Castle seige

I am working on a shot for my demo reel. I would like some general constructive criticism on anything that comes to mind. At the beginning of the shot there will be enemy soldiers covering the ground raising ladders and shooting arrows up at the ramparts. in the middle of the shot we will see the defenders shooting arrows and using swords etc to try and push back the ladders as the come to rest on the wall. as the shot continues to pan upwards we will see flames and a glow from the burning city and a flaming ball from a seige engine hitting the tower and breaking of bits of stone from the crenellations. another ball will pass over the wall.

Right now I have the first of the archers placed in, but until I can shoot more footage with helmets I won’t have that finished. obviously there will be around twenty to thirty visible defenders and a similar number of attackers in the final shot. I have done some preliminary colour grading on all to convert a daytime photo into the background plate and to integrate the archers that I have placed in there.

Anyhow, to cut a long post short you can view the clip below.

I have attached the source photo.

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