Kayaker Goes Down Waterfall With LED Lights

The stunning moment kayakers paddle down a waterfall in the pitch black dark has been caught on camera.

Brendan Wells, 22, took the incredible footage while paddling down rapids on the White Salmon River and Outlet Creek in Washington State.

The professional kayaker can be seen snapping his brother, Todd, splashing water into the air with flashing bright LED lights as he makes his way through the rapids.

Brendan, who hopes to continue filming kayaking expeditions, said: “I paddle here with my brother on a regular basis and we have so much fun.

“With the help of friends, we attached LED lights to our kayaks, paddles, and our gear.”

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Brahms v. Radiohead:
A symphonic mash-up of the Brahms 1st Symphony and Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’

Performed by the Colorado Music Festival Orchestra
Andrew Lipke, Will Post, and Kristin Newborn, vocalists
Re-composed, arranged and conducted by Steve Hackman

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stereo-Hideout/126296414207357#
Twitter: https://twitter.com/stereohideout
Tumblr: http://stereohideout.tumblr.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/stereo-hideout
Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/artist/5DDiUUONrXaWx0aOsVnFvc
Homepage: http://www.stereohideout.com


1. Airbag Introduction (1:13)
2. Brahms 1st Movement Introduction/Exposition (1:36)
3. Paranoid Android (7:30)
4. Brahms 1st Movement Recap (13:34)
5. Karma Police (15:34)
6. Brahms 1st Movement Conclusion (17:08)
7. Subterranean Homesick Alien (18:34)

8. Brahms 2nd Movement (22:39)
9. No Surprises (24:56)
10. Brahms 2nd Movement Recap (27:46)
11. No Surprises Reprise/Brahms 2nd Movement Conclusion (31:09)

12. Brahms 3rd Movement (32:45)
13. Let Down (35:30)
14. Brahms 3rd Movement Conclusion (40:07)

15. Brahms 4th Movement Introduction (41:36)
16. Exit Music (For A Film) (46:34)
17. Brahms 4th Movement Exposition (50:34)
18. Electioneering (54:31)
19. Brahms 4th Movement Conclusion (56:46)

Sound Design, Recording, Mixing and Editing: Michael Quam
Cameras: Megan Golliday, Jesse Borrell, Zack Littlefield
Editing: Zack Littlefield, Joe Hackman

Their toughest shots


My editor at Cartoon Brew had the cool idea to ask all the main vfx supes from the vfx Oscar-nominated films what their toughest shots were. So I did. Got some great, and unexpected answers.

Studio 100 Media sells its CGI animated series ‘Nils Holgersson’ to Discovery Kids, India

Studio 100 Media announced today that it has sold the CGI animated series “Nils Holgersson” (52 x 13’) to Discovery Kids, India – Discovery Communications’ kids network.  Discovery Kids has acquired the new series based on the successful book by Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf, the first female writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. Currently in production, the first episodes of the adventure series are already available to buyers. This agreement gives Discovery exclusive TV rights.

Commenting on the deal Studio 100 Media, head of global distribution, Martin Krieger said, “We are delighted about this collaboration with Discovery Kids, which brings our brand-new show Nils to viewers in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  Discovery Kids is also home to one of our most well-known CGI programs ‘Maya the Bee’ and we are happy to continue our partnership with Discovery for this new title. Nils Holgersson is a well-known international brand and we are confident that the reimagined CGI series will be as successful as the 2D animation and will capture kids’ attention anew.”

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‘Phillauri’ trailer: Redchillies.VFX brings alive the friendly ghost played by Anushka Sharma

What if one fine day you are asked to marry a tree? And it turns out that you aren’t just married to a tree but a ghost who awakens you in the middle of the night? Pretty scary, right?

Though it sounds scary, it isn’t. From Fox Star Studios and Clean Slate Films comes the romantic comedy movie, Phillauri starring Anushka Sharma as the friendly ‘spirit’ Shashi who has come to narrate her love story.

Phillauri’s trailer got recently released and features Diljit Dosanjh as Shashi’s lover, Suraj Sharma and Mehreen Pirzada. The 2:54 minute clip reels in by showcasing a mangalik (born in an unfortunate star) boy played by Suraj Sharma who needs to marry a tree before he ties knot with Mehreen Pirazada to escape the bad fortune. From there, the story takes off and the spirit of Shashi floats in who apparently has an unfinished business that needs to be taken care.

