10 Questions on employment

I’m an animation/VFX student researching employment in the VFX industry to help me prepare for graduate employment (and to give a presentation next week), I really could use 2 minutes of your time to answer my very brief questionnaire; just 10 questions
Simple mathematics would suggest that it’ll be at least half as fun as ‘20 questions’ 😉

Feel free to skip any you don’t want to answer.

If you enjoy that or just feel like helping a young fellow creative then I would love to hear from you at:
(that also serves as proof that I’m a student, like you needed any – I’m posting questionnaire at 2:30pm on a work day)

I welcome any and all comments on the questions, do tell me if you think they could be improved.

Thanking you in advance (and for all the help this forum has given in the past),

Matthew Wood

emit light from layer – how?

I’ve built a tunnel with 5 cards, the 5th card being a street view (video), the tunnel – an alleyway (Stills). How would I get the light of the street to illuminate the alleyway? …I’m thinking along the lines of environment light, but not sure how to implement it.


3D Elements

Hi there!
Is there a site, blog or thred that covers 3d element compositing.
I have:

And I would like to know in which order and what blende mode I could use for the best result and get away from artifacts.
Any ideas How I can use thies element in the best way.


hey guys..
doing a stereo comp
have done my tracking and projections..all ‘ s well in one view.
but when i create my another eye to create the offset..both the camera are automatically set to 0…..
its happening even if i have my single scanlinerender connected to the join views..

any suggestion..:thanks:

Ground plane doubt for live action shot

Hi Im preparing a short sequence where an object explodes and falls into pieces and act as a rigid body object

I have tracked the footage and brought in the boujou camera in maya,now suppose if the shattered pieces of object falls into the ground.What should i do? should i turn of the visiblity of the ground plane and render the chunk pass alone or should i do something like image projection?

Please tell more about it.Im am struck in the middle.Please let me know guys.Im just a beginner

Preparing DV Footage for Keying…Tips?

I’ll be shooting green screen footage with a Canon XL2 soon. The one common factor I’m hearing is that DV is not good for compositing

Unfortunately, unless a new camera is going to drop out of the sky before I shoot, I’ll have to make the best of it.

My question is this:

Is there a checklist of things you can do to DV footage in post (before you begin keying) that will make it more user friendly? Things to help reduce noise/artifacts or some how improve on the low sampling issues of the DV codec?


Method Studios’ Dan Glass on Halo: Reach ‘Deliver Hope’ spot

Method Studios’ Dan Glass on Halo: Reach ‘Deliver Hope’ spot


For ‘Deliver Hope’, an epic Xbox Halo: Reach spot, Method Studios delivered visual effects for a major battle sequence involving the game’s newest characters. Here’s my interview at fxguide with Method senior creative director and visual effects supervisor Dan Glass about the commercial.

New Site, New Tutorial

Well I finished my new website and I made a tutorial for it this morning. Involving Matchmoving using PFmatchit.

Check it out:



Motion Designers – Los Angeles

LA based company is hiring freelance motion graphics artists with strong design skills. Primary work in After Effect, Flame, Cinema 4D. The project offers the opportunity for a great range of creative freedom for the artist. Content is produced in irregular aspect ratios for programming on large LED screens integrated into architectural structures.
For reference you can visit http://vimeo.com/g6by8/videos
Please send your credentials and rate info to jobs@standardsite.com WITH Motion Designer in the subject of the email. I look forward to seeing some great work.

Short film shot with an HVX…

I recently helped the boys at Picture Planet with a project designed to mock classic avant garde films (un chien andalou, etc.).

Anyway, they shot this over the course of one day with the help of….psychedelic drugs. Shot on an HVX at 720p/24 fps. They brought me the cut in the hopes that I could make it look dated and less video-ish.

Here is the final result: