Python help

When i learn Python for VFX scripting what should i be concentrating on ? GUI programming ? Python website shows a number of specific fields like game prog,networking,scientific etc…. HELP:(

3D Lighting TD lead

UtopiaPeople is a freelance agency for postproduction and production specialists, we represent 7000 freelancers around the world.
For more information about us please visit

Our client is one of the most high-end post facilities in Istanbul, Turkey and we are now recruting a Senior Lighting and Shading TD ( Maya ) for our client.The right candidate should have extensive experience and have no problems leading a team of juniors. You will be expected to be working on designing the pipeline, and you will be responsible for the ”look” of the projects. If you have experience in stereoscopic projects that will be considered a great advantage.
This position is a long term contract ( 1 year)/ permanent position with great benefits.Starting date, July, but the client will be flexible for the right candidate.

To apply:
You must be registered as a freelancer on (register free at ) If you are interested please email job@utopiapeople.before June 3 at 12:00 CET (the sooner we can get your application the better), marking your email with "3D TD – Turkey" please write any information that you want to pass on to client in that email.

We will notify you if you are short listed. Only applications with webreels will be considered

compositing demo reel 2010 | Andreas Jablonka

compositing demo reel 2010 | Andreas Jablonka
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I have been noodling with a new reel. this time in HD and wanted to present it and get some feedback. I do admit im kinda done working on it so unless something sticks out extremely I wont change much.

its in flash and quicktime in 720pHD and 405pSD on my website

direct link QT: 720p

also here is a vimeo mirror that might load faster:

have fun and please comment or ask!

– Andreas

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Rolling bottle

Hi everyone

I am student, producing a short film for my course and have a small idea. There is a scene where a small animated figure is pushing a real liquor bottle away. What we are trying to do is see if there is any other ways we could make the bottle move before we put the animated figure in.

So far the only way we have thought to do it would be to have it connected to a piece of thin string and have someone off scene pulling the bottle.

Is there anything else we could do?

Many thanks


stereoscopy tutorials in Maya

hi, where will I get stereoscopy tutorials in Maya ?

V-Ray RT for 3ds Max 1.50.SP2 available for download

V-Ray RT for 3ds Max 1.50.SP2 is now available for immediate download from our website download section >> 🙂

The full list of additions and bug fixes is listed below:

New Features
Options to turn on/off rendering of proxy objects, X-Ref scenes and particles;
Support for stereoscopic rendering with different preview types (anaglyph, interlaced, checker, dual-window);
Adaptive sampling support with the ability to stop the RT once noise has cleared to some level;

Feature Requests
Support for the offset parameters of the physical camera;
Support for mesh lights;
Support for VRayAmbientLight;
Support for bitmaps in the Gradient Ramp texture;
MaxScript callback when a frame is complete.

Bug Fixes
Different result when there is a missing map in the enviroment slot;
Errors when there is a Bitmap texture without a file name specified;
horizontal shift for physical camera not working properly;
Differences with the production renderer when texture filtering is "None" and "Blur" is other than 1.0;
Animation of materials and textures is not updated in the ActiveShade window;
Animation of physical camera properties (focus distance, focal length) is not updated in the ActiveShade window.

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An Insect Net: Takeyoshi Misono

An Insect Net is the creative space of Osaka based graphic designer Takeyoshi Misono. Lots of beautiful work on his site and much more on his flickr pages.

Gabriel Rocha: Reel 2010

Freelance Brazilian designer/animator Gabriel Rocha recently launched a new 2010 Reel. Plenty of impressive work to see on his site:

Felicity. Change your city, change your life

Felicity. Change your city, change your life
An international competition that involves graphic designers, architects and schools to represent the City on a human scale.
The competition will culminate with an exhibition of selected works in October in Venice.
More info here

Baby In The Sky

Il concetto è semplice: sfruttare la potenziale “viralità” di un video sul web per far sì che il tamtam di condivisioni sui social network diventi veicolo di un messaggio di sensibilizzazione sociale. La campagna a tappe Born HIV Free, sostenuta e in parte ispirata da Carla Bruni- Sarkozy, ha esplicitamente snobbato Tv e altri media, ormai “di sottofondo”, tenendosi […]