As Shashi unfolds her tale, the flashback story takes us in the era from where she came from. The visuals shift from a bright, modern day setting to a contemporary one where we can observe Diljit Dosanjh’s character, who is Shashi’s lover, as a singer whose voice has the potential to ‘change the world’.

Here’s the synopsis of the movie:

Here comes the bride … in spirit! Meet Shashi, the friendly spirit who is here to tell her love story. It narrates the unique story of how it will take a crazy Punjabi wedding, rank strangers and more than a lifetime to complete a love story.

The trailer manages to arouse interest of the viewers with its well-scripted dialogues, astounding visuals and the cast. While we can observe a serious tone attached to the flashback story, the present day scenario is filled with witty lines and comical situations. The shift from the present and flashback era seems seamless which can be credited to the work done by DOP Vishal Sinha, editor Rameshwar S Bhagat and colour grading service provided by Redchillies.Color.

A film with a ghost in it calls for a VFX house and director Anshai Lal has brought in one of the best VFX studio’s of India, Redchillies.VFX to accomplish this task. Anushka Sharma can be observed phasing through things, floating around and has a celestial aura. She has a translucent look, with details such as hair and clothing that floats and moves as she flies through the air. And bringing this friendly ghost alive is VFX supervisor Harry Hingorani.

As promising the trailer looks, we hope the movie manages to live up to the expectations of the viewers. Directed by Anshai Lal, Phillauri hits the the theatre on 24 March, 2017.

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‘Zootopia’ dominates the 44th Annie Awards while ‘Kung Fu Panda 3′ misses the cut

The halls of Disney animation studio might be brimming with joy as their award gallery just got filled with more trophies which the studio won for Zootopia and Moana. At the recently concluded 44th Annie Awards presented by ASIFA – Hollywood, which was hosted on 4 February, 2017 at UCLA’s Royce Hall, Zootopia bagged the six awards out of the total 11 nominations, including the best animated feature.

Zootopia directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore, character design artist Cory Loftis, storyboard artist Dean Wellins and writers Jared Bush and Phil Johnston, all won awards. Jason Bateman, the voice of Nick Wilde shared the Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production win with Auli’i Cravalho – the voice of Moana for the film ‘Moana’.

The Red Turtle of Studio Ghibli, directed by Michael Dudok de Wit won Best Independent Animated Feature while Pixar’s Piper, directed by Alan Barillaro, won Best Animated Short. Moana took home an Annie for animated effects in an animated feature (Marlon West, Erin V. Ramos, Blair Pierpont, Ian J. Coony and John M. Kosnik). Kubo and the Two Strings won awards for character animation (Jan Maas), production design (Nelson Lowry, Trevor Dalmer, August Hall and Ean McNamara) and editorial (Christopher Murrie). Moana and Kubo and the Two Strings were also nominated for Best Animated Feature.

As a studio, Disney has 10 awards to its name, including wins for its TV series Disney Mickey Mouse (Illya Owens for editorial in a TV / broadcast production) and for character animation in a live-action production for The Jungle Book (Andrew R. Jones, Peta Bayley, Gabriele Zucchelli, and Benjamin Jones).

Marvel’s Doctor Strange picked up Animated Effects in a Live Action Production award for its Mirror Dimension (Georg Kaltenbrunner, Michael Marcuzzi, Thomas Bevan, Andrew Graham and Jihyun Yoon). Outstanding achievement for character animation in a video game went to Uncharted 4: A Thief ‘s End (JeremyYates, Almudena Soria, Eric Baldwin, Paul Davies and Tom Bland). Composers Hans Zimmer, Richard Harvey and Camille grabbed the prize for best music in an animate feature for The Little Prince.

Apart from these, Finding Dory of Pixar Animation Studios and Kung Fu Panda 3 of DreamWorks Animation were nominated in a lot of categories but did not win any awards. Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name was nominated for Directing in an Animated Feature Production.



Here’s a complete list of the winners at 44th Annie Awards:

Best Animated Feature
Zootopia (Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Best Animated Feature – Independent
The Red Turtle (Studio Ghibli, Wild Bunch, Why Not Productions)

 Best Animated Special Production
Pear Cider and Cigarettes (Massive Swerve Studios, Passion Pictures Animation)

Best Animated Short Subject
Piper (Pixar Animation Studios)

Best Animated Television / Broadcast Commercial
Loteria ‘Night Shift’ (Passion Pictures Ltd)

Best Animated Television / Broadcast Production For Preschool Children
Tumble Leaf (Amazon Studios and Bix Pix Entertainment)
Episode: Mighty Mud Movers / Having a Ball

Best Animated Television / Broadcast Production For Children
Adventure Time (Bix Pix Entertainment Cartoon Network Frederator Studios)
Episode: Bad Jubies

Best General Audience Animated Television / Broadcast Production
Bob’s Burgers (Bento Box Entertainment)
Episode: Glued, Where’s My Bob?

