Tower and Blade Runner 2049.

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Toei and Funimation announced new licensing agreements for ‘Dragon Ball Super’

Toei Animation and Funimation Entertainment announced agreements with multiple licensing partners in a variety of apparel categories for the new Dragon Ball Super and original Dragon Ball Z anime series.

Dragon Ball is an iconic global brand and one of the most beloved anime franchises in North America for over 20 years and counting. Dragon Ball Super is the first new storyline from original creator Akira Toriyama in more than 18 years and will create a whole new generation of Dragon Ball fans.

These new agreements represent the first in series of licensing announcements for both Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z. Licensed merchandise will be available in a variety of retailers across the USA and Canada.

Toei and Funimation are actively seeking additional licensing partners in other apparel categories including sleepwear and underwear.

Dragon Ball Super Logo

New licensing agreements include:

Bioworld: The leading merchandiser of licensed apparel and accessories in the pop culture space has designed new themed collections based on Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z. Items will range from t-shirts, fashion cut and sew tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses and leggings to sweaters, hoodies, vests, jackets to joggers, athleisure and novelty apparel.

JCorp: The Canadian-based supplier of fashionable apparel and accessories will launch a collection of Dragon Ball Z themed apparel. Apparel items include men’s sleepwear and loungewear and men’s / boy’s swimwear, t-shirts, tank tops, muscle tops, hoodies, popovers, active wear, shorts, joggers, and jackets as well as ladies’ and girls’ long and short sleeve t-shirts, fashion tops, hoodies, popovers, leggings, and joggers.

Great Eastern Entertainment: One of the leading makers of anime and video game merchandise is creating themed apparel collections for both Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z. These will include t-shirts, cut and sew tops, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, pajama onesies and lounge pants in both adult and children’s sizes.

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Google to upgrade its gaming offerings, teases new Play Store updates and games

It cannot be called an absolute overhaul, but Google is significantly changing the algorithm on the way game titles are displayed on the Play Store. Google offered a glimpse into numerous upcoming Android titles at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco on Monday.  The tech giant announced that they are looking forward to provide its consumers with a better searchability when it comes to games.

Earlier, the games with the most downloads were featured at the top, but the problem with that was, users might download and quickly uninstall the game after the initial period. In the noise of this pipeline, the discoverability of good titles was lost. To address this issue the Play Store will now feature titles not only in tandem with their download numbers but also user engagement metrics and star ratings to fish out games to the top. This should be a welcome sign for the indie developers.


Google also gave us some glimpses about the upcoming games on the platform. Transformers: Forged to Fight is an action game with automatons from the Transformers franchise like Optimus Prime and Megatron. Developed by Kabam Studios, the game would be releasing on 5 April, however you can pre-register on Google Play Store now.

Two VR titles were also released given the recent mentions of ‘Daydream View’, the company’s VR offering. Virtual Rabbids was the first VR title announced which is a simple interactive game while the other one, Beartopia, is a co-op multiplayer game where one has to attempt to build a village with another player.

Google seems to be pushing the gaming business now, as developing countries like India and Brazil horde up on downloads. With high speed data connections coming in from telecos, mobile gaming seems to be a lucrative business as it made $41 billion in revenues, in 2016. India lead the chart in Android downloads in 2016 and it seems the rate will only increase as the smartphone penetration is yet to reach its zenith in the country. Major telecos in the country like Idea, Vodafone and Airtel initiating carrier billing should be a welcome step in this scenario.

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