Best Student Film
Citipati (Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg)
Director: Andreas Feix

Animated Effects in an Animated Production
Moana (Walt Disney Animation Studios)
Marlon West, Erin V. Ramos, Blair Pierpont, Ian J. Coony and John M. Kosnik

Animated Effects in a Live Action Production
Doctor Strange – Mirror Dimension (Marvel Studios)
Georg Kaltenbrunner, Michael Marcuzzi, Thomas Bevan, Andrew Graham, Jihyun Yoon

Character Animation in an Animated TV / Broadcast Production
Mike Chaffe
DreamWorks Trollhunters (DreamWorks Animation Television)
Episode: Becoming, Part 1

Character Animation in a Feature Production
Jan Maas
Kubo and the Two Strings (Laika)

Character Animation in a Live Action Production
Andrew R. Jones, Peta Bayley, Gabriele Zucchelli, Benjamin Jones
The Jungle Book (Walt Disney Pictures)

Character Animation in a Video Game
Jeremy Yates, Almudena Soria, Eric Baldwin, Paul Davies, Tom Bland
Uncharted 4: A Thief ‘s End (Naughty Dog)

Character Design in an Animated TV / Broadcast Production
Victor Maldonado, Alfredo Torres, Jules Rigolle
DreamWorks Trollhunters (DreamWorks Animation Television)
Episode: Win, Lose or Draal

Character Design in an Animated Feature Production
Cory Loftis
Zootopia (Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Directing in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production
Patrick Osborne
Pearl (Google Spotlight Stories/Evil Eye Pictures)

Directing in an Animated Feature Production
Byron Howard, Rich Moore
Zootopia (Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Music in a TV/Broadcast Production
Scot Stafford, Alexis Harte, JJ Wiesler
Pearl (Google Spotlight Stories/Evil Eye Pictures)

Music in an Animated Feature Production
Hans Zimmer, Richard Harvey, Camille
The Little Prince (Netflix and On Animation Studios)

Production Design in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production
Tuna Bora
Pearl (Google Spotlight Stories/Evil Eye Pictures)

Production Design in an Animated Feature Production
Nelson Lowry, Trevor Dalmer, August Hall, Ean McNamara
Kubo and the Two Strings (Laika)

Storyboarding in a TV/Broadcast Production
Hyunjoo Song
DreamWorks Trollhunters (DreamWorks Animation Television)
Episode: Win, Lose or Draal

Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production
Dean Wellins
Zootopia (Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Voice Acting in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production
Carlos Alazraqui as Ponce de LeÛn
The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show (DreamWorks Animation Television)
Episode: Ponce de LeÛn

Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production (Tie)
Auli’i Cravalho as Moana in Moana (Walt Disney Animation Studios) and
Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde in Zootopia (Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Writing in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production
Lizzie Molyneux, Wendy Molyneux
Bob’s Burgers (Bento Box Entertainment)
Episode: The Hormone-iums

Writing in an Animated Feature Production
Jared Bush, Phil Johnston
Zootopia (Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Editorial in a TV/Broadcast Production
Illya Owens
Disney Mickey Mouse (Disney Television Animation)
Episode: Sock Burglar

Editorial in an Animated Feature Production
Christopher Murrie
Kubo and the Two Strings (Laika)

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Stan will be the streaming destination for Cartoon Network content in Australia

Stan will become the Australian streaming home for content from the popular children’s channel Cartoon Network, after entering into a new partnership with Turner.

Cartoon Network is the most popular kids channel in the Asia-Pacific region, and Stan subscribers will now have access to its huge range of series, with entire franchises of Cartoon Network shows added to Stan’s catalogue.

The partnership between these two entertainment brands will also see the premiere of the eighth and final season of pop-culture hit, Regular Show, first and exclusively in Australia this April on Stan – and that might just be the beginning. New seasons of Adventure Time and The Powerpuff Girls will premiere at the same time as they air on Cartoon Network.

Regular Show

Regular Show

“As the leading local streaming service, Stan is the perfect partner for Cartoon Network to showcase our amazing line-up of content. From Regular Show to Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls to Steven Universe, the arrangement further expands the reach of our uniquely entertaining children’s series across Australia,” said Turner Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Territories, general manager, Robi Stanton.

“This is great news for Stan families,” added Stan, chief content officer, Nick Forward. “Stan is committed to delivering great value and great entertainment for Australian kids and families, so we couldn’t be more thrilled to be the Australian streaming home of Cartoon Network content. We can’t wait for our customers to be the first in Australia to see the new season of Regular Show.”

The partnership also provides Stan with the exclusive SVOD rights to other key Cartoon Network animated series including iconic titles Adventure Time, Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears and Steven Universe.

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Samurai Jack finds himself in a grisly and brutal future in the newest trailer

Samurai Jack is definitely one of the finest creations of Genndy Tartakovsky. It portrays the story of a battle-hardened samurai who must defeat the evil demon named Aku in order to restore peace and return to his home. Beloved by millions, the 52 episodes of the series aired on Cartoon Network from 2001 till 2004. The series ended abruptly without a proper conclusion and fans have been waiting since then for the next instalment of the hit show to go live.

Looks like the wait will soon be over. It was announced back in 2015 that the final season of Samurai Jack would be airing soon as the creator himself confirmed it. Now, a full trailer for the show has been revealed and it looks just how you would expect it to be. The story is set in future which is 50 years from where the last season had ended. The upcoming season would be the concluding season for the series.

The trailer puts up our protagonist against some of Aku’s soldiers, who look like female warriors. The trailers shows off Jack in a rather rusty avatar at first, as he has grown a beard and sports mangled hair. He feels that there is nothing to fight for as Aku has destroyed all the time-portals, stranding him in the distant future, at the point of no return. However, things soon turn the other way around as Jack decides to fight back.

With gruesome glimpses and broken monologues, the trailer also has a definite touch of Genndy Tartakovsky’s trademark 2D animation. Given the time setting of the upcoming edition, the trailer also showcases Jack brandishing a machine gun.

After all that wait, it seems Jack will step up and fight evil. Season five of Samurai Jack will premiere on 11 March, 2017 on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network).

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Mercury Filmworks & Cartoon Salon join hands to set a 2D animation studio, Lighthouse Studios in Ireland

Bolstering animation production in Ireland, Mercury Filmworks, one of Canada’s known independent animation studios, has joined forces with Kilkenny-based animation studio Cartoon Saloon to create an all-new 2D-focused animation studio in Ireland, named Lighthouse Studios. The joint venture, supported by Ireland’s Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation through IDA Ireland will create over 140 jobs in the next three years. In the coming weeks, Lighthouse Studios plans to announce development and production projects, as well as a hiring initiative encompassing production management, designers, animators, effects artists, compositors, technical directors, 3D modelers, riggers, lighting and texture artists and IT administrators.

Gathering in Kilkenny to make today’s joint announcement were Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Mary Mitchell O’Connor; Mercury Filmworks, CEO, Clint Eland; Cartoon Saloon, CEO, Paul Young, Minister of State for Training, Skills and Innovation, John Halligan TD; and IDA Ireland, CEO, Martin Shanahan. They were joined by a number of local dignitaries and executives and artists from both companies.

Mary Mitchell O'Connor

Mary Mitchell O’Connor

Making the announcement in Kilkenny today, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mary Mitchell O’Connor said, “This is terrific news and I warmly welcome the additional 140 jobs which will be created in Kilkenny. I am always keen to pursue as wide a range of Foreign Investment projects as possible and this launch today shows that we have the creative talent to attract companies like Mercury Filmworks to Ireland. Ireland has a strong record in film making, including animation, and I have no doubt that this partnership between Mercury Filmworks and Cartoon Saloon will go from strength to strength”.

Lighthouse Studios will provide quality children’s and family animated content development and end-to-end production services – from script writing, design, storyboard, animation and compositing to post production services – to a global client base. Specialising in 2D animation with some CGI integration and utlising the latest technologies, the studio’s production pipeline will mirror Mercury Filmworks’ Canadian operation. However, Lighthouse Studios will operate autonomously with its own management team, reporting to a board of directors comprised of executives from both Mercury Filmworks and Cartoon Saloon.

In making the announcement, Mercury Filmworks, CEO, Clint Eland, explained, “We have enormous respect for Cartoon Saloon and could not be happier to announce this collaboration. They are one of today’s most creative and well respected animation companies with goals, perspectives, and philosophies that complement our own.”

He continued, “Conceived as a studio with its own unique identity, Lighthouse Studios is neither wholly Mercury Filmworks nor Cartoon Saloon, but rather the best parts of each, transplanted in the rich Irish soil and nurtured by its own talented team of artists into a studio with its own unique and distinct creative perspective.”

The Secret of Kells by Cartoon Saloon

The Secret of Kells by Cartoon Saloon

Added Cartoon Saloon, CEO, Paul Young: “All of us at Cartoon Saloon are delighted to be in partnership with Mercury, as we have long admired their work. And now, together, we plan to make Lighthouse Studios and Kilkenny a center of excellence for animation.

Ireland enjoys a number of advantages when it comes to animation. The industry is supported by a growing number of educational programs and draws talent from all over Europe due to the quality of projects being produced here. The Irish talent pool has been spilling over into other parts of Europe and North America for years and we look forward to welcoming a lot of that talent home.”

The Minister of State for Training, Skills and Innovation, John Halligan TD said, “This is a really positive development for the South East region. The Government through the Action Plan for Jobs is very focussed on ensuring all of Ireland benefit from job creation. This project today shows that we have the capability to attract big international projects, requiring a diverse range of talents, which bring well paid jobs to this region. I know Kilkenny will be a great home for the new venture”.

“The impact of Mercury Filmworks creating this greenfield investment with Cartoon Saloon, one of Ireland’s most respected animation studios, is a game changer for the industry,” concluded IDA Ireland, CEO, Martin Shanahan. “It will greatly enhance the animation cluster in Ireland, broaden the animation skills base here and clearly positions Ireland as a compelling location for world-class content creators.”

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Buick Not So Pee Wee Football

Buick’s 2017 Super Bowl advertising campaign “Not So Pee Wee Football”, features NFL most valued player Cam Newton and supermodel Miranda Kerr alongside two teams of Pee Wee football players and their supporters. The Buick Not So Pee Wee Football spot takes place at a Pee Wee football game where two dads are in the stands watching their kids play. As a Buick Sport Red Cascada ST pulls into the parking lot, one of the men says, “Check out that Buick!” with delight. The other dad says, “If that’s a Buick, then my kid is Cam Newton.” The football game, of course, picks up with a new injection of muscle and experience. A Buick Encore SUV arrives toward the end of the commercial, with the coach of the “Sharks” saying, “If that’s a Buick, then I’m a supermodel.” He then turns into Kerr. The campaign, online at buick.com/biggame, is designed to reset expectations about Buick’s modern vehicles, particularly the Encore SUV and Cascada convertible and provokes viewers with its “That’s a Buick?” theme.

Buick Not So Pee Wee Football

“Buick is experiencing unprecedented sales success and consumer awareness backed by remarkable third-party quality and reliability validation,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of Global Buick Sales, Service and Marketing. “Our latest vehicles like the Encore and Cascada belong in the spotlight on a global stage only the Super Bowl can offer.”

“Every time I take the field, I aim to shatter traditional expectations of the quarterback position,” said Newton. “Buick’s doing the same thing with this ad, and I think everyone watching will love it. It was so fun going back to the Pee Wee field with such great kids.”.

Buick Not So Pee Wee Football Credits

The Buick Not So Pee Wee Football campaign was developed at Engage M-1 / Leo Burnett Detroit, by creative directors Steve Glinski, Tim Thomas, Christopher Handyside, associate creative director/art director Stephen Kerry, associate creative director/copywriter Matt Perry, group account directors Brian McCallum and Yanlin Sun, director if integrated production Brian Dooley, executive producer Tom Hillebrand.

Filming was shot by director Erich Joiner via Tool of North America.

Editor was Paul Martinez at Arcade Edit with executive producer Crissy DeSimone, managing partner Damian Stevens, head of production Kirsten Thon-Webb, senior producer Rebecca Jameson and assistant editor Pete D’Andrea.

Visual effects were produced at Timber by creative directors Jonah Hall and Kevin Lau, executive producer Sabrina Elizondo, senior producer Megan Kennedy, lead Flame artist Christopher DeCristo, Flame artist Mark Loso, Flame assistant Austin Lewis, nuke artists Nick Hiegel, Eric Almeras, Robert Williams, Eduardo Anton. CG tracking was done at Match the Motion LLC by Matthew Merkovich. Rotoscoping was done at Rotomaker LLC. Colour was produced at Shed.

Sound was produced at Eleven Sound by sound designer and mixer Jeff Payne, executive producer Melissa Elston, assistant mixers Jordan Meltzer and AJ Murrillo.